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"Eibon dear! Where have you been? You're finally out of that lab and you should be taking better care of yourself. I was worried- Oh my!"

"Do not fret, she is fine. Only tired."

The woman blinked and her shock simmered down to understanding. From the girl's outfit, she could tell that she was a sorceress-in-training. Her husband must have been out on a midnight stroll and came across this lonesome girl. Eibon was the gentle type who would not take action unless things were urgent. In other words, he had the girl's consent for him to take her under his wing. Or in other words, carrying her to safety. This was a quiet town and there were no inns for weary travelers. You either knew somebody in town or you slept on the outskirts of it. That's how it worked. There was no need for harsh questioning. "Is that your new pupil?"

"You would be correct on those terms." He replied as he lowered the young girl down on the couch. "You don't mind tending to her when she wakes, do you dear?"

"Of course not." She chirped. "Although, i'm still mad at you for not visiting me for...how long has it been now? Three days? My shinigami! You have to eat!"


" But nothing! Actually, get your butt in that seat and eat. You're lucky i was cooking something this late!"


Lina blinked, adjusting her eyes to the light of the mid-morning sun. She stretched and looked around. Who's house was this?

"You must be an early bird too! Oh wonderful~ I'll finally have some company in the morning!"

"Huh?" Lina trailed off in a yawn. She immediately noticed a woman with red hair and blue eyes advancing towards her. "Who are you and where am I?"

"Why, didn't Eibon dear tell you that you'd be staying with us as you train?"

Eibon? OH RIGHT!

"Yes! Did he bring me here?"

"You looked as peaceful as a dreaming kitten in his arms. I can't blame you, that robe is the ultimate sleeping bag!" She mused . "My name Jeanette and I am Eibon's wife. Since you'll be staying here with us, I'm assuming,...well I hope I'm not being to forward with this but you have to know sooner or later; feel free to help out around the house. My husband works hard and scarcely shows his face around here these days..." She seemed kind sad. Lina picked up on this and forgot her hatred for chores.

"Why, I'd be happy to! I can tell already, you're pretty nice and sweet how could I say no?"

Jeanette simply smiled and got up from her seat next to Lina. "Come, we can talk over breakfast. I hope you're hungry because I accidentally made too many pancakes." Lina's eyes widened and she bolted up and over to the table. In the blink of an eye, she was ready to eat. Fork and knife in hand, her eager spirit proclaimed, "FOOD! WONDEROUS FOOD~!" Jeanette giggled at her enthusiasm and watched her guest wolf down and inhale everything she had made, excluding her own plate. That, Lina was sure to eat more than her share. Or so she thought.

The sound of footsteps along the wooden floor followed by a light yawn indicated that the other occupant of the house was finally awake. Lina looked over her shoulder but did not recognize the man as he entered the room. The Eibon she met last night wore a dark green robe with red cuffs. Over that was a tan and purple bronze-plated chest pad. Under that was a red and black layered fabric that ran to his feet. Finally, where was his armor-like second mask and the blue-eyed first mask? The only thing he still had was that yellow and black scarf! Eibon noticed that Lina was confused and laughed. "Surprised to see me like this?" Lina nodded slowly in awe. He looked so young!

There stood Eibon. A twenty-year-old world renowned wizard with sandy dark-brown hair and a slight tan. He had green eyes and wore glasses. He was still tall but not as tall as before. Weird. His night clothes were thick and heavy, similar to that of his usual wear. Or so Lina guessed. So far, she didn't know a lot about this guy. He was only four years older than herself, yet his reputation lead her to believe that he was much more than that. His gaze shifted from Lina to the table and back to her. Then he sighed inwardly. It was then that something dawned on the younger redhead. She nervously chuckled in apology for eating his breakfast and offered a lame excuse. How embarrassing! Now what was she going to do? With the lack of respect she's shown, how could she not expect to be kicked out? Man, she really blew it this tim-

"I see that you have taken to my wife's cooking already. Don't worry, I'm not mad. Who knows how long you have gone without food. Plus, you are still very young and you need your fill. I'll just have you go shopping with me now."

Lina stopped panicing and quickly agreed. 'Wow, this guy is forgiving.' she thought to herself. Growing up on a farm, food was a valuable reward for all of your hard work and to take more than you were given was considered unruly and was frowned upon. Despite this, Lina was known for breaking this tradition on a regular basis. Her famliy would let it go without much of a hassle, since business was always in their favor. She had grown accustumed to it. Now that she was stayign in somebody else's home, shame hit her like a brick. In fact, she's been nervous from the moment she fled home. Homesickness settled in and she could feel her old self slipping away. Now she was nothing more than a scared little girl who knew nothing outside her hometown. "You look glum. What's bothering you?"

The sound of her mentor's voice shook her from her frantic thoughts. "A lot of things."

"Is this your first time out on your own?"

"Yes. It's been a little rough but nothing's gonna get in my way! One day, I'll be so powerful and confident, nobody will mess with me!"

"You'll come to know that a good spell caster knows the responsibility with such. It's not all about power Lina. Those who only seek power will eventually find themselves in trouble and despair. First, you must learn control and discipline. Then you will know where true strength lies. I have never had an apprentice before. You are the first. So, I'll let you in on a little secret. Not only are you learning from me, but I am learning from you as well."

"From me?"

"Yes. Another thing you'll come to understand. Ah! We made it. This is the market square."

Lina looked around. There were so many people! Fresh food! Now this was familiar.

The morning passed by pretty quickly. The two returned with food and enjoyed lengthy chats. Lina surprised herself. Usually, she couldn't stand people questioning her about her life and more importantly, her skills as of her current status as a student spellcaster. Her lack of knowledge in the area was difficult to admit but this was her mentor and he need to know these things. Like how she only knew lighting spells, one attack spell and a flight spell. By noon, he had brought her out to the back and had her show what she had learned. Once the evaluation was over, he remained silent for a good hour, scribbling down notes. Lina waited eagerly for his word on how she'd done on the target practice. He rose to his feet and closed his notepad shut. "That's all for today. Good work."

"Huh!? That's it?"

"Today was your evaluation. I needed to see what you are capable of so that I can plan a lesson schedule for you. You'll come to learn that I am very big on making plans before taking action. Don't worry, I think you will do just fine." He stated calmly. Clearly, having no intention on giving in to he pupil's exasperated face. He knew that she would act like this. Lina was a headstrong girl who was ready for any challenge that came her way. She's also very willing to compromise if it is in her best interests.

Lina huffed. 'You'll do just fine? What the hell does that mean? I wanna start now!' "Yes master."

"You can just call me Eibon. There's no need for formalities im not that old. Come on, let's get inside, it's getting dark."

And with that, Lina inverse's eventful second day of freedom drew to a close.