Sit down baby; I'll rock your boat.

Chapter One

A/N: This was one of those ships that I didn't know I shipped until it was too late. I'm currently in a school production of guys and dolls that opens in about four weeks so while I was sick at home I decided to search for some fanfics cos why not. Some of what I found was BaconWrappedRainbows' stories about Bicely. And then bam I shipped it. Soon I ran out of fics. So I'm giving writing a shot. Like those fics I'm keeping Nicely skinny. There will be similarities between this fic and some of BaconWrappedRainbows' stuff especially near the beginning because that's what I was inspired by and it was sort of a starting point for me to build on.

Rough appearance: Nicely is a stick with crazy sticky up hair and an adorable smile, if Andrew Garfield was real life good looking rather than movie star good looking this would be him. Benny has a sturdier build and a nice roundish face which looks really kind and trust worthy.

I know this chapter is kinda short. sorry.

Rue Sue.

Nicely was kicked out of his dad's home in the summer of 1948 when he turned 18, he took easily to the New York streets, working as a barista at a popular café and had a small but decent apartment nearby. At first he didn't have much money but he wasn't struggling and then winter came around. Nicely quickly learnt that everything is more expensive in winter, he needed warmer clothes, blankets, heating and then fresh fruit and vegetables were more expensive as well as his working hours being shortened. He never had quite enough to eat until he was forced to start going to the save-a-soul soup kitchens for dinner. Nicely then learnt that he was lonely, he had no friend to watch his back, no doll to go to the pictures with, no one who he talked to.

Then one evening at work his boss had to leave early for family matters, he passed Nicely the keys and told him and his work mate Freddy Walter to clean and lock up. They did and then Freddy pulled some cards out of his pocket and asked Nicely if he was down for some gambling. Nicely was hesitant but accepted the offer and found he was reasonably good at it. Soon it became a tradition that the two would gamble together in the evenings and soon it became apparent that Nicely was very good at this.

One day Freddy asked him to come along to one of Nathan Detroit's floating crap games. At the crap game Nicely won big and became I surprisingly popular with the other gamblers for someone who had just cleaned them out. Nathan Detroit knew this new face wouldn't always be blessed with lady luck at his side forever and c'mon the kid was only what 17? 18? years old. So he took him under his wing and employed him to spread news of his crap games with the gamblers in town.

Benny started working in a barbershop in New York in 1947 when he was 21. He was gay but kept that to himself and figured that it couldn't stop him from making money and having fun. 1948 found him gambling at some of Nathan Detroit's crap games, because of his job which allowed him to talk to individuals while cutting their hair Nathan hired him alongside Nicely to get him to spread news of his crap games.

Benny and nicely became good friends and ended up sharing an apartment together. Despite their friendship and total trust in one another Benny decided to stay on the safe side and not tell even Nicely that he was a Nancy, he was afraid of getting disrespect, the world hated poofs and if the people didn't like him for he'd lose his job with Nathan and where would he be then? Benny did slightly fancy his best friend, you know, like you do… but he told himself that soon he'd get over Nicely and find a nice guy who didn't like dolls either.

Now it was early 1950 and Nathan had just had a very successful crap game. Nicely, Benny and Nathan had money in their pockets and now they were off to celebrate. They were sitting in their favorite bar, The Red Cat, drinking and chattering about when the next game would be on.

"Hey Nathan, now that you got all these potatoes you should probably buy a big present to apologize to Miss Adelaide for still not marrying her." Benny joked as he sipped on his typical nonalcoholic drink: Coca Cola.

"No, no she'll only ask where they came from" Nathan sighed.

"Yeah you're probably right" he said "Hey Nathan where are we going to hold the next crap game? Now that Brannigan knows about the back of Betty's diner"

"I dunno."

"Maybe in the backrooms at the old drama school!"

"Benny, how are we going to get into the drama school?"

"Good point Nathan. How 'bout Leroy's packaging warehouse?"

"Leroy's brother got arrested for crap games in Chicago and now the police think Leroy's involved with them. He told me to stay far, far away from him."

This conversation between Benny and Nathan continued for a while during which Nicely continued to drink and drink and drink and get quite drunk. Really Nicely hadn't actually drunk that much but his young age and stick like shape had rendered him a lightweight. Only when they were leaving and Nicely started stumbling did they realize he how pissed he was.

"Well sue me Benny, He's a lighter weight than I thought" said Nathan sighing "Benny can you get him home all right?"

"Alright Nathan, that I am happy do" said Benny "come on Nicely"

Nicely took a few lurching and unsteady steps toward him so Benny put an arm around his shoulders to stabilize him so he wouldn't fall as they walked to their apartment which was a few blocks away so the distance wasn't worth hailing a cab for.

About 10 minutes later they stumbled up the stairs to the second level of their small and friendly apartment building and got to the front door of their apartment. Benny carefully leant Nicely against a wall where he slumped down into a sitting position while Benny fished around in his pockets for the key.

"Benny?..." said Nicely hazily from where he was slumped.

"yeah?" said Benny not really concentrating on his friend as focused on finding his key.

"I'm pissed aren't I?

Benny chuckled softly and turned to Nicely "yep, you lightweight you."

"Thanks for getting me home, you're a good friend"

"Thanks Nicely" Benny found his key in the bottom of his back pocket and unlocked the door. "c'mon"

Rather than stand Nicely just lifted his arms in a tired manner, demanding to be pulled up. Benny pulled him up a little too fast and ended up stumbling backwards a few steps with Nicely in his arms. When he regained full balance he just picked up Nicely bridal style and carried him in, kicking the door closed behind him. He carried him down the corridor and into Nicely's room on the left side, he carried him to the bed and took of his shoes and started to take off his jacket when he suddenly froze, Nicely was nuzzling his face into the crook of Benny's neck.

It sent shivers down his spine and if he had been speaking he would have choked up and started stuttering. Benny's skin felt electric, he could feel Nicely's eyelashes fluttering against his skin, the shape of his nose pressing into his neck, Nicely's lips on his bare skin. Benny wanted to stay like this forever, he wanted to hold him and kiss him but instead he just sighed and moved Nicely away from him and onto the bed in what looked like a comfortable sleeping position before standing up.

Gosh the kid looked small lying there on the bed; he was only 19, all arms and legs, messy hair framing his face like a halo as he lay there now snoring softly. Benny tucked him and left, wishing for the entire world that he didn't feel the way he did about his friend.

Benny went to bed and didn't sleep. He had been reasonably attracted to his friend and now with the unexpected intimate moment did he realize how deep the feeling ran, was he in love? He didn't know. Why couldn't guys liking guys be more acceptable in this society?

He lay there unable to sleep until daylight came around again and he got up and made breakfast.