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Astrid never forgave me or Merida for the petty prank. She tried to get me back a dozen times but I can smell a prank from miles.

As a punishment Merida and I served a week's worth of detention which I spent trying to learn new charms. Ha! Stupid hat said I wasn't book smart. I also spent it trying to perfect my aim which has improved in a week. Not that Aster and Merida minded. In fact there were moments when Merida would ramble on about her being the best archer ever,

My classes where still nothing special. I was getting tired of trying to hit my target. Thank God Professor Elsa noticed because she said, "Let's do something a bit more advanced."

I grinned widely at her. "Like?"

"You seem to be handy with a wand. I think this would also be a good introduction into your next training."

"Stop stalling what is it?" I asked.

"The Patronus Charm." She said crossing her arms. The Patronus Charm? I remember reading about that. It was really hard to master for an inexperienced wizard or witch. I was only a first year.

"I don't know." I said really unsure.

"Jack. What is the power of the Patronus Charm?"Elsa asked me sharply.

"The Patronus Charm…is a defensive spell….that will, that will conjure a spirit like incarnation of the person's positive emotions. It's usually used against dark creatures or can be used to inform other wizards or witches." I said looking up as I remembered,

"Ok, now that you've said that I expect you to learn how to cast the Patronus Charm without my help." She said.

"What?!" I shrieked.

"I have incredible faith that you will master this charm. Jack trust me once you've learned this the rest of your training will be easy." Elsa replied.

I huffed and attempted to cast the charm again and again and again. When I couldn't do it Elsa suggested we worked on my school work again. I decided that was a good idea.

"She wants you to learn the Patronus Charm?" Hiccup asked as we walked to our normal spot after classes.


"She's crazy! You're only a first year!"

"Well it seems like she and North always forget that." I mumbled. "I feel like they expect so much from me. I just want to learn how to make snow so we can have fun!"

Hiccup was quiet. "Let's just forget about classes and work." He said, "Let's talk about something else. Like girls."

I smirked at him, "By girls you mean Astrid."

Hic blushed. "Alright you caught me." He then sighed. "What Merida said the other day, she was right."

"No, Hic. She wasn't. Besides she didn't even mean any of it." I said reassuringly.

"No, I mean what do I have to offer? I'm a talking fishbone!" He said throwing his hands in the air. "I have no muscles, I'm not good at anything, and I'm a geek!"

I frowned, "Hic you're being too hard on yourself. Besides you're saying that now! I'm pretty sure by the end of our time at Hogwarts you'll be in love with someone else."

Hiccup ran a hand through his hair, "I don't know Jack I'm pretty sure she's the one!"

I laughed, "Really? You sound like a love sick girl in Animes."

"Anime?" Hic asked giving me a weird look.

"It's a muggle thing." I said.

"Whatever." He said. I finally realized Merida and Rapunzel weren't here with us.

"Where are Merida and Rapunzel?" I asked.

Hic just shrugged. "I don't know but I think it's about time we headed to the great hall. It's going to be dinner."

While eating dinner a letter appeared on my lap. It read:


Meet in North's office after dinner.

I looked at the staff table and saw Aster nod his head at me.

When I was sure everyone was asleep I left my bed and made my way over to North's office.

"Yes North?" I asked as I entered his office.

"Ah! Jack, I have special guest here for you." North said as he put his arm around me. There was a man standing by North's desk. He had wired glasses and a scar on his forehead. Is that a thunderbolt?

"Jack, I present you, Harry Potter." The man walked up to me and shook my hand.

"It's a pleasure to meet you." Harry said.

I smiled back, "It's nice to meet you too."

"Harry Potter is legendary in Wizarding World. He was only to when he survived unforgivable curse and saved us all." North said.

"I just wanted to protect everyone around me." Harry said modestly.

"Don't be modest!" North said.

"As much of an honor it is to meet you Mr. Potter, why am I here?" I asked.

"Ah, yes! Jack I invite you here to meet Mr. Potter because he will also be helping you with your studies." North boomed happily.

I raised a brow, "I thought Professor Elsa was teaching me."

"Uh, she is, it's just I will be teaching you some more advanced magic." Harry said.

I scrunched my eyebrows together in confusion, "Advanced Magic? I'm only a first year!"

"I know and I am still concerned about that as well but Professor North and Professor Arandelle had insisted I teach you this." Harry said.

For some reason I became angry. "Why! Why do I have to learn this? Why can't I go to my regular classes with my friends? Why do I have to have stupid ice powers!" I know Elsa warned me about keeping my emotions in check but at this point I was so angry I didn't care. I was also too angry to realize it I was starting a medium sized flurry.

