Hunting or Bust

Dust 1: Your Ultimatum

I kinda threw this story together because I love RWBY as a series and thought about writing about it. This will probably just be an experiment.

I'm probably just going to stick with a T rating for this because I can pass the language pretty easily and there's not much else I can add to it that would make it horrifying. If I go on further and think to change it, I'll make it M. This is a fairly light-hearted show. Unlike Red vs Blue, that's a show with a Sailor's Mouth washed out by vinegar.

So anyway...

On with the show!


In a small business town in the country of Vale, there was a building where a very important piece of business was being discussed.

And on top of a building of similar size just across the street from it, there were two figures standing on the roof, looking down at their target.

"Hehehe, there it is. I'll give the Schnee Dust Company credit, it was a pretty good idea to conduct a transfer like this somewhere no one would expect people to come and raid it." A cocky smirk grew on the whiskered teen's face, "Too bad that word travels fast towards us."

"Do you really think this is a good idea?" The other man asked while leaning on a crate on the roof, "I mean, we get told to steal some Dust every now and then but this seems like a pretty big take. The risk is high if we get caught. There's a reason Wilsk has a special team of people chosen to steal from the Schnee Dust Company."

"But the cut is awesome if we make it!" The blond said with a cheer in his voice as he tried to persuade his friend. This man was a tall boy, seventeen years of age. He had three thin black lines across each cheek and his canine teeth were slightly more pronounced than most people. He had a light blue long-sleeved undershirt with an orange vest over it. And black pants with orange stripes running down the seams leading to a pair of black boots. Strapped to his tailbone was a small pack of items and attached along the center of his back was a red scabbard with a hook at the end of its hilt. He had little strands of blond hair peeking out from underneath the blue bandana he tied over his head.

"Naruto, I think you're purposefully ignoring the part about the guards, security, and the chances of us landing somewhere behind bars." The other man was a young handsome teen standing at about the same height as his blond cohort. He had ebony hair with bangs that lowered down to his chin. He had on a grey shirt and blue pants with tennis shoes that would better accompany him with mobility and escape. Attached to his right hip was a white scabbard with two fore-ends on its side and a small trigger device between them.

"Ah, Sauske, stop bein' so pessimistic man!" Naruto jumped up and threw an arm over his partner-in-crime's shoulder, "Think about it! These Dust Clump things are the biggest sources of unrefined, untapped Dust Crystals in Remnant! We swipe 'em, move 'em, send 'em through the right guys, and we get a serious dent in the debt! Hell, it might be enough to wipe the whole thing! What could possibly go wrong?"

Sasuke looked at him with a dry glare and shook his head, "You seriously didn't just tempt fate by saying that, did you?"

"Fate shmate-"

"You're making it worse."

"-All that matters is the hard work we put into it."

"Yeah well it doesn't really look like you're gonna put that much work into it." Sasuke leaned back and partially unsheathed the sword on Naruto's back with a raised eyebrow, "You only brought Stormer with you?"

"Hey!" Naruto stepped forward and pulled his sword back into its sheathe before gently petting it like a pet. He responded, "Yeah, of course I only brought Stormer. Bringing Gatling would be overkill. I only take those babies out for the really important jobs."

"And this doesn't constitute as an important job, why?"

"Look." Naruto jumped up on the ledge of the roof and pulled his blade out from behind his back. He spun it in his hand with an experienced move before smirking back at his friend, "It's us. We can handle anything thrown our way."

Sasuke just looked up from his position before hanging his head and sighing. He grasped the scabbard and pulled out his sword before stepping up on the ledge as well. He looked over at Naruto, "If this goes belly-up, I'm blaming you."

"As you rightfully should."

The two teens jumped down from the building and lowered themselves to the street. They maneuvered through the shadows and climbed the side of another building before making their way up to the roof of their target. Sasuke held his sword against the window on the roof and carefully ran the tip in a circle until it cut clean through.

The sliced up window almost fell to the floor a dozen feet down but Naruto grabbed it and pulled it out of the way. Naruto ran his fingers over his sword out and gripped it in anticipation, "You ready?"

