Chapter 2: His Story

"Are you hungry Ian?" I asked. Ian nodded his head with that toothy grin on his face. "What do you like? I have PB&J or ham sandwiches, macaroni and cheese, pasta, or chicken nuggets." His face filled with delight as he said, "Chicken nuggets please!" "Ok how about as I make you chicken nuggets, why don't you wash-up?" He said, "I haven't taken a shower in five months. Yes please!" I told him where everything was how to turn it on and I found gray sweat pants that would fit him so I gave him those. He went into the bathroom and I put the dinosaur nuggets in the oven. I sat at my table thinking about Ian and what must have happened to that poor boy. As I started to remember what happened last night, the pictures of his face rushed in my head like a tornado and before I knew it tears escaped my eyes and splashed on my table. I put my head down and balled. I questioned myself about everything, 'Who could do this to him, let him suffer like this, I swear I will-' A hand touched my shoulder, thinking it was Ian I said as I got up, "Don't worry about me, Ian you're nuggets are almost ready." "Of course I have to worry about you Luce you're crying, and who is Ian?" "Natsu." I turned to see my friend standing with his arms crossed and Happy floating around his shoulder. "I found a little boy who was living on the streets, he looked so pale and sick I had to help him, he is just a kid." I started crying again covering my face with my hands, I felt his hands on my shoulders I looks up at his face covered in that toothy grin, "You're a good person Luce, don't worry he is in good hands now." I wiped my tears and smiled, he always finds a way to make me feel better.

"Oh boy! Are those dinosaur chicken nuggets!" Then again he is Natsu. "Lucy, who is that?" Ian stood right in the bathroom doorway with everything folded in his hands. He has freckles, they were covered from all the dirt and his hair was parted and neatly combed back. "This is my friend Natsu, Ian." The look that Ian gave Natsu was like a boy seeing his idol. "Wow, Natsu you have cool hair! May I touch it!" Natsu laughed and crouched down to him, "Sure thing kiddo!" Leaning his head to Ian, Natsu smiling as Ian touched his hair. Natsu has way with kids that just makes them light up like Wendy Romeo and Asuka. Ian sat at the table when I gave him the nuggets he just stuffed them down. I gave him a glass of milk and sat across from him. Natsu stood behind me, and Happy was on my lap. "Ian, how old are you?" Munching on his seconds he said, "I'm seven" Seven, no child should have suffered like that! "Do you remembered what happened to you?" Ian stopped munching, looked down and said, "My mommy and papa didn't like spending time with me, I brought a puppy home because it was alone, mommy told me to get rid of it. I cried, I didn't want it alone, mommy and papa have a lot of money so maybe we can use some for the puppy. Then they forget my birthday, and papa was always gone, he smelled really bad like that drinks he drinks, and mommy and papa would fight a lot and I would cry I didn't like it. They would forget me at school and my friend who worked for mommy and papa always was nice to me, her name was Abby but she got sick and went to heaven. One day they kicked me out because I was crying because they were fighting again and..." He started to cry with tears mixing is his milk mustache, "They told me they didn't love me!" It's a little similar to how my story was. They had all the money in the world but couldn't even spend it on their kid only on alcohol and themselves. I didn't know that I was crying until Happy told me I'm crying. Natsu put his arm around my shoulders and said that this kid is very smart and is a good kid.

Ian got up wiped his milk mustache on his arm. He ran up and hugged me. "Thank you Lucy!" I kissed his forehead and told him, "Hey, you want to know what sounds like fun?" "What?" "Let's get you some new clothes and I want you meet all my friends at a very special place that magic is at every corner." His blue eyes lightened up like the sky and he just smiled. He wanted me to hold his hand and we got him a red plaid long sleeve and jean shorts and black tennis shoes. After that Ian was in for the best day of his life as we entered the doors to the Fairy Tail Guild.