"Jack! Stop right now!" North said over the snow.

I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. It was Harry's. He knelt to my level and said, "Jack I understand you're scared. We've bombarded you with responsibilities and special classes. That isn't fair to you, I understand but please trust us when we say this is going to prepare you for the future."

My flurry stopped. For some reason these words my eyes water and before I know it I'm sobbing into Harry's shoulder like a baby.

"It's alright. I believe it's late. Go get some sleep ok?" he said as I wiped my eyes.

I nodded and bid both Harry and North goodnight.

"Hey can you guys keep another secret?" I asked Punzie, Hic, and Merida as I put a sausage in my mouth.

They all nodded. "A 'Harry Potter' will be teaching me advanced magic."

They all looked at me wide eyed. "The Harry Potter?!" They all asked in unison.

I shushed them. "Yes. Why is he famous in the first place?"

"Harry Potter is also known as the boy who lived he-" Hiccup started but I interrupted him.

"Why?" I asked.

"I am getting to that!" Hiccup glared at me. "When Harry was a baby there was a start of the war going on. Deatheaters were trying to recruit wizards and witches to join the side of the evil lord. They tried to recruit Harry's parents but they refused. As punishment Harry and his family were doomed to die. The evil lord killed both his parents. Just as the evil lord said the killing curse the spell rebounded. It didn't work. It just left a scar."

I looked at him confused. "Why?"

Hic scratched his head, "I'm not too sure on that."

"That's so wicked! Harry Potter is your personal professor?" Merida asked.

I nodded, "Hey Hic what's the name of the evil lord?"

They all froze. "Uh, it's uh, L-Lord Voldemort."

"Oh. Ok thanks I guess." I said.

"Hey guys we better get to class it's almost time." Rapunzel said.

We said bye and went our separate ways. I thought about what Hiccup told me. How was anybody ever able to survive the killing curse? I decided I'd ask Harry when I saw him again.

When I arrived for class I was greeted by Elsa and Harry. They both gave me a strange look as I walked into the frozen wonderland.

"What?" I asked.

"Jack, where are your shoes?" Elsa asked me. I looked at my feet. That's strange. Where did my shoes go? I swear I put them on this morning.

"That's weird." I said.

Harry chuckled before saying, "Must be the Narggles."

It was my turn to give him a strange look. "Narggles?"

Harry smiled again before saying, "Never mind. Let's start with your lessons. Professor what were you working on before I showed up?"

"We were working on the Patronus spell but I'm going to leave that to you." Elsa said as she chewed on her lip. "I guess today we can work on regular classes and then I'll hand him over to you."

Harry clapped his hands together. "Good let's get to work."

When I finished with my regular classes Elsa said bye which left me with Harry.

"Ok Jack, Elsa left me with the Patronus spell. Do you know how to cast the Patronus spell?" he asked me.

I shrugged my shoulders not understanding the question, "With your wand?"

Harry smiled, "Yes but that's not what I meant. When you cast the Patronus spell you must think of the happiest memory you have." He pulled out his wand.

He raised and said, "Expto Patromun." A white stag seemed to materialize from Harry's wand. It pranced around the whole room. I was so entranced by the majestic figure. Then just as fast as it appeared, it disappeared.

"Wow." I breathed.

"Now you try." Harry said.

I pulled out my wand and tried to think of the happiest memory I had. I remembered first meeting Sophie and Jamie. I remember I finally thought I wouldn't be alone anymore. I remembered playing in the autumn leaves with them, playing in the snow with them, Christmas, Halloween.

"Expecto Patronum."

At this moment one would think I had conquered the Patronus charm. The most that happened was that a small fog appeared from it. I stared at my wand.

"It's fine. Nobody will get this the first time." Harry said reassuringly.

I frowned and attempted the charm again. Nothing. Every time I would try the charm nothing would happen and I would get angrier and angrier.

"Jack, please classes are over go take a break and we'll try again tomorrow." I huffed in frustration and left.

I practically stomped down the hall looking for Hic. When I found him in our spot with the girls I plopped next to him.

He raised a brow at me. "What are you pouting for?"

"I'm not pouting!" I said as I threw my hands up in the air.

Merida and Punzie gave me a weird look. "Ok so why are you mad?"

"Stupid Patronus Charm!" I said through gritted teeth.

Hiccup patted my back. "It's ok Jack it's a hard spell to master."