Sasuke cleared the way, "You first."

Naruto jumped down from the roof and landed in a crouch before he prepared for battle, "WRAHHHHHHHHH-hey what happened?"

There were a dozen guards laying unconscious on the floor. In the center of the room were several men dressed in black suits, packing up the shipments of Dust and Dust Crystals in large crates to be hauled in two separate vans. And the Dust Clumps were being stored in suitcases and handcuffed to the robbers' wrists. The eight men looked up to see the two teens standing in the center of the room.

Sasuke blinked, "Hey, someone else had the same idea."

Naruto...was far less amused at the revelation...


The robbers looked between each other after the blond's exclamation. Five of them pulled out large, collapsible red blades and the last three pulled out sub-machine guns. Sasuke and Naruto reacted and dove behind a couple of steel barrels while the men started laying fire.

The two thieves ducked their heads while bullets riddled the steel and space just above their head. Sasuke covered his ears and yelled, "Regretting not bringing the rest of your weapons?!"

Naruto yelled back, "Thinkin' 'bout it!"

Sasuke used his sword to get a look at the men attacking them. He watched as three men got into one van and started it up, "One of the vans is moving!"


"They're getting away with all the Dust!" Sasuke ducked down as a bullet nearly went through his head. He looked towards the ducking blond, "What's the plan now?!"

Naruto thought for a moment before a lightbulb blinked over his head before being immediately destroyed by a stray bullet. Naruto sat up a little, "Okay, you stay here and take care of the rest of these guys! And make sure that the van doesn't escape here without you being behind the wheel! I'll chase after the guys that are already running!"

"Okay! Solid plan!" Sasuke nodded before a second passed, "What's your plan for dodging the bullets?!"

"Pfft! You know bullets can't hurt me!" Naruto looked off to the side, "Well, I mean, not for very long at least!"

"I still suggest we try to stop them shooting for a moment so you can run!"

"Then let's try this!" Naruto grabbed Sasuke's scabbard and cocked the fore-end closer to the bottom, uncovering a small compartment that opened up to reveal a double-barreled shotgun. Naruto pointed it at the wall and fired off a round, shooting a powerful blast and nearly destroying the whole wall.

The robbers stopped for a moment and all faced towards the wall where they had heard the loud bang.

Naruto flipped out from behind the barrels and jumped over the heads of the robbers. He landed in a crouch before making a mad dash after the van that had rounded the corner.

While the crooks were still surprised by Naruto's sudden departure, Sasuke vaulted over the barrel with one hand on the edge of it. He spun on his knees and tossed the steel barrel at the group of thugs, knocking them all away and on their butts.

While one of the gunners tried to lift himself up again, Sasuke stepped on his gun before kicking him across the face and knocking him out. Sasuke pulled the scabbard out from the strap around his hip and used it as a secondary weapon to block a sword coming down on him. The black-haired thief thrusted his scabbard into the man's hand and spun the blade out of his grip, disarming him.

Sauske kicked him in the stomach, before using an extra push to kick him across the face and block a second sword strike. Sasuke landed on his feet and raised his scabbard to block another blade before they started crossing weapons. Sasuke handled both men expertly with his Vollmond Reflexion in his left hand and the shotgun scabbard in his right.

The men were completely dumbfounded while they were held back by the teen's skilled moves. Sasuke pushed the blade off his scabbard, spun his blade in his hand and turned on his feet, cut one thug with the dull edge of his sword, turned around again and brought the hilt down on the hand of the last remaining swordsman. Disarmed, the robber could only watch as Sasuke flipped through the air and planted both his feet into the man's face.

With all visible enemies defeated, Sasuke landed on his feet, sheathed his sword again, and for good measure he cocked the fore-end that was closer to the hilt of his blade.

"D-don't move!"

Sasuke opened his eye and looked back at the fifth and last remaining guy of the group, nervously shaking while holding a sub-machine gun in his hand. He motioned towards the floor, "Put the sword-gun-um-scary weapon thing on the ground besides you! R-right now."

