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"Thanks for the ride, Duncan." Heather slammed the door shut and waited for Bridgette.

"Don't mention it." Duncan smirked. "You two going to Gwen's house after school?"

"I'm going to be heading home." Bridgette smiled.

"Yeah, I'll go." Heather agreed. "I'm not working today. If you give me a ride we can hang out there for awhile."

"I'll be there." Duncan winked. "See you after school."

Heather walked into the school with Bridgette, happily thinking about hanging out with her friends after school and finding out if Trent and Gwen found anything out about Chris's past or any other names he could have been living under.

When they got to Bridgette's locker, Bridgette got her books and shut the locker and smiled at Heather before pulling her into a hug.

"Okay, this is weird." Heather seemed surprised. "What's up with the hug?"

"I'm just happy we're together again." Bridgette smiled. "You, me and Owen. I know Mom and Dad can be a little crazy but we're still a family and it's great to have you with us."

"I'm adjusting to them." Heather admitted. "It's just nice to have Alejandro with me. He's really all I've known before this and he's all that I have left from my old life."

"He seems really into you." Bridgette smirked. "I have a feeling he'll stick around."

"Sometimes that's not always a good thing." Heather rolled her eyes. "For my 14th Birthday, he wasn't invited to my party because we had a fight so he crashed it anyway and played really loud Spanish music and the purposed to me. My Dad-Uh, Chris was all for the whole idea too. He always liked Alejandro."

"Sounds like you had fun with him." Bridgette laughed. "I'm gonna get to class, I'll talk to you at lunch?"

"Whatever." Heather smiled as she walked away. Was she really starting to get used to having a Sister?

At lunch Heather grabbed some food and took her tray and went to look for Bridgette to eat with. When she found Bridgette she sat down but found that Bridgette didn't have much to say because she was too busy doing her Math homework.

"Bridgette?" Heather spoke. "Are we going to talk about anything or are you just going to do homework at lunch?"

"I want to do it now so that when I get home I can watch TV with Geoff." Bridgette blushed. "You should really do your homework if you're going with Duncan after school to Gwen's place."

"I'm not a fan of homework." Heather laughed.

"You better be or Mom will ground you." Bridgette looked up at her. "Have you ever been grounded?"

"Chris was never a fan of grounding me." Heather shrugged. "He grounded me once and then he realized it wasn't as much fun to do stuff without me so he decided that we weren't going to do the whole grounding thing."

"New life, new rules." Bridgette shrugged as Trent sat down with his lunch.

"Hey Bridgette, Hey Heather." Trent smiled. "How's it going?"

"Bridgette's doing homework." Heather stood up and slammed Bridgette's book shut. "Now she's not. What's up? Did you find anything out about...him?"

"Maybe we should talk about this after school at Gwen's?" Trent suggested.

"Good news or bad news?" Heather asked. "I need to know."

"Need to know what?" Bridgette asked. "Did I miss something the other day?"

"No." Heather lied. "I was just asking how the poll is coming along. I put some money in on it, figured why the hell not?"

"You're betting on when Chris is going to be captured now?" Bridgette looked puzzled. "You'll most likely win, after all you knew him better than anyone else."

"True." Heather shrugged. "He's going to get arrested anyway."

"Right." Trent smiled at Bridgette. "So...I guess I'll be seeing you after School?"

"I'll be there." Heather agreed. "Where is Gwen?"

"I think she's talking to the art teacher." Trent shrugged. "Gwen's always been artsy. I think she's trying to get into the art gallery at School."

"I've never seen her work." Heather told Trent as she took a bite of her food. "I guess I'll have to ask her to show me a piece one of these days?"

"You really should." Trent smiled.

Bridgette couldn't believe how easy Heather was making friends and so she decided to let them talk while she did her homework. Under normal circumstances she wouldn't be eating lunch with Trent and Gwen would never talk to her. How could she and her Sister be so different?

After School was over Bridgette went back to her house while Heather on the other hand took off to Gwen's house to meet up with Trent, Duncan and Gwen and she just hoped that Alejandro would stay away from her and not wonder where she was like he usually does.