'"Think of your happiest memory' he says!" I said as I ran a hand through my hair.

"Is that how you cast the Patronus spell?" Merida asked.

"I guess."

"Don't you have any happy memories?" Punzie asked.

"I guess not if the spells not working!" I said angrily.

"Jack please calm down your causing it to snow." Hiccup said pointing to the sky. He was right. It started snowing just a bit. I breathed in and out trying to calm down. I noticed the notebook in Hiccup's hands.

"What is that?" I asked pointing at it.

Hiccup blushed, "It's just a notebook."

Me, Mer, and Punzie all smirked. "So if I were to read it, there won't be Hiccup loves Astrid in a heart in that notebook?"

Hiccup shook his head.

I grabbed the notebook and opened it. I ignored Hic's cries of protest as I looked through the pages. They were drawings of Astrid, Merida, Rapunzel, Professor Tooth, Aster, and Gobber. It was just them in normal surroundings. Like how they would look on a regular basis.

"Hiccup these are beautiful!" Rapunzel said happily.

"Where'd you learn to draw like that Hiccup?" Merida asked.

"I, uh, I just like drawing people and I've been interested in people and the way they carry themselves." Hic said looking at the ground. I kept going through the pages trying to find a picture of me but there weren't any.

"Hey Hic? How come you don't have any drawings of me?" I asked feeling a little bit hurt.

"I can't find the right moment to draw you. You're always full of different emotions it's hard to keep up." Hic said.

I gave him back the notebook. "They're really nice." I said giving him a smile. Hiccup smiled back. All of us sat there just listening to the leaves rustle and the owls chirping. I stared at the leaves which were turning yellow, orange and brown. It felt to warm for my liking so I made it snow a bit. It started getting dark so I looked back at my friends.

Merida was asleep on Rapunzel's shoulder while Rapunzel made a small flower crown. I looked at Hiccup who was drawing in his notebook. I watched him as he stuck his tongue out and how his eye brows knitted together. Hiccup is also left handed. Freckles covered his face like sprinkles. Hiccup noticed me staring.

"What?" he asked me.

"What are you drawing now?" I asked looking at the notebook.

Hiccup held up the notebook to my face. "It's supposed to be you but there's not enough light for me to finish it."

I looked at the drawing. It was me looking up at the leaves while the snow fell. I looked…peaceful, almost happy. But it was just quiet. Why do I look almost happy? Why does my chest feel tight? I smiled widely.

"Thanks Hic. It's beautiful."

Punzie jumped up, "Oh my gosh guys! We're late for dinner!"

Merida sat up and rubbed her eyes. "Forget it. I'm going to my dorm and I'm going to go back to sleep!"

I nodded in agreement. "Ya, I'm not hungry either." My friends stared at me shocked. "What?"

Hiccup bit his lip. "If you want after curfew we can sneak to Gobber's and look at the litter of Kneazles he found."

It was my turn to give him a strange look. "Really Hic? You're suggesting we go sneak out after curfew?"

Hiccup nodded nervously. I shrugged. "Ok I'm in."

"Me too!" Punzie said jumping up and down. We looked at Merida.

"I don't know guys. I'm tired!" she said.

"Please?" Rapunzel begged.

Merida rubbed a hand over her face and said, "Fine!"

Hic and Punzie cheered. "What are Kneazles?" I asked.

Hiccup put a finger to his lip then said, "They're either a small tiger or a very big cat."


We decided to meet at our usually spot after curfew. I was the third one to arrive after Punzie and Hiccup.

"Where's Merida?" I asked.

"I don't know."

"I'm here!" Merida whispered loudly causing all of us to jump.

We glared at her as Hiccup led the way to Gobber's. Gobber lived in a small cottage made of stones and straw.

Hiccup knocked on the door. We could hear large footsteps from the other side of the door.

"Yes?" Gobber asked from the opposite side.

"It's me, Uncle Gobber!" Hiccup said. The door swung open revealing a distressed looking Gobber.

"Hiccup my boy! Thank god you're here! I need help with the wee ones." He said then went to eyeing us. "Who're your friends?"

"Uncle you know Jack. And these are Merida and Rapunzel." Hic said gesturing to us. "They came to see the Kneazles."

"Well come on in!" he said allowing us entrance.

The cottage was smaller inside then it looked outside. The whole cottage had small tigers all over the place. Or were they cats?

Punzie jumped up in happiness and picked one up. The small beast purred happily as she pet its stomach.

Merida walked around and pet a couple every now and then she would pick one up allowing it to lick her face.

