Chapter 8: 162 Candles

David is sleeping on the couch with the book he was reading when he heard a noise

"Stefan, Lara, Damon." David said

Then the blur knocked him to the ground

"Ok, you want to play that game, Quantum Power." David said

David transforms Into the Quantum Ranger & pulls out his Quantum Defender & Starts blasting where he sees the Blur

"Damon this isn't funny." David said

The figure knocks him down to the ground

"Boo." Lexi said

David demorphs

"Lexi, what the hell." David said

"Scared you didn't I hubby." Lexi said

"No, I've faced monsters, but you could have called, shouldn't you be learning to control your powers." David said

"Controlled." Lexi said

Stefan comes down the stairs

"What happened here, Lexi." Stefan said

"Yep, happy birthday Brother In Law, 162 years old." Lexi said

"Yes, so you here for good or just for my birthday so you can control your new powers." Stefan said

"Controlled & here for good, no need for blood, I can eat human food now, now let's talk about how you are brothers & how Elena is your cousin & Katharine is your grandmother." Lexi said

"Long Complicated story, but story short Lara & Jor-el are alive." David said

"Wow, last time we saw Lara was when Clark took Kara's Crystal & released Zor-el & your mom & we saw Jor-el during Clark's humanity off phase when Zod came back for the 2nd time & Zod killed him, so they really alive or copies." Lexi said

"Alive, escaped from Krypton, been in Germany, also you Sarah Thompson I talked about once." David said

"Yes." Lexi said

"She was Katharine, Lara was here also, they were watching me." David said

"I see, so where's Damon." Lexi said

"Who cares." David said

"So Clark turned off his Humanity, why." Stefan said

"Lois used a legion ring to go into a dark future ruled by Zod & was gone for 3 months, Clark was upset so he turned off his humanity & plus Chloe's husband was killed by Doomsday, that pushed Clark over the edge." David said

"I see." Stefan said

"So do you wanna go to New York this weekend to see Bon Jovi." Lexi said

"Sure why not." Stefan said

"I guess." David said

"Sorry babe I only have two tickets, not much money since the talon got blown up." Lexi said

"The Talon Blew up." Stefan said

"A Terrorist group trying to take down heroes blew it up with Lois in it, Clark saved her." Lexi said

"The Mystic Grill is hiring, you can work their." David said

"Good idea, now why didn't you tell me that you were related to my friend here." Lexi said

"Busy dealing with Drusilla, her turning Vicki Donovan, shipping her off to L.A To Angel, dealing with Damon, you know." David said

"Ok, I get it, let's go upstairs, we have a lot to catch up on." Lexi said

"Ok." David said

David's phone goes off & he answers

"Hello, hi Liz I mean Sheriff Forbes, yes I took Vicki Donovan to L.A to a rehab, you want to talk to me about it, ok I'll be their in the morning, goodbye." David said

"So." Lexi said

"Sheriff Forbes needs to talk to be about Vicki, your coming with me so they can see my wife." David said

"Sure, let's go upstairs now, race ya." Lexi said

Lexi super speeds away & David follows."

Sheriff Forbes Office

David & Lexi walk in

"David, hello, glad you could come, I haven't told you welcome back, so who's this." Liz said

"My wife Alexia Michelle Lane- Gilbert." David said

"You can call me Lexie, it's nice to meet you Mrs. Forbes, babe I need to go see if I can get a job at the Mystic Grill." Lexie said

"Ok, be careful." David said

David kisses Lexie's cheek & she leaves

"So Liz you wanted to talk." David said

"I just want to ask you questions, I heard from Matt that you took Vicki to rehab in L.A last night, so my question is how did you get back so fast." Liz said

"Yes I did take Vicki to rehab in L.A & how I got back is I connections, ever heard of Oliver Queen." David said

"Billionaire, how do you know him." Liz said

"He's friends with my Brother Clark Kent, I found my real brother, Mr. Queen helped Martha Kent's Campaign for senate, I worked for him, so if I need his jet I can use it, also I was on the operation overdrive team as the Gold ranger, I saved the world." David said

"So you found your real brother, did you find your real mother & Father & thank you for saving the planet from evil." Liz said

David was about to say something when Lara walked in

"May I help you." Liz said

"Yes, I'm Lara Salvatore, I'm Damon & Stefan's mother." Lara said

"Oh, I didn't know their mother was still alive, is Mr. Salvatore Still alive." Liz said

"Yes he is, right now he's in Germany, am I disturbing you." Lara said

"No, I was just talking to David Gilbert about how things are, we were talking about how he found his real brother, have you met David Gilbert." Liz said