Sasuke blinked before he slowly started to comply. He switched the hand carrying his sheathed weapon and held it so the hilt was facing towards the armed robber. Sasuke slowly kneeled down and started placing it on the floor...before pulling the trigger and firing the sword at the robber at the speed of a bullet.

The hilt slammed into the gun, struck the thug in the center of his sternum, blew him off his feet and landed him a little space on the floor for him to rest unconsciously.

Sasuke looked around at his handiwork before shrugging, "That...actually went better than I thought it would."

And, as if fate was finally catching up, Sasuke heard the sounds of multiple guns behind cocked behind him.


"THIS IS NOT GOING AS WELL AS I THOUGHT IT WOULD!" Naruto yelled to himself as he jumped over a dumpster and used a lamppost to make a sharp turn around a corner. Sprinting after the van for nearly an entire minute now, Naruto finally caught sight of the white vehicle before it turned another corner.

Naruto remembered the layout of the surrounding area and realized that the van would have to pass by two more buildings before being able to get on the freeway. The blond thief sprinted across the street and through an alley before he caught sight of a fire-escape just above his head. With amazing agility, Naruto jumped from platform to platform until he climbed his way up to the roof.

He peered over the edge and watched the white van swerve around the corner and come down the road directly underneath him. He took a step back, prepped himself for the impact with a deep breath, and jumped right over the edge.

The three robbers looked at their haul and checked if they were being followed. The one in the back yelled at the two in the front seats, "What happened?! Who were those two kids?! We didn't plan for this! We should've brought more knockout gas!"

The one driving just fearfully shook his head, "Oh man, Mr. Torchwick is not gonna be happy about this!"

"Where's the rest of them?! I don't see the other van!"

"Both of you calm down!" The guy in the passenger seat said as he gripped the suitcase closely to his chest, "We'll drop the Dust off in a safe place, go back to the warehouse, and make sure that-"



The roof of the van indented when Naruto's full weight landed squarely in the center. He rubbed his head before realizing he had landed on his target and laughed, "Sweet!"


The tip of a red blade popped out right in front of him after stabbing through the roof. Naruto leaned back as one of the robbers started shooting upwards. Naruto knocked on the roof, "Hey! That's dangerous! Keep doing that and -"


Naruto looked down to see another sword had just barely missed severing his crotch by at least two inches. He clicked his teeth and grabbed the sword on his back, "Enough of this!" He started repeatedly stabbing the roof of the car, "STOP! STABBING! AT! ME!"

The van started to swerve and ram into the surrounding walls and buildings along the street. Naruto's meddling distracted the robbers and made them miss the turn into the freeway.

The blond struggled to keep his balance and held on tight to the sword stabbed into the van so that he didn't fall off. He realized that the thugs were ramming into the wall to try and knock him off so he prepared for a new course of action. He reached into his small pack and pulled out a thin piece of steel wire. He looped it through the hook at the end of Stormer's hilt and used it to rappel as he jumped onto the side of the van.

When Naruto tried to grab the wheel of the van, the side door slid open and one of the thugs pulled out his red blade. Naruto let out a quick yelp before moving his feet and legs to dodge the sword from cutting into them.

When one of the man's swings was a bit too wide, Naruto pinned his wrist to the side of the van with his foot. With just a bit more pressure, the man flinched in pain and dropped his sword into the street. Naruto then proceeded to unleash a quick flurry of kicks to the man's stomach, sternum, cheek, cheek, hip, stomach, and chin before he fell back unconscious.

Naruto then tried to reach for the handle of the front door but barely dodged bullets piercing through the window. One of them scraped along his cheek and left a bloody gash before Naruto got fed up and punched the driver in anger, "PRICK!"

But after his little outburst, Naruto and the thug in the passenger's seat realized that their driver was unconscious and no one was left to steer the van. They looked between each other, and then looked forward to see the oncoming lamppost and wall.

