Vampire Diaries Season 1 To 5 AU

What if Elena & Jeremy Gilbert had a older Brother, He's David Gilbert Younger brother of Clark Kent & Kryptonian, Join them as the discover the world of Vampires & other things of the supernatural world throws at them.


Smallville Kansas: Kent Farm

"My name is David Jacob Gilbert, I'm 22 Years old, I'm from a town called Mystic Falls Virginia, I grew up thinking I was normal, but when I turned 12 I started getting these abilities, that's when I found out that I was from another planet, my parents took me to a storage place where they kept my ship, when i turned 18 I left Mystic falls & on my travels took me to Smallville Kansas & my Brother Clark Kent, at first he didn't believe me, but I showed him Kryptionan Symbols & he took me to a cave where I met my Father Jor-el well just his voice, he confirmed it, that I was Clark's Twin, but for some reason he's 2 years Older, he also said I had a soulmate named Lexie Branson, but she was a Vampire, we'll get to the whole Vampire Thing in a sec, so Jor-el also said I was the new gold ranger & then the golden staff appeared in my hand & I became a power ranger, Also Lexi became one, so we returned to Smallville, Clark took me a coffee shop called the Talon where I met Lexi, she was a beautiful girl for a 500 Year old Vampire, anyways she told me how she's been living in Smallville since 1990 & how Mystic Falls was the home of Vampires, she told me about Two brothers named Damon & Stefan Salvatore & how this chick named Katherine Pierce turned them, what I find weird is that she looks like my sister Elena, anyways after spending 6 months in Smallville, we hit the road by that time we started dating, anyways we traveled to Clevend Ohio where we met a slayer by the name of Buffy Vampires, she has a witch named Willow, Willow said if we ever needed anything to call, then we arrived in L.A where Lexi took me to meet a guy named Angel or Angelus, he used to be a bad ass, Lexi said he was worse then Stefan in his Ripper days or Spike, Angel is human now, We left L.A & went to San Francisco where we met 3 witches named Paige, Piper & Phoebe their known as the charmed ones, they also said if we needed something to call, anyways when I turned 20 we returned to Smallville cause he was getting married, me & Lexi also got married, but their was this whole end of the world thing, we still married, we've been married for 2 years, Jor-el said if Lexi wanted to become Kryptonian she could take a cure anytime, cause each Krypton can cure a vampire issue, Mine can cure a werewolf bite, Clark's can make a Vampire Human, anyways I have to go back to Mystic Falls cause my Parents just died, Elena just told me, but I can make back to the reading of the Will, Elena is my 17 year sister, I have a brother named Jeremy, He's 15, I guess it's time for me to go." David said

"What were you thinking." Lexi said

"How when I arrived I was a 18 Year old who didn't know i was & no girl ever liked cause I was screwy, until I found you, my Bon Jovi loving wife." David said

"Good to know, so how did take it when you said you were returning." Lexie said

"She was happy & exitcted, we'll see what the will says, Jenna probably be left in charge, if so I'll return." David said

"I still say Damon got in the road & made them go over the road." Lexie said

"Then who saved Elena." David said

"Stefan unless he went off on the blood again & became Ripper again." Lexie said

"I wish you could come with me so I can introduce you." David said

"I am coming with you, then I'm coming back, Can't have Stefan knowing I'm back yet." Lexie said

David pulls Lexie into a big kiss until Clark & Lois enter

"Aren't you two suppose to be hitting the road." Lois said

"Yes, care take bro & you too Lois." David said

"We will." Clark said

"I'll be back in a few days, so be sad, your day wouldn't be good without a little Lexie." Lexie said

"Let's go babe." David said

Lexie hops on the back of David's Back as he super speed away

Mystic falls: 2 minutes later

David & Lexie arrived in front of the Gilbert House

"You ready." David said

"Ready as I'll ever be, you can invite me in right." Lexie said

"Yes & you are invited in, now come on." David said

David & Lexie walk up the steps & knocks, a few seconds later Elena opens the door

"Hey sis." David said

Elena gives him a hug

"I'm glad your back, how did you get here & who's she." Elena said

"I super speed here, Elena this is My Wife Lexie Andrea Lane- Gilbert, she knows my secret cause her sister is Lois Lane- Kent my sister in law & I have a lot tell you." David said

"It's nice to meet you Elena, David's told me a lot about you, may we come in." Lexie said