"Yes, he's my son, him & Clark are my sons, they were stolen from me after they were born." Lara said

"From who may I ask." Liz said

"Lionel Luthor, we messed with him, so in result he took my baby's & I'm guessing he gave Clark to the Kent's & David Here to the Gilbert's." Lara said

"Weren't you here from 2001 to 2005, why didn't you say anything then." Liz said

"My parents told her not to say anything cause it would make things weird, so I never knew until a week ago, I didn't want the town to know until I was ready, so thank you Lara, Can we talk Liz later, I'm going to go see Lexi." David said

David gets up & leaves

"So why now have you come forward about what Mr. Luthor did to you." Liz said

"He said he would kill us if we ever went looking for David & Clark, now that he's dead I'm coming forward, Lionel Luthor was a very Dangerous Man." Lara said

"Thank you Lara, can you give Damon a message, ask him if he can bring the Vervain, since your husband family is a founding family he knows about the Vampires." Liz said

"Yes ma'am I'll give him the message." Lara said

Salvatore Boarding House David's Room

Lexie Enters the bedroom & takes off her shirt, she's only in her bra when she hears the door open

"Hey babe I got the job, you wanna do it." Lexie said

"Well it wouldn't be the first time we did it." Damon said

"Damon get out you perve." Lexie said

"You're my sister in law so I can see your body, it happened in the 70's." Damon said

Lexie super speed over to Damon & grabbed his throat

"We maybe in laws but it doesn't mean I have to like you, your not a very good person." Lexi said

"Is it because I'm a vampire, you used to be one." Damon said

"You're the worst part of being a vampire, you show no remorse, you have no humanity." Lexie said

"I'm a American Bad ass darling, you better treat me right or you & David will be on the street." Damon said

"Your mother & Stefan will think differently." Lexie said

David walks in

"What's going on here." David said

"Damon is being a perve, He took off my shirt & he entered & I thought it was you, he's being mean." Lexie said

Lexi let go off Damon's throat

"I was just checking in on my sister in law." Damon said

"Let's get a few things strait, you do not enter my room without Knocking, you do not look at my wife like you want to sex her up, you do mess with me or I'll stab you." David said

"You wouldn't." Damon said

David shoves a sword into his gut

"You wanna make a bet." David said

"Where's Drusilla." Damon said

"Fortress, Frozen, figuring out what to do with her." David said

"How about you unfreeze her, we kill her in front of Liz Forbes." Damon said

"I'll think on it, now get out before this goes into your heart." David said

Damon leaves

"You slept with him didn't you." David said

"70's in New York, I'm not proud of it, he left me on the roof to burn, that was before I had a daylight ring." Lexie said

"I'm so gonna kill him." David said

Bonnie's Grandmothers house

"You leavin." Grams said

"Dad doesn't like it when I stay here too much." Bonnie said

"Because he misses you or because he doesn't trust me. Your father's problem is he lacks imagination. He thinks I fill your head with my witchy juju." Grams said

"He's right." Bonnie said

"He's always right, that's his other problem." Grams said

[indicates to the crystal necklace]

"Uh-uh. You need to be wearing that." Grams said

"I gotta give it back to Caroline. It doesn't belong to me." Bonnie said

"Yes, it does. It was your ancestor's and now it's yours." Grams said

"Emily was your ancestor too, why don't you wear it." Bonnie said

"Because it didn't find me, it found you, protected you. A witch's talisman is a powerful tool, don't be givin' that back to anybody." Grams said

"I just wish it was prettier." Bonnie's House

Salvatore Boarding house

Lara walks in

"David are you here, I'm sorry for what I did." Lara said

"He's not home, him & Lexie left, what did you do now mother." Damon said

"I kinda told sheriff Forbes that I was also David's mother & that Lionel Luthor stole him & Clark, also she wants Zach to bring them Vervain, I'm only guessing to protect them against compulsion." Lara said

"You are correct, as for Zach Delivering it, he can't." Damon said

"You killed him, Damon when are you gonna stop killing Family Members." Lara said

"First off I didn't kill Zach, it was Bizzaro David, a phantom version of my dear brother, I've only killed a few of them, Stefan killed dear old dad, no thanks to Katharine, your butch of a mother, you can gather the Vervain if I touch it it will burn." Damon said

"Basement right." Lara said

"Yes, Your son stabbed me by the way & you know it's Stefan's Birthday." Damon said

