Im sorry for the grammar and language. I cant speak english fluently but I hope everyone who read this fanfiction will understand this story. This chapter contains LEMON.

Sesshomaru still watched out to the vessel. It needed the last ingredient now. He pulled up his left sleeve and cut off his flesh of left arm and put it into vessel. He was not cut his whole arm, just a flesh, his arm will heal in no time.

Last time Kagura had Naraku scent over her body because she was created by Naraku's flesh, there was a little bit of Kagura own scent, he could tell the different between Naraku scent and Kagura own scent but smell that bastard scent from her body was irritated him. This new body of Kagura made by his flesh, she will have his scent all over her body. He dig tessaiga to the vessel and then sit down not far away from the witch.

The witch slept, the old woman must be really tired, worked for months and then waited for him for week. Sesshomaru looked at old woman. How long she will gonna be survive outside. She was be caged in a cave deep down in the forest, and this forest is full of wild animals. With that old body, she will not gonna make to the human village. If she wanna life, she should stay in this cave, focused her power to her shikigami just like all this years. She had used her power searching for a soul for months, there was nothing left for that old body in the outside world.

They has been waiting for hours, it was almost midnight and the vessel started splutter. Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes, walked toward the vessel while the witch woke up, surprised and scared "What happened?".

Sesshomaru smiled when he looked in to the vessel "There is nothing to be afraid witch, you're about to get your freedom" he put his arms inside, reach for something. He pick up a demoness from the vessel. Her eyes seemed not focused yet, her body seemed still weak and wet, like a new born baby. Her body was not covered by blood, but a slime. He put her on the ground but still hold her body in his arm.

"Kagura" he cup he chin up her face to looked at him.

She looked confused try to focused. Her senses and brain hasn't worked yet. He waited patiently til she get her consciousness.

"Kagura, can you hear me?" he waited for her respond.

She blinking and shook her head "Ses...shomaru...?"

"Yes, it's me"

She shook her head once again and closed her eyes for a moment then she looked around, confused "Where am I? What are you doing here? How did I...?" she looked at her naked body and then looked at him "Sesshomaru, I was dead, wasn't I?"

"You were"

"Did you bring me back to life?"

"I did"

"For what?"

He didn't answer.

"I.. I finally free. Why did you bring me back? If Naraku know I'm alive he will chase me to kill me one more time. Or worst, he will try to turn me into his minion again!" she panicked. she couldn't imagine she will running and fighting for the rest of her life til someone kill Naraku. Living in fear was not what she wanted. She knew Naraku. If that evil hanyou know she come back he will do anything to put her life miserable again.

"Kagura" He hugged her try to make her calm down "There are no Naraku anymore. It has been almost five years since you died, it has been almost five years since we destroyed him"

"Almost five years?" her eyes widened "Why you bring me back now?"

He pick her up and and took his tessaiga and walked outside, he removed the seals as he walked away and flied to the nearest hot springs he could found. Her body still weak hardly to move, she couldn't bath herself. He was going in to the water, sit her in the corner of the springs and help her bath. He rubbed her entire body including her private areas. She gasped as he touched her body, warmth spreading between her legs under water. Those feelings was new for her. She feel unconfortable to him and blushing, her pulse raced, he might could heard it. She couldn't looked at him "Se..shomaru" she tried to talked normally "Thank you for helping me, I'm good now. I will stay here for a moment, you should dry your clothes".

He touched her cheek looked into her eyes before get out from the water. Put a fire on and pulled out a kimono he prepared for Kagura from his armor, those kimono has wet. He undressed, hang his clothes and Kagura's kimono to dry it. He was completely naked and going back to the water.

Kagura shocked when she saw him but he didn't even care, he helped her washed her hair. After she was completely clean, he stayed with her in the water, kissed her lips. She was surprised, didn't know what to do, she just kept silent let him sucked her lips. He pulled herself to him, hugged her tightly. As her breast touched his bare chest he closed his eyes, feeling her body over his skin and smelt her scent. Her scent was always wonderful. Naraku scent couldn't hide those wonderful scent from his nose. Now that wonderful scent blend with his scent, he felt happiness in his heart.

Kagura's eyes widened, shocked when Sesshomaru pulled her to him. She could feel his erection "Sess.. Sesshomaru, you didn't answer my question".

He looked down at her, his golden eyes met her ruby eyes, he talked not a words, he kissed her passionate, sliding his tongue over her mouth. His hand started caressing her body, touched her neck, her hair, her cheeks, her back, her arms, her breast and her butt.

Kagura gasped. She couldn't refused him, she will never could refused him but she need an answer, why did he bring her back? And another questions in her head now, why he kissed her? Why suddenly he acted like a pervert? What is the meaning of this?

