This chapter timeline story took a few moths after the last chapter. Sorry for the grammar

Sesshomaru flying alone to the meadow in south far away from his territory. He was looking for someone. He landed and started walking. It didn't need a time to found whom he was looking for. There she was, appeared in front of him just like that, charming by his handsome face, not even realise she was in danger.

Sesshomaru looked at her. She wore an armor covered her chest and mini skirt and a boots which made by animal's skin. She has a body figure like Kagura and porcelain skin too, but she has a round face and purple eyes and grey curly hair. She smiled approached him. As she was really closer, Sesshomaru took her head off of her body. 'Stupid woman. Kagura never approached me that closer. She never let her guard down just like that' He pick the body up to his shoulder and flied to the mountain in the south east.

In a half way he saw a shikigami, bring a message for him, from a witch. Yes, a witch. Sesshomaru had heard about how a witch bring Kikyo back to live but she didn't really live, that witch was failed to bring her soul because Kikyo's soul has reincarnate into Kagome. So a few months ago he was searching for a witch to bring back Kagura's soul.

"Sorry for kept you waiting, but we already found particular wind's soul that you wanted" said shikigami.

"It's about time" he said and continue to flied to his destination. When he get closer to the mountain he saw a tornado attacking him. He dodge and pull out his bakusaiga. "Show yourself, wind demon".

"What do you want from me?" a demoness appear in a cliff, unlike a demoness who her body in his shoulder, this demoness kept a distance and put her guard "I know you. I heard about you by a wind. An inu youkai has going everywhere for months looking for a demonesses with a particular appearence and a wind demon. I heard you killed so many youkai to get informations you need about".

Sesshomaru keep in silent. Looked at her emotionless.

"I heard you took eyes and hair and head from demonesses you killed before. Now you took the body from that demon" she pointed to a body of demoness in his shoulder "and what will you do to me?".

For a moment he seemed wouldn't make any move but suddenly he attacked her by his bakusaiga. He took her heart and leave.

a week later

Far away in the east, there was a cave in a deep forest. There was a witch running back and forth waiting for a powerful dog demon. She had sent her shikigami week ago to search for him and give him a message. Where is he?

Fifty years ago this witch was killed many people to got their hearts and brains to make a potion, but she was punished by a powerful monk and be caged in those cave for her entire life. She could sent her shikigami to searching for food and water but she couldn't sent her shikigami to removing seals mounted in front of cave. She could trick someone to remove the seals for her if human walked to her cave. But no human ever came. Day after day she become older and weak, she thought she will never see outside world anymore, but few months ago a white headed demon with a cresent moon mark in his forehead come in and offered her a freedom. He would remove the seals but she must get him a wind's soul. Not an ordinary wind's soul, he wanted a particular wind's soul which was belonged to demoness named Kagura.

Her power is not strong like it used to be but she was looking hard through her shikigami to find that soul for months. Wind always blows everywhere, looking for a demon's soul who had turn into a wind was not easy. Yet she found it for her freedom.

Sesshomaru walked in to the cave. The witch walked toward him "I've found what you need, you should came here faster! Don't wasting my time! I should be free week ago! Now, remove the seals and free me!"

He grabbed her neck "First of all, I was far away from here, second of all watch your tongue, witch" he said coldly.

The witch gasped and begging for forgiveness. He drop her, he didn't care she was an old woman.

"Where is the wind's soul?" he asked.

She still couldn't talked so she pointed to a vessel above the stove in the corner. Sesshomaru walk toward the vessel, dropped a body and a pack with bloodstain then peek in to the vessel. He smiled.

"It'll be better you get the right soul" he put on the fire.

"I did" the witch walked to him but kept a distance.

"Lets see. I hope you really get her soul, so I wouldn't waste this body and this things" Sesshomaru open the pack he brough before. There were ruby eyes, beautiful hair, a head of beautiful face without hair and eyes. He pull out tesseiga and killed the creature from death world, made all of this organs fresh. He thrown all of this organs in to the vessel.

"What are you willing to do?" the witch shocked and curious.

Sesshomaru didn't answer. He kept watching in to the vessel. All things he thrown started to mix by itself.

"Do you want to bring that demon you said before, this Kagura, to life?" she watched him "For human, you just need soil from their grave and their soul. For demon, I never heard about bringing demon back to live before"

"Hmph, that way will just make a zombie. A death creature with a fake body" He remembered Kikyo. The first time he saw her he knew she was death. Although she was in this world, moving like a living creature, but she never be part of this world. He will not let Kagura be that kind of creature. Kagura will living with her body and soul and became a part of this world and part of his life.

"Besides, I'm not bring her to live, I recreated her. She was created before" Yes, that bastard Naraku was created Kagura. So if that not normal hanyou could do it, so this Sesshomaru could do it either. But there was a different between them, Naraku didn't born normally like Sesshomaru did. They have a different way to created Kagura.

"She was created?" now the witch really curious, she move little bit closer to peek in to the vessel "Hmm, I think I understand what are you doing now. That demon body, eyes, hair and head will be basis of her figure, that wind demon's heart will give her strength of wind control, her soul will combine all of this and she will became like she was before".

"I see. You're old but you're not stupid" Sesshomaru didn't leave his eyes from the vessel.

The witch offended "When will you free me?"

"Soon I know you really get the right soul"

The witch turned and sit in another corner of the cave.