"I'm aware of my sons birthday Stefan's is November 1st, 1847, Yours is July 15th 1840, Isobel's Is June 2nd 1975, David & Clark's is May 3rd 1986, Stefan is 162 years old, your 169, Isobel would have been 34 if you didn't kill her, David & Clark are 23, I'm going to go gather the Vervain." Lara said

Lara walks away

Elena's House

Stefan & Elena were making out when David & Lexie walk in

"Guys can you stop making out for a second." Lexie said

"So how did it go sheriff Forbes." Elena said

"Peachy until Lara walked & blurted out that I was a Salvatore & me & Clark were kidnapped by Lionel." David said

"What did you say." Stefan said

"I had to back up the story, but I'm so pissed with her, I didn't want it out." David said

"Don't blame you, but she is our mother & Elena's Grandmother." Stefan said

"Still can't get that out of my head, that you Three are really my Cousin's, did you ever picture what it would be like if you grew up as a Salvatore if your ship landed at the boarding house." Elena said

"No, probably would have turned into a cocky version of Damon, you would have been Elena would have grown a Salvatore since Isobel is your mother & our sister." David said

"Hey can you keep it down, I'm doing homework." Jeremy said

"Since when." Elena said

"I'm behind from my drug taking phase, I want to make Dawn proud." Jeremy said

"If you need help let me know, so where's Jenna." David said

"At class, so did you get the Job at the grill." Elena said

"Yep, Stefan I won't be able to go see Bon Jovi on Saturday, so can you take Elena, my treat." Lexi said

"I'm not that big on Bon Jovi, but I'll go." Elena said

"Also Damon saw me in my bra." Lexie said

"What, why were you I your bra." Stefan said

"Thought it was David, anyways he came in saying since I'm his sister in law he can do whatever he wants, David walked in, he told Damon off & Stabbed him & he walked away." Lexie said

"Damon pisses me off." Elena said

"Hey can I get something to eat." Lexie said

"Sure." Elena said

Lexie walks into the kitchen

"So how does it feel to have Lexie eating food & not Blood bags." Stefan said

"Better, I could never look when she used them, made want to puke, we need to figure out how to make you Krypyonian." David said

"I know." Stefan said

Sheriff Forbes Office

Damon enters Sheriff Forbes office

"Mister Salvatore, come on in. Could you get the door for me." Sheriff Forbes said

"Sure." Damon said

"I understand from Mrs. Lockwood that your uncle is out the town." Sheriff Forbes said

"Yes he is. But I spoke with Zach. He filled me in and asked if I could bring this to you." Damon said

Damon hands the sheriff the box filled with vervain.

"Vervain." Sheriff Forbes said

"That's all we have at the moment, I hope it's enough." Damon said

"It's a small circle...Founding families, a few city officials." Sheriff Forbes said

"And your deputies, of course right? Are we any closer." Damon said

"I think our facts are wrong. We've always believed that vampires can only come out in the dark. What if that's changed." Sheriff Forbes said

"So is that even possible." Damon said

"We've exhausted every other option. We have to consider the vampire may be walking around during the day. Right in front of us." Sheriff Forbes said

"Hm. So what's the next step." Damon said

"We're now looking at anyone new to town, since the deaths began. Should turn up a suspect or two, I've ruled out your Brother Stefan, David His wife Lexie & your mother." Sheriff Forbes said

"And I, of course, will do anything I can to help." Damon said

"Can I ask you a question." Sheriff Forbes said

"Sure." Damon said

"Why would Lionel
Luthor of all people kidnap couple of babies." Sheriff Forbes said

"My parents were working for Lionel in 1986 when David & Clark were born, they discovered a dirty little secret, he fired them & during the night sent someone to kidnap my brothers." Damon said

"I see." Sheriff Forbes said

"In 2004 I was in Smallville trying to find my brother, Lionel forced me to work for him to hurt Clark's friends, I hated it, Clark still hates me." Damon said

"Thank you Damon, for your time." Sheriff Forbes said

Elena's house

Elena's Doorbell Rings & Elena Answers it, it's Bonnie

"Hey can I come in." Bonnie said

"Sure." Elena said

Bonnie walks in

"Hey Bonnie." Jenna said

"Jenna, can we talk in your room." Bonnie said

"Sure, Jenna have you seen David or Lexie, their car is still here." Elena said

"Beats me." Jenna said

Elena & Bonnie walk up to her room & she opens the door but sees two naked body's

