Hello all! Here's a quick one-shot that I wrote a long while ago. If you happen to see this same story on quotev under the user Sayonara Akumu, it's me~! Otherwise, please report it~!

The smell hit me like a ton of bricks. It was putrid, horrible, vile, and all other nasty words. The substance on my hand was warm and sticky, such a combination that made me nauseated. The screams had died a while ago, but they still hauntingly echoed in the ruins like ghostly whispers in the wind. Ashes and flames colored the void-like violet sky and the eerie crescent moon mocked me with a wicked smile.

Several mangled bodies decorated with dark pentacles littered the grisly red-stained floor- some of them even dissolving into thin air in puffs of grey smoke- but I paid them no mind. I shakily dragged my almost unresponsive body towards a bloody heap in front of me. A large blade kept what little was left of the sorry mass of limbs together.

"Do you want her back?" I nodded, not bothering to question the disembodied voice that appeared out of thin air. "Then all you have to do is say her name." I paid zero attention to the random clinks and the loud thud from behind me.

"M-Marina?" I managed to call out weakly, filled with the small hope that my dear sister would be returned.

There was a flash behind me catching my attention and raising the pitiful hope and wish I cultivated. I blindly stumbled and whirled around on unsteady feet. But then the sight before me frightened me more than the rotting black corpses and ashes littering the floor around me.

A strange, tall man with periwinkle skin, large, glaring spectacles, and a long, tattered top-hat stood next to a strange, metal-like skeleton. The flash I had seen earlier was just finishing the final touches in writing beautiful cursive letters spelling M-A-R-I-N-A across the forehead of the skull.

"M-Marina?!" I took a hesitant, clumsy step forward before the awe wore off and I remembered why I was so fearful earlier.

The man... he had the most morbid and creepy crescent moon smile, as if the stench of blood and the scene taken from a horror book amused him.


My eyes swept back to the skeletal form, widening in growing horror as the metal imitation of God's creation took a heavy step forward before mechanically facing my general direction. Though where the eyes were supposed to be was smoothed over in a level plane, I could almost feel its gaze on my prone, small form.

"Alex? Oh no! What have you done?! You turned me into an Akuma!" The familiar voice of my dearest sister screeched out from where the mechanized version of a human jaw was set.

For a long, painful moment all was still and silent. The frozen second of time was shattered with a loud, boisterous- absolutely gleeful- laugh.

My stomach dropped.

The gleeful laughter turned maniacal.

The sinful figure moved-

-and I could only scream.

The skeletal system picked up the pale, limp body of the small boy. With jerky, mechanical movements the abomination opened the mouth and with a disturbing slush and slosh, slipped inside the corpse. A tall, shrouded figure dressed in white watched the proceeding with malevolent mirth and amusement. With a malicious grin and a deep, clinking and metal-like chortle, he clapped twice in accomplishment and looked directly at the possessed body of the boy.

"Happy Birthday!"