Hey guys! Ninten here and I've got yet another story idea that I hope to finish. The catch is that if I get a few chapters into this one, I can finish my old one where lina visits death city and all that jazz. If you're reading this, I want to personally thank you for bothering to do so. Why? There's a few reasons. One, I hope to gain your interests in my fic and feel enveloped in the story. Second Soul Eater is owned by Atsushi Okubo and Slayers is owned by Hajime Kanzaka. Third, fyi I'm writing as much as I can tonight so you don't have to wait so long for an update. I'm not gonna lie my patterns are unpredictable and its best not to put this off so with that, I bid you farewell. (that is, until the next chapter comes out, which im working on right now lol)

Oh, one more thing, Lina is a little OOC because she's just learning the ropes and she learned about all the idiots and conmans out there in the world so, bear with me ^^;

"Boy, I'm tired. If I don't find something to eat soon, im gonna starve!"

The redhead groaned as her stomach rumbled. Maybe leaving home in a rush wasn't the best idea. Luna was so mad when she found out what her sister did. It was run or die.

The younger girl took the first option, stole her mom's old traveling outfit and left the nest. Just because her parents settled down didn't mean that she had to. She was a free spirit. Oneday, she will be known throughout the known world as the most dangerous and notorious sorceress. That is, if she could survive her first night alone. Dusk fell and with it, the nocturnal creatures stirred. Nobody was around for miles. The girl's feet were sore and she doubted that she'd make it to the next town. Having some magical training under her belt, highway bandits were the least of her worries for the time being. Her pride kept her from turning back to Zephillia. That and her insane sister. At this point, her options were, "die here or home you pick flatty".

"These options suck! There's no way i'm going to give in that easily! I have to get to the next town. There's a hot meal waiting for me!"

Through shear willpower, she got a flying spell to work and she floated to the next town. It took a lot out of her, having flown at least 20 miles. She landed in the middle of town square, exasperated. Being out in the open in the dead of night was not the smartest approach, but it'll have to do. 'I can fight off any creeps.' She wasn't known as dragon eyes for nothing! Back in her home town, she could scare off anybody with a flash of her death glare. It was so powerful, she couldn't control it. People would be so scared of her sometimes, they wouldn't come near. It was something that the redhead wasn't always proud of, but tonight it might come in handy. Hopefully not. She had forgotten her hunger and wanted nothing but sleep. Slumped against the fountain, she felt herself drifting. The summer night breeze lulled her to rest her eyes. It compelled her to dream, to leave the world around her. To travel to a land where food was plentiful and everyone cheered her name as she was carried on a gold carriage down town. And she wasn't alone. She had a group of friends who would annoy her from time to time, but they'd understand her and accept her zeal for life. Her ideal life.

Suddenly, she felt something cold drip on her face. Who was the wise guy? She whipped her head around, scanning for the punk in the crowd.


Her eyes flew open and she snapped up to a sitting position. Being yanked out of her peaceful slumber, her heart was sent racing to her throat. Partially due to the fact that she remembered where she was and partially due to the fact that she remembered what could be happening as she scrambled to regain composer. Breathing heavily, her hands flew in back of her, feet sliding up to her core in order to let her spring back, she barely noticed that the person who woke her up was in front of her. He looked like a creepy monk. He was covered in robes and two masks. He had long, ragged claws for hands that rested calmly at his sides. He was also very tall. Now, she was planning on springing back and away to what she thought was safety. Once she was in the air, she realized that she just sent herself flying into the fountain. The moment seemed so surreal as her vision faded from the row of shops down the cobblestone street, past buildings, and finally to the starry night sky that looked down upon her. However, there was no splash. Everything turned blue and next thing she knew, she was on her feet. "A levitation spell?" She asked to the night. "But..who?"

"That would be me, young miss."

Her amber eyes turned to the stranger. Who is this guy? And why is he wearing this heavy getup and armor in a peaceful time as this?

"Okay that's great and all but, I got a few questions."

"Quick to the point." The figure mused. "I would say that is a bad quality for a person of your age and caliber but you seem new at this."

"What? Wait, hold it! I'm the one asking the questions here not you pal!"

"I see no reason to deny you info, just as long as you answer one question of mine after."

"Fine! Okay..." she crossed her arms and straighted her posture. "First question. Are you a sourcer?"


"Are you here to rob me?"

"No. I have no intrest in taking things from travelers aside from knowlage of faraway lands."

"Ah! So you're just a lonely old man!"

The robed man almost fell at that comment. "I will have you know that I have no more than 20 years under my belt! Just because my voice is deep and I'm not always picking fights doesn't mean that you can make fun of me for wanting to get out of the lab every so often!" He looked up, somewhere along his rant, she was taken aback by his sudden outburst. "Forgive me young miss, I have been doing nothing for the past three days but research."

She eased up. This guy wasn't as scary as she had first thought. But she won't let her guard down just yet. "I see. If what you say is true, then you shouldn't have a hard time answering my final question."

This seemed to peek the man's interests. "And that would be...?"

"What's your name?"



It was about a minute before the girl reacted. To Eibon, it was more like five.

She ran up to him and grabbed the sides of his arms. She bounced up on her toes in attempt to stand at eye level, which was an impossibility, with him being 3 full feet taller than her and all. "YOU'RE THE EIBON?!" She enthusiastically questioned. Her eyes sparked with life and wonder. "THE GREAT WIZARD?"

Suddenly, a familiar blue gently surrounded her and set her back a few feet. "I was not informed on the 'great wizard' title but yes, it is I. Alas, the time has come for my questio-.." He opened his eyes to he her rolling around on the floor. What a strange girl. "Young miss? Are you alright?"

"EeeeEEEEE~!" She squealled and giggled like a child until she remembered that she was being addressed. "Yes? Oh yeah! I'm completely fine! I just- it's you! I've heard so much and now...ooooo everything's going to be great!"

"I'm sorry but I don't think I'm following here..."

"Will you accept me as your apprentice great one? I would be honored to learn from you."


The girl cringed at his response. Ouch. That was fast. His tone was so cold.

"I..don't see any reason to object."

She looked up. "Oh- Thank you thank you thank you!"

"Only under one condition."

"Yes? Anything!"

"What's your name?"

"Oh right! Hehe.." She blushed and rubbed the back of her neck. "How rude of me not to introduce myself! My name is Lina Inverse! It's a pleasure to meet you."