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In the Universe of the super sentai, above the small planetoid known as earth was the Zangyack fleet commanded by the heir to the Zangyack Empire, Warz Gill sat in the bridge of his flag ship and thought to himself "those dammed pirates always foiling my plans to conquer the earth and now that fool Black Cross King has not destroyed them either although if I can't destroy them maybe I could send them away" little did he know that his counterpart was thinking the same thing

In the universe of the power Rangers though this plan had already been started with the super mega rangers battling a platoon of X-borgs. "Damn it I was hoping that I would have some free time today" complained the super mega force red ranger Troy Burrows. The blue super mega ranger Noah rolled his eyes "you just want to flirt with Emma don't deny it". "At least I've had more luck getting a girlfriend then Jake" Troy responded. "I resent that" yelled Jake the super mega force green ranger. Levira stood off to the side watching the rangers cut through the x-borgs "shame they don't work for the Armada, their skills would be highly useful but still the prince I ordered them to be sent into another dimension" she then prepared to activate the device that would send them into another universe. Said rangers then took notice. "Good bye Rangers it hasn't been nice knowing you" Levira then activated the device sucking the rangers into the portal into another universe.

Back in the Super Sentai universe the Gokaigers were saying good bye to their immediate predecessors until "the sensors are picking up an unknown energy signature in the plaza area" stated the green pirate Don (doc) Dogier. Then the red pirate asked him Angelic counterpart "Ready for more battle" Alata the red angel nodded. When both pirates and angels arrived at the source of the disturbance there was nothing until, suddenly a large portal shining with red, blue, green, yellow and pink. Then five people fell out of the rift in the sky at closer inspection they turned out to be exact duplicates of the gokaigers "where are we" asked the red pirate duplicate before he and his team collapsed demorphing much the confusion of both pirates and angels into duplicates of the goseigers before demorphing again into their civilian forms. This sudden mystery caused both of the sentai teams to be confused but determined to solve it.

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