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Nicely woke up with a terrible headache, he thought it was the end of the world and then actually opened his eyes and almost died from the harsh light which was obviously trying to kill him in his weak and hung-over state. He lay there in pain for a few minutes until he slowly sat up, grimacing at life in general but happy to see that we was in his own room in his own apartment with a nice smell coming from the direction of the kitchen...

A nice smell coming from the kitchen…

THERE WAS FOOD BEING COOKED! He got out of bed and realized he was still in his clothes, including his tie. He took off his tie and shirt and wandered into the kitchen dressed in his rumpled trousers and his singlet. Benny was there cooking a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs.

"Morning Benny" he said and found his voice to crack from being so dry so he sat down at the counter and poured himself some milk.

"Good morning Nicely-Nicely how are you?" Benny said as he cracked a couple of eggs into the pan.

"Nicely, nicely, thank you" said Nicely, cringing as he found that his neck hurt from sleeping the wrong way last night.


"No, I feel like I've been hit by a bus" Nicely drank his milk and put the cup before crossing his arms over the bench and slumping down so his head was resting on them. From where he was slumped he could see the back of Benny where he stood at the stove cooking.

Nicely liked that Benny could cook, he'd heard a lot of men say that is was a women's job but he reckoned that they were just lazy bums who needed an excuse for not being able to prepare their own meals. Nicely himself couldn't cook particularly well at all but Benny could and so Nicely was always grateful and did the dishes after every meal.

He looked towards Benny, noting how the red in his short stylish hair stood out in the warm morning light that flooded through the window. Benny stood strongly, everything that Benny did was strong; he moved strongly, he rubbed the back of his neck strongly and he even cooked bacon strongly. His friend had a smile that could make the sun come out on a cloudy day, It was bright and it made Nicely feel warm and safe like there were no problems in the world.

His friend was very good looking he admitted to himself, It was mildly irritating that his best friend who he spent a lot of time around made him look quite plain in comparison but it was also quite nice being able to appreciate the handsome looks of his friend every day (Secretly of course, guys tended to find it a bit weird when other guys told them they were good looking) With these thoughts he concluded that if he or Benny were a doll he would definitely date him.

Benny plonked a plate of bacon and eggs down in front of him, startling him out of his train of thought.

Nicely started shovel the food into his mouth "Why the bacon and eggs?" he asked between large mouthfuls, this was not a normal occurrence.

"I felt like it" Benny replied.

"Are you sure? There's no special day or thing I missed? A birthday? Special holiday? Is it Christmas? It better not be Christmas!"

Benny couldn't reply because he was chewing his food and before he could finish Nicely went off again.

"It is Christmas!" Exclaimed Nicely "It's bloody Christmas, I can't believe that I forgot Christmas, I swear it was Christmas was just a few months ago!"

"NO! No, no, no! Nicely it's not Christmas" said Benny, cutting him off from saying any more ramblings.

"Ah Good, well maybe a bit of a shame really, it would've been nice to be surprised with such a fine day as Christmas" Nicely sighed.

"I thought you hated Christmas"

"That was until last Christmas where I spent it with decent people for the first time, rather than my father who kicked me out as soon as he could."

"That's a shame that you consider bums like me, Rusty and Gill decent company. Why'd your father kick you outta house and home anyway?" Benny asked, not for the first time.

"This is really good bacon" said Nicely, not wanting to talk about that particular subject. He was glad Benny didn't press him for answers; it was a close rather private topic which he really didn't want to share even to his best friend because it was something that he could lose his best friend over.

Benny was completely and utterly stuck, he could not comprehend his new and intense feelings for his friend. This was mostly because he didn't want to comprehend how he felt about Nicely. He had already spent the night tossing and turning as he pondered about what he had felt when Nicely had nuzzled into his neck and by morning he had almost convinced himself that really he didn't like Nicely in that way, his feelings were absolutely, most definitely, completely purely platonic. This attitude lasted until Benny was cooking a delicious breakfast of bacon and eggs and Nicely walked into the kitchen in his frumpled trousers and slightly to big singlet which not only made him look tired in an adorable manner but also showed off his shoulders and collarbones in a very, very enticing manner.

Benny wanted to forget about the bacon he was cooking and push Nicely up against a wall and kiss him and kiss him until his lips were red and sore, he wanted run his hands through they crazy mop of hair on Nicely's head, he wanted to feel that man's skin under his lips.

Ugh! He needed to stop thinking these things otherwise he might do them and the consequences would be unbearable; losing a friend, losing respect and losing his job. He knew what people thought about gays, he knew what people did to gays. Men like him got beat up, made fun of and in serious cases killed out of hate. Not that any poofs could control being poofs, not that it was their fault. Benny just needed to stop thinking about Nicely this way, he just needed to go and get drunk and pretend that nothing was the way it really was.

He needed to go and get drunk and hopefully forget how badly he wanted to kiss Nicely and hold him. He wanted to pretend that he didn't want to make moans and gasps slip off those sweet, sweet lips. He knew no matter how much he drank he wouldn't be able to forget but he still went out anyway.