"Oh my god." Elena shouts

"Elena." David & Lexie said

Elena shuts the door as Jenna runs up

"What's wrong." Jenna said

"Their having Sex in my bed, in my bed for Pete's sake." Elena said

David & Lexie exit Elena's room

"You two downstairs now." Jenna said

"Sorry Lena, we didn't think you would be coming to your room." David said

"Sorry, are you mad." Lexie said

"No, just grossed out." Elena said

"I'm just gonna tell you, I'm a witch, I have powers." Bonnie said

"Bonnie, the whole Bennett Family were witches, Stefan knew one, Emily, I met one, so I'm not surprised." Lexie said

"Either am I, just don't do magic when I'm around, Magic & Kryptonians don't do well." David said

"I promise." Bonnie said

David & Lexie walk down the stairs

"I'm gonna change my sheets now." Elena said

"I'll help." Bonnie said

Town Square

Damon walks up the Caroline

"I need your help with something." Damon said

"What & why should I help you." Caroline said

"I want to throw a birthday party for Stefan/ Wedding party for David & Lexie, so will you help me, I'm trying to be a good person, I'm not gonna control your mind, please I heard you throw the best party's." Damon said

"Fine, but why do you wanna throw David Gilbert a party for." Caroline said

"He's my brother, you met my mother remember." Damon said

"I know, ok I'll do it for Stefan & David, but we will never be a thing." Caroline said

"Ok, thank you." Damon said

Caroline walks away.

Salvatore Boarding house

David & Lexie enter the boarding house

"What the hell were you thinking by having sex in Elena's room, seriously I thought you knew better, didn't the Gilbert's teach you anything." Lara said

"I didn't know Elena would come up to her room, also my parents taught me manners, you met them so you should know, Stefan you have anything to say." David said

"Just shocked, but you could have used your old room." Stefan said

"We didn't think, I'm sorry Mrs. El." Lexie said

"It's ok sweetie, don't let it happen again." Lara said

Damon enters

"Good your here." Damon said

"What are you up to now Damon." Stefan said

"Nothing, well your gonna have a party at the grill for Stefan's birthday & to celebrate your wedding, I asked Caroline to throw it well ill take the credit, I was also thinking it could be a coming out telling the town that your really a Salvatore & you were separated at birth." Damon said

"I think it's lovely thing to do." Lara said

"You didn't compel her did you." Stefan said

"No, I just asked, I'm trying to change." Damon said

"You should have asked us first, but if your trying to be a good brother, then ok." David said

"I also told Elena to be there, she agreed, Lexie here's my Credit Card, take Elena to go get a dress." Damon said

"Thanks, what are you up to." Lexie said

"Nothing, so go get Elena & get yourself a dress." Damon said

David hands Lexie his keys & she leaves

"I want to unfreeze Drusilla & kill her in front of Liz Forbes, so take me to the Fortress." Damon said

"Theirs the catch." Stefan said

"No I like it, kill Drusilla, take the heat off you, let's go." David said

David & Damon leave

"What's your thoughts mom." Stefan said

"As long as they get along, I'm ok." Lara said

"You heard from Jor-el lately." Stefan said

"No, when he's busy, he forgets the little things like me, I've talked to Kara, she's ok, she's gonna come to town soon." Lara said

Fortress Of Solitude

David & Damon Enter but David holds Damon back

"What." Damon said

"These are fresh foot prints, someone's here." David said

"Maybe their Clark's." Damon said

"No their not, someone found out about this place & it's not Lex this time." David said

David summons his blaster

"Alright whoever is here, come out now or I'll blast or my brother here will snap your neck." David said

The Mystery figure steps out

"Jor-el, why are you in the fortress." David said

"I'm here having a talk with my computer self on the way he treated Kal-el I mean Clark, he said he was doing what was best." Jor-el said

"The ship did the most damage to Clark, saying he was suppose to take over the earth & he blew up the ship & killed his sibling." David said

"I'm aware of Martha Kent's child's death, I'm sorry, I'm also aware of Virgil Swann getting my message, but he messed up on them." Jor-el said

"So what's the name your using here on earth & do you know who I am." Damon said

"Damon Salvatore, Lara's son, my earth name is Joseph Salvatore, I hope you don't mind." Jor-el said

"No, well welcome home father, let's get to mystic falls to go to a party, it's Stefan's birth/David's & Lexie's wedding celebration/Moms home coming well yours." Damon said

First we have to unfreeze Drusilla & kill her, you know here the Salvatore Boarding house is." David said

"Lara texted me the address." Jor-El said

Jor-el super-speeds away

"Let's get started." Damon said

Salvatore Boarding house

Their was a knock on the door, Stefan answers the door

"Can I help you." Stefan said

"I'm looking for my wife Lara, your mother, I'm Jor-El, but you can call me Father." Jor-el said

