"And they just...disappeared?" Elsa asked. Ceaser nodded.

"That's odd..." Anna shrugged.

"We think. Humans. Destroy each other. Some think. Plague. Killed humans. Not know..."

"Uch." An ape a bit smaller than Ceaser brought him a handful of rabbits, eyeing the humans with slight disgust.

"My. Son." Ceaser introduced, noticing the expression. "Blue. Eyes."

"Blue eyes?" Anna asked. "...that's the best name I've heard all day!"

Blue eyes signed to his father, 'Father, why must we let them stay? They are humans! The blue one could cause trouble.'

Before Ceaser could try to reason, Elsa spoke up. "...it's because of my powers...isn't it?" She could sense hostility from Blue eyes a mile away. She raised her hand towards Anna. "If I ever wished to harm you it would be because My sister would be in danger."

'See?! She admits she would-'

'Protect her sister? The way I would protect this family?'

'...' Blue eyes blinked in understanding, glancing between Elsa and Anna.


It sounded like every ape had gathered at the opening to the 'neighborhood'. Ceaser, Blue Eyes and the two sisters hurried down.

"Wow! They have the best teeth Kristoff! Just look at that one baring it's teeth! And they're all making such funny noises!"

"Olaf! I'm pretty sure they don't like us!" Kristoff said, using a stick to barely keep them at bay.

"Oh! You think they need a hug?" Olaf asked and walked to his right with outstretched arms. "HI I'M OLAF AND I LIKE WARM HUGS!"

"EEEEAHEEEAHEEEAHEEEAH!" The apes recoiled from the snow thing.

"Hey! I think they like me!"

"KRISTOFF!" The mountain man barely had time to see a few apes leap out of the way before something petite and slightly shorter hurled into him and knocked him over. He smiled, however, when he saw it was Anna. "Anna!"

"I can't believe you're here!" She sprinkled his face with kisses, making Olaf cover his eyes and a few ape mothers to do the same with their young.

"Kristoff? Olaf?" Elsa slightly smiled at her friends in the middle of the crowd. Ceaser mentally gulped. They couldn't keep 3 humans and...whatever that thing is.

"Oh! I forgot! I have a way to get home!" Kristoff announced, which Made the sisters and even Ceaser to smile.