I'd like to note my timing and pacing for a moment. 3 years ago, in this chapter, we were already into the important parts of the plot. I think this note is just to say to all new writers; Write. Write absolute crap. You'll hate yourself for it later. But it's a good hate. It means improvement.

Anyway, onwards.


Lunch passed and the rest of the afternoon melted into the chilly evening.

The group sat on a few benches in a local park, not tiring of each other's company. Except, Allen and Kanda could probably do without each other.

"So," Alma said, he'd taken to Allen quickly and Kanda obviously wasn't amused, "Tiedoll's having a barbeque this weekend and-"

"Don't invite him," Kanda growled.

"-I was wondering if you'd like to come!" Alma finished cheerfully as if Kanda had never said anything at all.

Allen smiled sweetly at Alma just to piss Kanda off further, "I'd love to-"

"No," Kanda groaned.

"But-" Allen continued.

"Hallelujah.." Kanda muttered, almost happily.

Allen glared, kicking him in the shin and ignoring the 'Motherfucker!' that followed, "I have plans to go job hunting this weekend." He offered Alma an apologetic smile, "Sorry,"

Alma waved his apology away with a friendly smile, "Don't worry! You're invited to the next!"

"Thank you," Allen said sincerely. He hadn't expected to be so well-received in his first day, but he was glad he was.

Alma just nodded, picking up Kanda's canister of, something, and taking a sip of it.

"I asked you if you wanted one this morning..." Kanda grumbled, but not taking his canister away from him.

Alma put the canister back in front of his brother, patting him on the shoulder, "Yours is always better."

Lenalee leaned into Allen's side, "Kanda's a big softy when it comes to Alma," she snickered.

Allen leaned closer, "Like a teddy bear with a scowly-face," he contributed.

They both laughed.

"Hey," Lavi mumbled, his eyebrows drawn together, "No conspiratory jokes against Kanda without me."

Allen patted his shoulder, still laughing, "Sorry Lavi, I'll let you in on it next time,"

Lavi's pout turned into a grin as he threw an arm over Allen's shoulders, "Al's got my back!"

"Oh yeah," Lenalee spoke up, "Lavi said you're a figure skater?"

Allen nodded, "Mhm,"

Lenalee clasped her hands together happily, "That's great! I'm not really friendly with many of the figure skaters here and it would be nice to have a partner,"

Allen nodded, "I would love that, actually. I was worried I wouldn't find someone to do duets with."

Lenalee nodded excitedly, reaching around to pull Allen from Lavi and wrapping her arms around his neck and shaking him, "Ooooh! Lavi why wouldn't you have found him sooner?! He's perfect!"

Allen chuckled as Lavi made an indignant noise, "'S not my fault..." he muttered with a pout.

"There, there," Alma soothed, patting Lavi's arm.

"Shut up, Usagi." Kanda sneered, his lip pulling up in distaste.

Lavi threw himself over the elder Kanda child, "Aww, Yuu-chan, you want more attention? Don't worry, Lavi will love you!"

A tick formed on Kanda's temple as he pushed the redhead away, "Don't call me that!"

"Someone's sensitive, huh, Yuu-chan?" Allen mocked with a cocky grin.

Kanda's face twisted up in anger as he lifted up his fist, approaching the amused Whitette.

Alma grabbed his arm, pulling him back down, "Down, boy."

Kanda would never live down that pout as far as Allen was concerned.

"How long have you been skating?" Lenalee asked as she, Allen, and Lavi walked towards the rink.

Allen thought for a moment, tapping his forefinger on his chin,"6-ish years I suppose."

Lenalee nodded, "Same here. Have you ever considered ice hockey?"

Allen made a 'blech' face, shaking his head vigorously, "No, lot of brutes they are,"

"Hey!" Lavi cried, "I'm not a brute," he mumbled with a pout.

Allen and Lenalee cringed. They'd forgotten he was there.

"It's okay, we know you're not a brute," Allen cooed, ruffling his fiery hair.

Lavi just huffed, crossing his arms.

"Don't worry, Lavi," Lenalee laughed, "I'll play obstacle some for you today, okay?"