"Heather!" Gwen hugged her when she walked in the door. "I didn't see you all day!"

"I told you Gwen was playing around, trying to get into the art show." Trent smirked. "Can we all talk now or what?"

"Yeah, Bridgette's not here." Heather plopped down on the couch. "Please tell me you found something on Chris!"

"He doesn't leave much of a trail." Trent sighed. "He's good...Really good."

"He had to have aliases." Heather sighed. "Dad, why do you have to be so good at this?"

"I'm still going to try to find him." Trent assured her. "Chris Mclean has a past and I'm going to find out what it really is."

"I wish I knew what it was." Heather complained.

"So, you're really going to go with him?" Duncan smirked. "That's kinda bad ass."

"You'd like him." Heather smiled. "We have our own set of rules."

"You still have rules." Duncan laughed. "I don't believe in rules at all."

"That's obvious." Gwen rolled her eyes. "What do you guys wanna do?"

"Can I see your art?" Heather moved over on the couch next to Gwen. "I hear from Trent that you might be pretty good."

"I'm alright." Gwen told Heather. "I really want to put a piece in the school show but the art teacher keeps rejecting all my pieces and it sucks."

"Why don't you draw Heather?" Duncan asked Gwen. "You've always been good at drawing people. Remember that time that you drew me without a shirt on."

"I remember that." Gwen blushed. "Yeah, I could totally draw you! Just stay right here!"

Gwen got up and ran to get a sketch pad and pencil and Trent just shook his head. Once Gwen got back with the sketch pad, the boys knew it was going to be awhile and Gwen was going to throw them out so she could work.

"Guys, you need to leave so I could focus on sketching Heather." Gwen looked at them.

"I have to drop off a few things at a friend's place." Duncan shrugged. "Trent? You wanna go with me?"

"You're leaving?" Heather looked at Duncan. "How am I getting home?"

"Go sell your weed." Gwen smirked. "I'll take Heather home."

"I'll try to find out more about Mclean for you." Trent told Heather as the two guys left, leaving Heather and Gwen alone.

"Okay!" Gwen smiled. "Just stay right here! Don't move and relax!"

"I can't not move and relax." Heather told her. "How long is this going to take you?"

"I sketch pretty fast." Gwen told her as she started the sketch. "Maybe an hour or two?"

Heather agreed to stay still while Gwen sketched her picture. It took well over an hour and Heather was getting bored with sitting there by the time she was finished.

"Gwen, I'm getting tired and I want to go home." Heather yawned. "Are you done?"

"Just about." Gwen put the pencil down and turned the sketch around and showed Heather. "What do you think?"

"That's really good." Heather looked at it. "You can draw pretty damn good."

"I'm really glad you like it." Gwen smiled as she took the book from Heather and closed the sketchbook. "You wanna go home now? I'll just see you in school tomorrow?"

"Yeah." Heather yawned. "I'm getting tired."

The next morning when Heather woke up she was still trying to avoid Alejandro. She managed to do it all last night and thankfully he was already asleep when she got home. The next morning however was harder to avoid him when he was waiting for her downstairs, already ready to leave.

"You ready for school?" Alejandro leaned against the counter. "I thought that I would take you to school instead of Donald."

"Duncan." Heather smirked. "His name is Duncan."

"Does it matter?" Alejandro put his arm around her shoulder. "Let's go! Bridgette, you coming?!"

"Yeah, she's going with you." Geoff told him. "I would take her but I have to get to work."

"You got a job?" Heather asked him.

"Yeah, the gas station a few blocks from here." Geoff told her.

"Why didn't you get a job?" Heather asked Alejandro. "Are you just going to make sure that I don't talk to other guys?"

Alejandro ignored Heather and walked outside to his vehicle. A few minutes later Bridgette came downstairs and she and Heather walked outside and got in the vehicle and Alejandro took them both to school.

Next chapter we go to the school and Gwen has some news! I can't wait until the next chapter! Chris should be showing up soon and Heather may have another problem on her hands. I guess we'll have to see! I like adding my own twists to this and I hope that you guys are going to love it!