Naruto pulled on the wire in his hand and dislodged his blade just in time to jump off and roll in the streets. The van broke through the lamppost and slammed into the wall, luckily losing most of its momentum from crashing into the street lamp.

Naruto lifted himself up and looked down to see a bloody gash running up the inside of his right arm and some skin hanging off what remained of his left knee. He hissed and covered his arm, "All things considered, this is pretty light to walk away from."

Naruto saw his blade Stormer lying on the sidewalk with the wire still around his palm. He pushed himself up on his feet and started making his way towards the van to take back the items he was asked to procure. But he heard one of the doors being kicked open and could see the gun-toting thug stumble around the crashed van with the suitcase held under his arm. He aimed his sub-machine gun at the blond, "Stop right there!"

Naruto raised one hand in the air, "Easy man. Your nerves are a little shot after the crash. You need to calm down and watch how you handle that thing."

"We were just supposed to take the Dust to Mr. Torchwick! This was supposed to be a quick in-and-out kinda job!" He motioned towards the wrecked van and the two groaning thugs inside it, "This! This is not in-and-out!"

"Yeah, believe me dude, things never really go the way you plan them."

The thug took a moment to look the blond teen over and noticed the blooded right sleeve and left knee. He thought this was his best chance to escape, "You're injured too so you can't stop us anymore! So here's what you're gonna do! Turn around, limp away, and never mention this to anyone ever again!"

"That sounds like a fair plan." Naruto nodded with a slight tilt in his head, "But...the thing is...there's a flaw in your logic..."

Naruto ducked and swiftly pulled on the wire in his hand, pulling Stormer off the sidewalk and directly into his palm. He spun the blade so the hilt was facing forward and twisted the handle so the bottom opened up, shooting out a small flat-tip arrow that impacted against the thug's chest and blew him into the side of the van.

Naruto spun his sword in his hand and stood back up before looking at his injuries, smirking at the sight of his now healed flesh, "I take game-breaking injuries like a champ."

The defeated thug groaned on the floor while clutching his chest, feeling like a truck just slammed squarely in his sternum. Naruto sympathized with the man while walking by his side, "Yeah, I know Shades, it hurts like a bitch. But you shouldn't have gotten between me and my mark."

Naruto broke the handcuff and pried the suitcase open to reveal a solid, raw red Dust Clump. He smirked and gently pulled the massive crystal out of the suitcase before smirking and holding it level with his face, "We win."

And then the sounds of dozens of tires screeching and guns cocking reached his ears.

He lowered the crystal out of his view and saw there were dozens of cop cars, armed cops, a SWAT van, and a Bullhead surrounding him.

("We have you surrounded! Put the Dust and sword on the ground and then put your hands in the air!")

Naruto was absolutely speechless. Usually he had a snarky comment, quip, or joke to make, but he was just so surprised by the sudden appearance of Law Enforcement that he couldn't say anything.

In the corner of his eye, Naruto spotted Sasuke sitting in the back of a cop car. The black-haired teen was slowly shaking his head, telegraphing that their luck had finally run out and it was better not to fight it.

Naruto nervously waved, "Hey officers! I didn't see you there! But-um-I caught these guys!" Naruto pointed to the thugs in the van, "So, no problems there! Um-oh! I found this too!" Naruto pointed to the Dust in his hand, "Yeah, it looks kinda important so I thought it would be better to keep it safe with the rest of the stuff before you guys came!"

"...Do I get a reward?"



Nope. Ten minutes of solid head slamming against a metal table and Naruto could safely say this was not just a bad dream.

The whiskered blond just rested his head on the metal table in the middle of the interrogation room in the police station. His eyes immediately locked on to the one-way mirror encompassing an entire section of the wall.

This was not how it was supposed to end.

He didn't really know how it was going to end, but being arrested and locked up was not his preferred last freedom.

He always had a gut feeling that told him that if he kept going down this path that it was going to end up like this. But he never believed it. They only ever did jobs like this to pay back their debt and feed themselves. They never hurt anyone. Or at least when they did, they knocked them out quick and easy so when they woke up all they had was a bad headache.