Lavi perked up, throwing his arms around her shoulders, "You're the best!"

Lenalle giggled, patting his head lightly until he let go.

"Play obstacle?" Allen asked, looking at Lenalee curiously.

Lenalee nodded, but Lavi jumped in quickly to answer, "Yeah, she does her twirly thing like-whoosh!" he does a twirl to the other side of Allen, "And I play around her like-Zoom!" he made a jabbing motion.

Allen nodded slowly, "Okay... sounds...interesting?"

"Don't worry, Al. You'll see, it's fun!" Lavi reassured, giving him two thumbs-up.

Allen nodded hesitantly.

He didn't know what Lenalee was thinking. Getting hit with a hockey puck by an over-excited redhead didn't sound like fun at all.

He stood corrected.

He stood on the sidelines, watching the two practice together and it was..surreal.

Lavi raced around her lithe figure almost gracefully, balancing the puck around his stick as he made each goal.

It definitely wasn't as clumsy as Allen had expected t to be, even after watching Lavi practice alone the day before.

It was almost like they were dancing. A skating routine all in itself, brutish sport mixed with elegant dance.

To put it simply, they worked well together. Surprisingly well, actually.

After they'd finished, Allen cheered, shouting,"Encore! Encore!"

Lavi and Lenalee grinned, bowing with their hands connected.

"Sorry, brit," Levi winked, "But you'll have to wait until next time. You and the lady have to practice too,"

Allen sighed, "Yeah, you're right." He pointed a stern finger to the redhead, "I'm invited next time you guys do that or I'll never speak to you again."

Levi clasped his chest over his heart, gasping, "Oh, my favorite brit would never subject me to such torment!"

"Your brit would definitely subject you to such torment," Allen deadpanned, quirking an eyebrow.

"Don't worry, Allen, you're invited!" Lenalee giggled, grabbing his arm and pulling him out onto the ice.

Allen smiled holding out his hand to her, "May I have this dance, Milady?"

Lenalee, put her hand in his, curtseying, "I would be delighted," she replied, mocking a British accent.

"Whoo! Al's flirting it up with the ladies!" Lavi cheered from the other side of the ice.

Allen raised a brow with a smirk, "Shouldn' you be practicing?"

"What?" Lavi blinked innocently, "You got to watch us, it's only fair I get to watch you, right?"

Allen rolled his eyes but said nothing as he returned his line of vision to Lenalee, "Ignore him. Bloody brute, that boy,"

Lenalee snickered, "Indeed," She replied with a snobby accent.

Allen pulled Lenalee into the middle, grabbing both of her hands as he faced her, "Follow my lead, we'll do something simple."

Lenalee nodded eagerly, her beautiful eyes sparkling with excitement. It must have been a really long time since she had the pleasure of dancing with a partner.

He started off with simply skating backward, throwing in a spin or two before going into mirrored footwork. It was simple, but it looked nice, so it did the trick.

Allen pulled Lenalee in, still skating backward, and took her hand, twirling her before lifting her up by her waist and going into a wide-stance spin.

She switched it up a bit then, grabbing onto hi shoulders as she flipped over him, in turn grabbing his arms and sending him into a free-spiral.

Lenalee skated up next to him, his spin stopped neatly in a pose gesturing to Lenalee's with his head bowed.

Allen and Lenalee lifted their heads up with wide grins, "That was fun!" Lenalee giggled.

Allen nodded in agreement.

"Bravoooo!" Lavi shouted, clapping furiously, "Beautiful! Beautiful!"

Allen chuckled, rubbing the back of his head. His heart warmed a little at the redhead's gesture.

Lenalee made a shooing motion to the redhead as he ceased clapping, "Practice, you lazy fool."

Lavi pouted, "Hey~I'm the only one that practices off-season!"

"Off-season? You're not playing right now?" Allen asked, cocking his head.

Kavi shook his head, "Nope, the season doesn't start until next week! I'm just gettin' ahead, 'cause I'm awesome like that!"

Allen laughed, shaking his head.

Undoubtedly awesome.