Chapter Fifty-One ~ Discord

On the train ride to New York, Marty wasn't feeling well. Her back ached so much. She kept feeling twinges of pain, but did her best to ignore all of her discomforts. Todd noticed she was struggling as he was always sensitive to her needs. "Are you feeling poorly, Marty?" he asked when he saw her wince.

Marty had been doing her best to hide her pregnancy issues from her husband, but he was so astute. He never missed anything. She looked at him and sighed. "I'll just be fine, Todd. I just want to make it to New York. I want to see my house," she said.

Todd was worried about them traveling, considering Marty was so far advanced into her pregnancy. She looked as though she might go into labor at any moment. Had they made a mistake? Should he insist that his wife take it easy? What little would that do? Marty was so incredibly stubborn. She'd never listen to reason no matter what he said.

"I wish Dr. Larry were here," said Todd. "He'd know what to do."

"Coming on this trip is what I had to do. You agreed to go with me," Marty stated. "You knew what you were getting into when you sold the livestock and got on the train. Please stop making a big deal about this."

"Marty, I think once we get to New York, we should get a hotel so you can rest awhile. You know that in your condition -."

"Stop fussing over me," Marty insisted, her eyes flashing with intense pain.

Whenever he mentioned the coming baby, Marty would become agitated and tense. Todd would try to hold his tongue, but it was becoming difficult for him. He didn't want anything to happen to Marty or the unborn child. He loved them both so much.

Hours later, they arrived in New York. It was getting late as the sun went down in the horizon. "I'm hungry," Todd announced as they stepped off the platform.

"You always are," Marty said.

"Let's find a nice restaurant and get something to eat," Todd suggested.

Marty nodded. She wasn't very hungry; she just wanted to sleep. Exhaustion struck her. She didn't want to admit that the prolonged trip had taken its toll on her.

Todd held Marty's hand as they walked to the nearest restaurant. "What would you like, baby?" Todd asked as he glanced over his menu.

"I''ll have the roast beef and vegetables," Marty replied.

The waiter came and took their order. It wasn't long before their meals had arrived. "This looks delicious," Todd said as he dug into his food.

Marty took a sip of her water while Todd was eating. The food made her queasy, so all she could do was pick at the vegetables, taking tiny bites as Todd watched her. "Why aren't you eating?" he asked, the worry rising in his voice.

"I'm not really hungry."

"Marty, you need to see a doctor," Todd insisted.

"No," she said, becoming very upset at the mention of her seeing a physician.

"You need to eat. You need nourishment for the baby."

"If I hear one more mention of a BABY or carrying a child, I am leaving!" she suddenly exclaimed.

Her voice was so loud that all eyes in the restaurant turned toward her. Soft whispers came to Todd's ears. It wasn't often that a woman spoke out against her husband's wishes.

Todd sighed. He didn't care about what anybody thought. He only cared about Marty and the baby. Seeing how irritable Marty had become, Todd could only try to pacify her. "You just need a little rest," he said softly. "I'll wrap some biscuits up in a napkin. You can eat them later when you're feeling better. I will pay for our order, then we'll find a hotel."

Marty said nothing. Her eyes were swimming with hot tears she did not shed. She was so emotional. All she wanted was sleep and Todd's soothing arms around her. She hadn't meant to be so harsh with him. She was just tired and scared. Somehow she was feeling as though New York was the end of the road.