"Yes, of course." Elena said

David & Lexie walk in

"So did you find out who you are, you've been gone 5 years, how did you Two meet." Elena said

"We met in Smallville she was a waitress in a coffee shop Clark introduced us, we've been married for 2 years, I'm a alien from a dead planet called Krypton, also I'm a power ranger, my brother name is Clark, so when does the lawyer get here." David said

"Six, I'm so glad your back, Jeremy is going through a hard time, he's dealing & doing drugs, he needs a male role model." Elena said

"I'm not going anywhere, I'm here as long as you need me, so how is everyone." David said

"Their fine, so Lexie tell me everything about you." Elena said

Elena & Lexie sit until Jenna & Jeremy walk in

"We're home, David your back, who's this woman." Jenna said

"I'm Lexie Andrea Lane- Gilbert, I'm David's wife of 2 Years." Lexie Said

"Congrats Nephew, Jeremy do you have anything to say."

Jenna said

"He leaves for 5 years, then he returns after mom & dad died just for the will to see if they left him anything, but wait he comes back with a wife, she's a gold digger." Jeremy said

"First of all no I'm not a gold digger, how dare you speak to me that way, I'm your sister in law." Lexie said

Jeremy just leaves & goes upstairs

"He's probably High." Jenna said

"I'll go talk to him." David said

The lawyer will be here soon." Jenna said

David walks up to his & Jeremy's room & he walks in

"Dude, get out." Jeremy said

"Last time I checked this is my room too." David said

"You've been gone for 5 years, sure you checked in from time to time, but you don't know nothing about me." Jeremy said

"Listen to me, I'm your brother & I'm trying to look out for you, so stop acting like a prick." David said

"How come you didn't invite us to your wedding, mom & dad didn't even know." Jeremy said

"They knew, they wanted to come to Smallville, but I told them no & it was a spur of a moment thing." David said

"So I'm guess you found your real family." Jeremy said

"I found my brother, my parents are dead." David said

"So why did it take 5 years to return." Jeremy said

"Travel to other cities, made connections with people, hey I need to unpack." David said

Jeremy leaves & Lexie comes in

"Nice room, where am I gonna sleep when I stay for good." Lexie said

"I could move into the basement, I frankly don't want to be in the same room as a dope head." David said

David pulls out a knife with a cover on it

"Are you nuts bringing that with you, you know what it does, this will kill you." Lexi said

"I'm hiding it, don't worry." David said

David opened a floor board to revel hidden secret.

"Does anyone know about your hidden safe." Lexie said

"No, I have like $150,000 stashed in here, plus I'm adding the $200,000.00 to it, so that's $350,000.00." David said

"Cool, I'm just worried about the Kryptonite knife, what else you got the Kryptonite rings, like the red cause you know what it does to Clark, Black is dangerous." Lexie said

"Honey don't worry, if Damon messes with you, I'll morph & stab him, be glad Willow made you a daylight ring." David said

Jenna comes in

"Did Greyson & Miranda know about that," Jenna said

"No." David said

"Ok, anyways the Lawyer is here." Jenna said

"I'll be right down." David said


David, Elena, Jeremy & Jenna, Lexi sitting on the steps listening.

"Great to see your back David, I heard your married, Congrats." Mr. Smith said

"Glad to be back & thanks." David said

"So let's get down to business, as you know your parents have a will, so here it is, to my oldest David, we give you your trust fund of 23,000,000, our stocks & co guardian with Miranda's sister Jenna Summers, my our daughter Elena when you turn 21 your trust fund goes into effect & lastly to our last born Jeremy, you also will get your trust fund at 21, we also give you the Gilbert Family watch, also as our last words take care of each other, so any questions." Mr. Smith said

"No sir." David said

"Good, now I should be going, take care guys." Mr. Smith said

He gets up & leaves

"I'm heading out." Jeremy said

Jeremy gets up & leaves

"I need a shower, also I'm moving into the basement, if that's alright." David said

"Sure." Jenna said

David gets up & heads up to his room, Lexie follows

David & Jeremy's room

"Where's that watch." Lexie said

"Why." David said

"It's Dangerous, it sniffs out Vampire's, it happened in 1864, Jonathan Gilbert did it." Lexie said

"I'll take care of it, care to join me in the shower." David said

"I'll be honored." Lexie said