"Come in, mom Jor-el is here, I'm guessing you know what I am." Stefan said

"Vampire, I've met Katharine in the 50's, I'm ok with that." Jor-el said

Lara comes out of the kitchen & jumps on Jor-el & gives kisses

"I've missed you, where have you been." Lara said

"The Fortress, having a talk with AI me, Damon & David found me." Jor-el said

Mystic Grill Few Hours later

Everyone is gathered at the Grill, well not Damon & David

"Where's David." Elena said

"He'll be here soon, him & Damon are dealing with Drusilla." Lexie said

Mrs. Lockwood comes up to Lexie & Elena said

"So your Mrs. David Gilbert, I'm Carol Lockwood, where's your husband." Mrs. Lockwood said

"Yes Ma'am, my Husband is with Damon, Mrs & Mr. Salvatore are over their talking to Caroline Forbes." Lexie said

"Excuse me." Carol said

She walks over to Lara & Jor-el

"Hello Salvatore Family, I'm Carol Lockwood." Carol said

"I'm Lara & this is My husband Joseph, how my I help you." Lara said

"Since Zach Salvatore left town, I would like to offer Joe here a spot in the Founders council, you are aware that we have a Vampire problem." Carol said

"Yes ma'am I am, I would be homered to join." Jor-el said

"Good." Carol said

She walks away

"Bitch." Lara said

"Now Lara." Jor-el said

Town Square

Damon & David are in the square waiting for Sheriff Forbes

"You won't get away with this, the stars say it all." Drusilla said

"Shut up." Damon said

Sheriff Forbes arrives

"So you found our Vampire, where." Sheriff Forbes said

"The woods, her name is Drusilla." Damon said

"The stars tell me you all will die." Drusilla said

"As you can see she's nuts & we learned that she killed Logan Fell & turned him, we don't know where he is, so tell us where you hid him." Damon said

"The stars say no, but you'll see soon." Drusilla said

"Fine then, David do the honors." Damon said

David pulls a stake out & shoves it into her heart & she dies

"So now what." Damon said

"We burn her." Sheriff Forbes said

"Let's get to your Party/Stefan's Birthday/Parents homecoming." Damon said

They walk away

The Mystic Grill

David & Damon enter, David goes over to Lexie & Kisses her

"Everything alright." Lexie said

"Everything's Fine now." David said

"Hey can I Have everyone's attention." Damon said

Everyone looked at Damon

"I just want to say happy birthday to Stefan, i Also recently found out that David Gilbert is our long lost brother along with Clark Kent from Smallville Kansas, also let's welcome my parents Lara & Joseph Salvatore, I hope you welcome them like you've welcomed me & Stefan back into this little town." Damon said

An hour later

Lexie & David, Elena & Stefan are dancing

"So was this the perfect night." David said

"The best, I still don't trust Damon." Lexie said

"I don't either." David said

Caroline walks up to them

"Lookie here, it's the two most lovely couple, why can't I find love like yours." Caroline said

"Your drunk." David said

"Drunk no, maybe, yep I'm drunk, take me home big boy, we can fool around, hell we can have a three way." Caroline said

Matt comes over

"Come on let's get you home." Matt said

"I want a three way with the juicy David Salvatore or Gilbert & Lexie Gilbert." Caroline said

"Come on let's go." Matt said

Matt & Caroline walk away

"Strange girl." Lexie said

Caroline's house

"You gonna be okay." Matt said

"No. Do you ever feel like there's not a person in the world that loves you." Caroline said

"Life can be a little rough." Matt said

"I just wish." Caroline said

"What." Matt said

"Wish that life was... different." Caroline said

"Yeah me too." Matt said

Matt turns to leave

"Please ...don't leave me alone." Caroline said

Matt hesitates, then awkwardly climbs onto th bed next to Caroline.

Bonnie's dream

she is running through the woods. She stops by old ruins of a church. She turns around and comes face-to-face with her ancestor, Emily.

"It's coming." Emily said

Bonnie wakes up in wood near to the old church.

Salvatore Boarding House

David comes out of the Kitchen with whipped cream & cream

"What are you planning to do with that." Damon said

"Stuff, I just want to thank you for that speech, it means alot, I'm glad theirs no motive behind it." David said

"I want to get Katharine out of the tomb, so our family can be complete, so what do you say." Damon said

"I'll think about it." David said

David walks away

If only Damon knew.