And he doubted there was going to be anyone to speak on his behalf. He was out of contact with his dad. He hadn't seen his mom in ages, and even if she did try to help him it would probably end in carnage. No friends. Amigos. Forced acquaintances. The only guy that Naruto had a real friendship with was probably in another room being questioned.

", Sasuke's gonna be pissed when he sees me again. I can already hear it now..." Naruto cleared his throat before putting a little nasally tone in his voice, "Naruto, I told you this job was going to be too dangerous."

"Hey, it's not my fault some goons from some little backwater gang got the same idea as us! I just know we were gonna get in some serious trouble with Wilsk if we didn't deliver!"

"Well that's what happens when you agree to work with a sociopath. And now you're under arrest and going to jail. I hope it was worth it."

"Y'know Sasuke, in case you haven't noticed yet, you got arrested too! So you should just can the stuck-up asshole treatment and stop lecturing me!"

After a moment, Naruto had a smug look on his face for winning the argument with himself. Luckily for him, someone walked through the door and halted his slow descent into madness.

The man that walked in was a middle-aged, well-dressed gentleman with unruly grey hair and shaded glasses. He was wearing a black suit, a black vest, a green undershirt and a dark-green scarf. He was carrying a Scroll underneath his armpit and a mug of coffee and a cane in his hand.

Naruto blinked in confusion at the sight of the man. He didn't look like any policeman or detective he had ever seen before.

The grey-haired man walked over to the empty seat across from Naruto and sat down. He placed his coffee mug on the table and started flipping through the information on the Scroll, "Naruto Uzumaki. Age:17. Sasuke Uchiha. Age:17. Apprehended at two sites where a large quantity of Dust was being stolen and transported. One in a warehouse owned by the Schnee Dust Company. Another, several blocks down the street in a van that crashed into the wall. From the items taken off your person we have a Scroll, a small belt pack containing at least 100ft of steel wire and smoke bombs, and one very sharp blade not usually found on a normal 'petty thief'."

Naruto lifted one foot to place on the table and motioned to his now shoeless feet, "Was it really necessary to take my boots too?"

"Was it really necessary to keep knives concealed in the heels of both boots?"

"Hmmm, touché."

"Under most circumstances, it would be written that you two were just passing-by before you tried to take the Dust and make off with it to sell for a good profit. But, after finishing the robbers' treatment before arresting them, they said you two were there to steal the Dust for yourselves. You then proceeded to defeat eight armed thugs by yourselves before the local Law Enforcement came on the scene. Also..." The older man brought up another file on the Scroll, "We have reports that two criminals matching your descriptions have been spotted in surrounding areas, committing Grand Theft Auto and minor counts of Larceny. With assumptions like this and the testimonies of the robbers, there could be a full out investigation on both of your involvements in this case."

Naruto had a scowl on his face while the calm gentleman continued to read off his Scroll and sum the two teenagers' situation up nicely. He asked with some venom in his voice, "So why don't you just arrest us if you have so much faith in the evidence?"

"Because, I'm far more interested..." The man started swiping over the screen and pulled up a video before showing it to the bandana-wearing teen, "In this."

The video started playing and it showed Naruto flipping over cars, up buildings, maneuvering around the van for the best point to attack, and beating the last robber with the weapon hidden in the hilt of his blade. Naruto was confused and raised an eyebrow, "How the hell did you get all that footage?"

The man had a small smile, "You'd be surprised how much cameras can capture when a van starts swerving around madly in the middle of a street." He laid the Scroll on the table as it continued to play the footage, "Now there is no record of you having any formal training with any school, military group, contractor, or militia in the database. Where did you learn to do this?"

Naruto kept his lips sealed tight.

"Well then I'd like to know more about that weapon of yours. It's very well maintained. Sharp, sturdy, and practical for more than one use as you showed in that little demonstration of yours. And also, capable of firing these off rather spectacularly."