I noticed Hiccup a black one. "Guys this is Toothless." He said holding it up for us to see.

"Like every Kneazle he's very smart and is very trustworthy." He said proudly.

I reached out to touch Toothless. At first he seemed reluctant and stared at me trying to figure me out. After awhile he slowly stepped close to me and licked my hand. I rubbed behind his ear softly. He mewed softly. Rapunzel and Hiccup awed. I was about to make a joke to Merida but when I turned around she was already asleep.

"We should get going guys." I said.

"Ah but we just got here!" Rapunzel said.

"I know but Merida is tired and we have class tomorrow." Hiccup said agreeing with me. He picked up Toothless while I woke Merida. We bid Gobber a goodnight and headed back to the castle.

As we walked down the hallways I started hearing the whispering noises again. I stopped walking trying to understand what the whispers were saying. I looked back at my friends who were staring back at me. I heard a low growl from Toothless. Does he hear them too?

"What's wrong bud?" Hiccup asked Toothless.

"He hears them too." I said.

"Hears what?" Merida asked a bit annoyed.

"The whispers! Can't you hear them?" I said. Toothless nodded as if saying he did too.

"Jack this again? I'm pretty sure you're just-" I didn't hear Hiccup over the loud screams. Toothless was the first to run to them followed by me.

As we approached our destination the screams got louder and louder. Toothless stopped suddenly and so did the screaming. We looked ahead into the darkness. I wanted to look away but I felt something was hiding in the darkness. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness of the hallway I saw small yellow eyes and a smile with razor sharp teeth.

The wall. The wall. The wall. The wall. The whispers said. I looked toward the direction of the wall. It was too dark.

"Lumos." The tip of my wand lit up and I held it up. I almost dropped my wand. The sight before me was horrifying. There was writing in red. I knew what it was but I denied the idea of it.

I see you when you're sleeping.

I know when you're awake.

I know your every move and nightmare.

You cannot run from me children.

My legs started shaking and my mouth opened to let out a scream. I felt something touch my back.

"Sweet dreams, Jack. Don't let the nightmares bite." A cold voice said behind me.

I let out a scream. I heard laughter coming in all directions. I screamed even louder as Toothless hissed. I fell onto the floor. Covering my ears trying to block out the laughter.

"Jack." A voice said. "Jack!" Something touched my shoulder and out of fear I summoned a shard and threw at whoever touched me.

"JACK!" a familiar voice aid over my screams. I looked up still shaking. It was Punzie. She held onto my shoulders. "Jack what's wrong?" she asked me. I looked at my surroundings. I realized the person I threw the shard at was Hiccup because he was holding hand over his cheek.

"I-I, I-"

"Jack. What. Is. Wrong." Rapunzel repeated. To scared to speak I pointed back to the wall. They all turned around and stared at the wall in horror.

"I-Is that what I think it is?" Hiccup asked.

Merida put a hand over her mouth but Rapunzel screamed. Those screams from earlier were Rapunzel's!

"WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON?" someone said over Punzie's screams. It was Aster. I looked up at him horrified. The other teachers slowly approached us all of them staring at the wall.

"Who did this?" Tooth asked mortified.

"Jack, Jack, Jack." A voice said behind to my left. I slowly turned my head into the direction of the voice.


I screamed covering my ears and shutting my eyes. I felt myself being lifted and carried somewhere. The sudden change in movement caused me to scream more.

"It's ok lad." Aster said to me trying to clam me down. "It's ok we're going to North's right now." I stopped screaming but I didn't open my eyes.

"Jack. Open eyes." North said softly. I slowly opened my eyes. North, Harry, and Elsa came into view. To my left Hiccup with Toothless in his lap and Aster. To my right Merida and Rapunzel. I noticed how North eyed Toothless.

"Who's Kneazle?" he asked pointing to Toothless.

Hiccup raised his hand.

"You're lucky he was there protecting you." North said.

"What happened Jack?" Elsa asked me. I stared back at her.

"H-Hiccup w-was showing us his new kneazle w-when I heard whispers. T-Toothless heard it too!" I exclaimed pointing to Toothless. "T-Then the screaming started! Toothless and I r-ran to find the s-screaming. A-All we found was a dark hall. I swear I saw yellow eyes. Then the whispers kept talking about the walls. When I looked at the wall it had that w-writing!"

"What did writing say?" North asked.

"It said: I see y-you when you're s-sleeping. I-I know when you're awake. I know your every move and nightmare. You c-can't hide from me children." Hiccup said knowing I was too scared to say it.

