Greetings this is my first crossover I have ever written for this website so I hope you enjoy it this is a crossover of power rangers' super mega force and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger. This will include the characters from the sentai series Tensou sentai Goseiger. The fan fic takes place before silver lining for super mega force and at the end of the gokaiger vs. Goseiger movie so the gokaigers and super megaforce are at the same place roughly anyway this snippet for a lack of a better word is really an introduction for the story and how the chapters work such as the chapters will be set in third person so no personal point of view at the end of every chapter there will be sneak peek for the next chapter so I will get writing the first chapter soon enough but if anyone has any ideas please message me yes there will be hints of marvellous and ahim for gokaiger and for super megaforce Troy and Emma and a few others. So until I have the first chapter written see you then.