Chapter 1: Meeting

Being a beautiful day and the sun was out I decided to go for stroll with Plue, but it ended up more than a stroll because we went to the bakery and the shopping center where the cute clothes are sold. So the perfect day was spent outside I couldn't be any more happier. As Plue and I went home it starting to get dark and rain was coming fast, so we attempted to sprint home until I found something the corner of my eye. It was in an alley that I found a shiny object as I step closer it's starting to firm out a figure, sitting with its knees bent into its chest and it's head on it's knees. As I got closer the figure turned out to be a little boy with hair the color of the sunset and skin the color of snow. The boy was freezing, shivering and all you can hear was his sniffles and cries. His clothing consisted of a worn blanket a teared up T-shirt and shorts that are ripped up to his mid thigh. His limbs were just skin and boned and the flesh on his ribs started to sink in, was poor boy was starving.

As I approached him I believed he heard me and his head snapped up when I was about two feet away from him. As his head snapped his eyes were so big so innocent and scared but the color blue that was in then turned out to be a dark depressed gray. Dirt covered his face and it made his eyes pop out even more. He gasped and backed away from me like I was a monster. I asked him, "What's your name?" In response all I got was screams, "Don't hurt me please, don't hurt me I'm so sorry!" Why would he say something like that. What happened to this boy I want to help him so bad. I crouched to the floor and I put my hand out to the boy and I told him, "Hi my name is Lucy it's nice to meet you." The color of his eyes faded and he is he looked up at me I could see that he was a hopeless boy, he didn't respond back so then I asked him, "Would you like to come home with me I got some food and warm blankets." His response just broke my heart as he asked, "Are you going hurt me?" I replied back, "Of course I won't I promise." What happened to this poor boy? My hand is still out and the boy hesitated but after a while he took my hand and got up. He is tall as Wendy if not a little shorter but his stance was so shaky and so staggered. It was a good thing we were close to home, I piggybacked him all the way home and his heart was just beating so fast against my back.

Just as we got inside rain started to come down. I laid him on my couch and put all my blankets on him and went into the kitchen to get him some hot chocolate and water. When I came back he was already asleep and his face was so peaceful and Plue was asleep on his lap, all I could do was smile. I took a chair and sat right next to him and watched him sleep all the way until morning when he finally woke. Those beautiful blue eyes opened and he gasped wondering what he was, looking around in fear. Then when he looked me he remembered and look down like he was guilty of something. "I'm sorry please forgive me." I asked, "For what?" "Staying at your house. " I giggled and said, "I offered it to you." Then for the first time he smiled and said, " Thank you." "No problem. What's your name? " He looked down and depressed like he was ashamed of himself, " Ian." "Well it's a pleasure to meet you Ian." He looked at me shocked, but then that went away because he flashed a toothy grin at me, I melted inside because of the happiness this boy showed. I want to see him happy and flashing that cheesy smile... that smile so cheesy like Natsu's.