The man pulled out and evidence bag and showed it to the boy, revealing a small collapsible arrow with a flat tip that Naruto had fired off after the crash. He examined it closely, "Pressurized, high impact, concussive-point arrows. Strong. Devastating. And in the hand of an expert that knows where to correctly fire them, let's say in the center of the chest, they can be non-lethal but still pack quite a punch. And we found fifty of them compacted into your hilt with a device that shoots them one at a time by row."

He placed the bag next to the Scroll and leaned back in his chair, "They don't sell swords that fire off rounds like that in most weapon shops. You made this, correct? But not at one of the training academies, I'm guessing-"

"Okay, it's becoming clear to me that you're hinting at something and I'm gonna guess you ain't a cop." Naruto narrowed his eyes, "What do you want?"

The man sat forward and grabbed his coffee mug, "Just for clarity, do you know who I am?"

Naruto shook his head.

The middle-aged man nodded, "My name is Ozpin."

Naruto's eyes slowly started to widen before they almost looked like dinner plates. He sat up a little, "Ozpin? As in Professor Ozpin? Headmaster of Beacon Academy, Ozpin?"

"Oh, that's good. At least you know who I am." He raised his mug, "That saves us a little exposition."

"No, actually, I could use a little exposition." Naruto looked over the older man in confusion, "Like what the hell is a guy like you doing questioning some kid in a police station?"

Ozpin finished sipping from his mug and looked at the young blond, "I have made many friends and connections throughout Remnant in my time. Some I can request information from if I so need it. Enough information that I know a good deal about both you and your friend Sasuke Uchiha."

"Pfft." Naruto scoffed and crossed his arms, "You don't know anything."




Naruto's eyes widened, "Oh god you know everything."

Ozpin just nodded his head. He leaned forward, "I know enough. I know the basic outlines of both of your histories. And considering what I know, not only are you able to work together but that you are actually friends, I am most impressed."

"Then...if you know our backgrounds..." Naruto inquired, "Why are you here?"

"Because one of the acts I can't stand most in the world is watching people with talents such as yours go to waste like this. This world is at peace but at a moment's notice that could change for the worse. So when I find two very capable young men using their skills so recklessly like this, I take notice. And I don't wish to waste an opportunity to change that."

Ozpin looked at the young man, "I would like for you and Mr. Uchiha to come and join the next arrival of students for the new year at Beacon Academy. I've given Mr. Uchiha the same offer I'm giving you right now."

Naruto was shocked. Actually, the best term might have been gob-smacked. This was...this HAD to be a dream. Beacon was the dream school of any kid that wanted to become a Huntsmen or Huntress, someone who could change the world. Those stories and hero tales he had heard about as a kid-THOSE GUYS CAME FROM BEACON!

Naruto blinked before reality started to play, "A-are you sure you would want two criminals in your school? Wouldn't we be bad for all the actual heroes? And I...I don't have any of the education needed to enter a prestigious school like that."

"It's a school, Mr. Uzumaki, its primary function is to help you learn what you need to know." He shrugged his shoulders, "To be fair, there may be a learning curve that will be difficult to overcome but not impossible. And while you might be mischievous, I wouldn't go so far as to call you criminals."

Naruto furrowed his brow and seriously contemplated the consequences of what this decision could do.

"We may think differently, and you may be able to think of different solutions than I do, but from my point of view you have three choices ahead of you." Ozpin looked into his coffee mug, "1) Accept my offer, try to overcome the odds, and hope for something good to come out of it. 2) Get locked up for any crimes you may have committed, serve your time, hope for parole, and pray you never meet some of the real bad guys in there. Or 3) Try to knock me out, escape from this station without any weapons or footgear, and stay on the run for the rest of your life hoping you never get caught. Preferably, I'd try to stay away from number three."

He lowered his mug and looked into the whiskered boy's conflicted blue eyes, "I can't promise you a future Mr. Uzumaki. I can't even promise you that I know which choice would be better for you. But I implore you...make a decision that would benefit you and your future."

Naruto blinked...and leaned back into his chair...


The intercom rang, ("Students, we will soon be arriving in the City of Vale. And we will be docking at Beacon Academy soon after.")

