Dream Guardian King Allen: Welcome everyone to another new story! With Mario Kart 8 out and the trailers for new characters for Smash Bros. happing I thought why not do those for Mario Kart? Have a trailer for new racers while showing what's new for the new game. So I present to you a series of character and gameplay trailers for what I think should happen for Mario Kart 9!

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Announcement Trailer

A news report comes flashing on to the screen as an announcer goes, "You're watching MKS, Mushroom Kingdom Sports. With us today is star reporter Kylie Koopa, who is with Toadsworth to give us a special announcement. Take it away Kylie."

The screen switches to an image of two figures; one was a turtle like creature with a green cap, pink bows, a camera hanging from her neck, magenta shell, and pink shoes; the other figure was a mushroom like creature with a brown, light-brown head, a white mustache, spectacles, a cane, purple vest and jacket, and a red bowtie. "Thanks Jack, I am here with Toadsworth, royal advisor to Princess Peach, who has an announcement to make. Go ahead Toadsworth," said Kylie addressing the mushroom advisor.

"Thank you Kylie, now then, I am here to announce on the Princess's behave the ninth annual Mushroom Gran Prix. This year, we have a very exciting event with racers coming from all over the kingdom to see if they will be accepted and compete in this year's event," explained Toadsworth.

"Over the past two years you have introduced the hang-gliders, underwater driving, and now anti-gravity which all have changed the way racing is being done. Tell us what is next for the racing circuit," asked Kylie.

"This year we plan on using the same elements as in previous years, but we are tweaking some elements that were deemed un-desirable last year. So why don't I show you and the viewers some of the racers practicing their driving skills on one of our test tracks," said Toadsworth as he and Kylie turned to face a screen as it showed a track with elements of regular kart driving, underwater racing, hang-glider flying, and anti-gravity ramps.

A garage door opens and zooming out comes sixteen figures all driving the standard kart. "And here they are ladies and gentlemen, sixteen racers racing down onto the field," announced Kylie as the drivers raced around the track in order to win first. "Allow me to introduce them for you. First we have everyone's favorite hero Mario, next we have his ghost-busting brother Luigi, and then we have the lovely Princess Peach and her fiery cousin Princess Daisy. Here's everyone's favorite dinosaur Yoshi. Now comes that no good brute Bowser, right behind him is the big ape himself Donkey Kong! Next is Princess Peach's personal assistant Toad, alongside him is one of many Koopa Troopas here to represent his folks at home, now here's the mysterious Shy Guy returning for a second round of racing goodness. Following behind are the Wario duo, Wario and Waluigi, always up to no good. Last but not least, here comes the baby versions of the Mario Bros. and the Princesses Peach and Daisy, I'd like to know how they got here in the first place."

"Yes, it is quite an exciting sight and we have many more racers coming to compete as we are waiting for applications to start coming in anytime soon," said Toadsworth as he looked away from the screen.

"Any more details about the upcoming racing season we should know about?" asked Kylie.

"Well this year will feature a bit of a twist, along with the regular cups consisting of four tracks we are also going to have a cross country race which will take the racers all though the Mushroom Kingdom going across numerous terrains to see who are the best drivers, the top sixteen will move on to compete in the Rainbow Cup," explained Toadsworth.

"Care to explain the Rainbow Cup?" asked Kylie.

"Certainly," replied Toadsworth. "The Rainbow Cup consists of all the Rainbow Roads from previous years along with a brand new Rainbow Road we have built for this year. The racer who performs the best in this cup will be declared the best racer in the kingdom and will receive a special prize which will be revealed once we start the actual race."

"Well that does sound exciting. We look forward to seeing what you guys have planned for this year's racing season, and who will show up in this event. For all those watching at home, keep it here on Mushroom Kingdom Sports as we continue to update this upcoming event. This is Kylie Koopa signing off," said Kylie as she gives a thumbs up to the camera and the screen fades to black.

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