It was silent. North and every teacher in the room seemed to be having a mental conversation. "Children we have important things to tell."

"You are all aware of Lord Voldemort correct?" Harry asked. We all nodded. "We all thought we were finished with the dark ages. Turns out we were wrong. What we didn't count on was Lord Voldemort having a son."

I looked back in shock. Lord Voldemort having a son? If I wasn't so scared right now I would've laughed. Harry looked at North for help. North only nodded.

"Pitch Black as he calls himself, is Lord Voldemort's son. When you children were born your magic was quite peculiar. Your magic seems to be able to manipulate the elements and seasons." Harry then pointed to me. "Like Jack for example can manipulate the water in the air and turn it into snow. Hence being able to manipulate winter."

"If that maybe why is Jack the only one able to use his power?" Rapunzel asked.

"Something must've triggered Jack's powers. The night we found you children we concealed your powers for a certain amount of time. It should be wearing off soon. Aside from that Pitch felt it was unfair children were being born being able to manipulate elements and seasons. Being able to do that was very rare at the time so Pitch decided to murder anyone capable of these powers. When he arrived at your house Jack he planned on murdering all four of you."

I suddenly remembered being carried into the closet. Holding Hiccup's hand. Pitch standing over me. The pain. It all came back to me suddenly.

"Jack your parents were the strongest Aurors I had ever met. They sacrificed their lives for you four to live." Harry looked down and said, "Just as my mother did for me. Their love and wish to protect you was so strong that the killing curse rebounded. The only problem is Pitch made the same mistake as his father and made Horcruxes out of you children. A Horcrux is very forbidden magic. Dark Wizards and Witches make Horcruxes to hide a fragment of their souls to become almost immortal."

"So we're Horcruxes?" Merida asked confused.

"Not necessarily. Pitch accidentally made Horcruxes of something of your belongings. We are not entirely sure what objects they are but were know that much."

"Wait if my parents were killed were are they?" Hiccup asked with a bit of hope in his eyes.

"Hiccup your father is…Hiccup he's in Azkaban." Harry said. Hiccup's eyes got wide.

"What?" Hiccup croaked.

"Your father was convicted for killing your mother."

I stared at Hic as I watched him break down. Toothless sensing his owner's distress licked Hic's tears and rubbed against his cheek.

"Merida, your parents were attacked by Mor'Du in his Amnigus form." Merida shook her head and put her hands over her eyes and softly wept.

"Rachel you parents were killed by a witch named Gothel. We all believe your parents were murdered or punished as revenge for trying to protect you children. We knew we had to put you into hiding."

Harry opened his mouth to say more but Aster cut him off saying, "That's enough!" We all looked at him with surprised looks on our faces. "Please that's enough. They are only children- No they can't even be called children anymore! From this moment on their childhood will be taken away! Jack is learning the Patronus Charm at age eleven for God's sake! Please spare them anymore explanations." Aster's voice cracked.

It was silent again before North said, "Very well children. 10 points from each house and weeks' worth of detention for sneaking out after curfew." We all nodded and started walking out of North's office before he said, "And children, don't bother attending classes tomorrow. You are excused." We left and headed for our dorms.

I heard sniffling coming from Hiccup. I grabbed his hand with mind. It wasn't long before he started shivering. I let go quickly before apologizing. Hic gave me a small smile as if saying it was alright. After bidding goodnight to Merida and Punzie, I said night to Hiccup. Toothless rubbed up against my leg. I rubbed the back of his ear before walking toward the dungeons.

I woke up the next morning to Jim shaking me softly. He and Flynn stared at me.

"Dude you look like shit." Flynn said. I gave him a glare before getting dressed and going down stairs to eat breakfast.

I was greeted by a cherry Rapunzel and an annoyed Merida. "How are you so cheery?" Merida asked. "I only got four hours of sleep!" we sat down grabbing plates of food.

"Try two hours of sleep." Hiccup said bitterly as he sat next to me Toothless at his side. We ate breakfast in silence. After last night I don't think anybody knew what to say. "Screw it I'm going back to bed after this." Hiccup said bitterly.

"I second that motion. Does anyone object?" Merida said. Rapunzel raised her hand.

"Uh, I do! I want to hang out with you guys today!" she said as she pouted. "We can just go to our spot and relax." Mer and Hic frowned but agreed anyways.

We arrived at our spot. Almost immediately Hiccup and Merida fell asleep on the grass. That looked pretty comfortable. Maybe I'll join them, I thought as I laid next to Hiccup and slowly fell asleep.

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