Naruto had his arms thrown over the railing and was hanging off it like a rag doll as he looked out the window at the beautiful landscape. Instead of his normal jumpy self, the blond felt rather confused about what was going to happen next.

"Geez, you look like you just had all your teeth pulled out with a toothpick and a rusty spoon." Sasuke said as he walked up and leaned against the railing besides the blond, "What's wrong?"

"I don't know. I mean, getting a chance to attend Beacon is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but this...feels weird." He looked up at the black-haired boy, "Does this feel weird?"

"A little." Sasuke agreed with a minor shrug before looking out the window, "But getting a chance in Beacon...I don't think there's anything in the world better than that. Plus, I think anything is better than working on the streets for criminal bosses and gangs to get a quick buck."

Naruto was silent for a moment, "That Ozpin guy knew who we were. At least he said he kinda did. What if he's trying to get leverage over something? What should we do if this goes south?"

Sasuke thought about that possibility and shook his head, "We won't let it."

A television broadcast about an orange-haired criminal and a Faunus protest gone wrong turned to static before the image of a pretty blonde woman in a white suit, black skirt and cape appeared for everyone around them. She greeted them, ("Hello, and welcome to Beacon!")

Naruto asked, "Who's that?"

("My name is Glynda Goodwitch.")


Glynda continued, ("All of you here are a prestigious few that have proven that you are ready for the next step by attending our academy. This is a time of peace and tranquility that we must not let escape, so we hope to put our futures in the hands of capable Huntsmen and Huntresses such as yourselves. The future road may be hard and perilous, but we have faith that you may not only find strength in yourself but others as well. And until that time has come, we will do whatever possible to provide you with the knowledge and skill needed. We eagerly await your arrival...and welcome to Beacon.")

The hologram disappeared and some of the students started talking between each other. Naruto chuckled, "Geez, if that doesn't put a weight on your shoulders nothing will."

"It probably won't be so bad." Sasuke countered, "There's probably a few people that have it worse off than others."

"Like who?"

"O-oh god! I-I can't!" They looked over to see a boy their age with scruffy blond hair cover his mouth and step away from the window. He stumbled and desperately made a run for a garbage can.

Sasuke pointed towards the barfing young man, "Him, for example."

"Fair point."

"We're going to be landing soon. Be prepared." Sasuke patted Naruto's shoulder before walking off to look out a different window. Naruto just stared out as the City of Vale appeared underneath them and Beacon Academy appeared just in their sights.

Here we go. The second chance. A whole new life.

"Oh gross, it got on your shoes!"

"Gross! Gross! Gross! Gross!"

"Ew-Yang, no! Get away! Keep your barf covered shoes away from me!"

"I need your cape! I gotta wipe it off!"

"Ew no! You aren't using my cape to wipe off your nasty shoes! I like my cape as is!"

"I'm your sister!"

"My barf covered sister!"

Yep. A whole new life.



This is just an experiment. To see if I could write for a show like RWBY and try deviating from other stories like the ones I've written already, I don't know how but I may think of it further down the road.

Please, before any of you start PMing me, sending flames, or just plain start arguing about Sasuke being in the series, he isn't the Sasuke from the show or other fics. I can't promise a similar Sasuke to the canon won't appear in some of my other stories, but this one is definitely not him.

All other Sasukes that appear in the stories I've read are portrayed as asshole, emo, dark avenger, arrogant, ignorant, self-indulgent...the list goes on.

But I'm gonna try this to give him another chance. He doesn't have the baggage of saving a clan. He doesn't have the trauma of watching his brother slay everyone he loves and cares about in a single night. None of that 'destined for hatred and loneliness because of your family and Indra' crap.

If people start complaining that a Sasuke that isn't like that might as well be an OC, then boo-fucking-hoo, I guess that's that. And I don't wanna hear about it.

Anyway, getting back on track, these two have lives they're trying to diverge from and a certain awesome training school might be their ticket out.

If we go further in and I think I want to change the rating, I'll change it to M.

I hope you enjoy.


Thank You and Bye