Sesshomaru's fingers playing with her nipple. He sense an arousal from her, he smiled. She started to played her tongue as well into his mouth, Sesshomaru welcome her.

He pick her out of the water and laid her down in a big rock near them, and started to touched and kissed and lick her entire body. She spoke his name made him couldn't wait to thrush into her, but not so fast, first of all he will give her good feelings she never felt before.

Kagura come back to herself. She looked up Sesshomaru was above her and smiled to her, his hand rubbed her thighs. She try to breath normally "Why...are you...humiliate me?" her hand tried to hold his hand but she had no strength to remove his had from her thighs.

"I am not" he said, keep smiled at her. His clawed fingers attacking her womanhood, Kagura gasped, arched her body and moaned. She never felt this way before. She even never dream about it. All she wanted was freedom and met him for the last time before she died. She never asked for more, for all of this. She though she will never have a chance with him.

Sesshomaru watched her gasping and writhing beneath him, amused with her reaction. He knew she was panting of lust for him now as he desperately wanted her. He couldn't hold himself any longer. He wanted her now and forever "You are so mouthwatering, Kagura" Suddenly he dig his fang to her neck, Kagura screamed for pain. Her claws dig into his shoulder but only scratch his skin dropping a single drop of blood to her finger. She was still weak and his actions make her lose strength even more.

They hearts beat fast, a wind blows around them. Sesshomaru growl, his fingers still in her womanhood, his mouth taste her blood, his another arm hold her body tightly againts his. Through their blood and pain in their skins there was this seal between them, they both feel like their souls intertwine each other.

Sesshomaru lick her neck to clean her blood and to help her heal faster "Now it's official".

"Huh?" she was gasping for breath. She couldn't heard him clearly, she was still in pain. She opened her eyes, looked at him.

"There are no Naraku anymore, yet you are not free"

"What? Why?"

"Because you are mine" he removed his fingers from her womanhood and lick it. She was delicious.

"What?! Am I your servant now?! Thats why you bring me back?! You want a wind demon as your servant?!"

"If I need a wind demon as my servant I wouldn't bring you back, I just simply searching a wind demon" he started to touch her body again, giving her a pleasure again, she was moaned again "Those bite was not a casual bite, it was a mating bite. The mating bite will work if both of demons wanted each other".

She took a breath "Meaning?"

"Which is mean you are my mate now" he kissed her lightly "and this is the reason I bring you back" he smiled and going between her legs. Kagura still surprised of his words but Sesshomaru attacked her womanhood again, this time by his tongue.

Kagura moaned and spoke his name, try to pull his hair but she has no strength. She tried to remain herself but she was lose to the good feeling he gave to her. She feel something has coming closer and closer, it was the most amazing feeling she ever felt. She screamed out loud calling for his name.

Sesshomaru's lick his lips watched her tried to breath, he chuckled. His eyes has turn into red, he couldn't wait much longer, he spread her legs and thrush in. She scream for pain again as her purity taken away by him, she closed her eyes. Sesshomaru watched her with his red eyes, he was amazed by her, he was hurt her twice this night but she didn't drop a single tear. She was a strong woman. He remembered he even didn't saw her cried when she was dying, she was just sit there in the middle of flowers waiting for her time, she even smiled in the end.

His red eyes softened. He touched her cheeks and kissed her lips, waiting til he saw she was not in much pain anymore, he started thrush in and out slowly into her, he growled enjoyed the feeling. He didn't let his eyes off Kagura. He wanted to saw her beautiful face, her expression as she enjoyed his movements, he love her voice while she moaned everytime he thrush into her. He wanted to try another position, but his woman still weak, he didn't wait for her til she gain her strength, he couldn't wait. He growled and kissed her, he slipped his tongue. Kagura welcome his tongue gladly.

It was past midnight, almost a dawn. Kagura came again and again, but Sesshomaru still kept going, he seemed relentless. He was getting rough as his desire to her grew more and more and growling louder and louder. After long moment of panting and moaning and sweating Sesshomaru finally pick up her body and againts himself to her tightly like he wants come inside her as much as he could. She moaned loud while he growl louder express his emotions, satisfied and happiness.


Later that day

He woke up under the tree near a big rock where he was had sex with Kagura at night and saw the sun light. It was noon. He was looking around searching for his mate. There she was, not far away from him, she already dressed. She seemed didn't realise he has woke up, she was dancing and smiling, moving her body, wind blowing around her. She closed her eyes felt the wind caressing her face and hair.

He closed his eyes as well felt the wind. He openend and saw she still there. He touch his chest. He felt peace and happiness as he looked at her. His life is complete now. A piece of his heart has returned with her, his mate, the next lady of the west, the mother of his future children.

He dressing and approached her "Kagura".

She saw him and smile with the sweetest smile she ever showed him.

The end.