Ambermon483 : karia fudo is yusei fudo ` s twin sister. She had the same type hair colors but the structure was different. Her black hairwent down to her lower back but was in a braid. She wore a girl version of the team satisfaction outfit. I own her and her digital warrior deck but there will be no dueling in this story. Sorry.

Karia fudo was running from sector security when she saw her brother, Yusei fudo, trying to get security to take him away to the facility. " YUSEI WHAT ARE YOU DOING? !" Yusei saw Karia and told her to get back before they could grab her but it was to late because three security officers grabbed her from behind.

" Let me go please. I have done nothing wrong. Please. KAAAAALLLLLIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNN HEEEEEELLLLPPP MEEEEEEE! !" Karia was struggling with the officers while she was crying. " Kalin help me please. " Karia whispered. Yusei saw her crying and got really mad.

" LET MY SISTER GO! SHE HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG! " The officers did not listen but before they could copprehend anything, they found themselves facedown in the dirt."Never touch my girlfriend ever or you will be in big trouble." a young man`s voice was heard. Karia looked up and saw a white haired man.

"KALIN!" She jumped on him and gave him a big hug. Karia sobbed in to his chest while Kalin tried to soothe her."Ria its ok. Im here for you." soon Karia`s sobbing became small hiccups. She looked up and smiled at Kalin.

"I love you kal. Please don let anyone take me away from my friends and family." Kalin smiled and replied," Love you too and i promise." Kalin sealed that promise by giving a Karia a kiss on the lips. They got up from the ground, Kalin was crouching while soothing Karia, and walked over to Yusei and sector security.

"I am the real leader of team satisfaction. I only wanted a place where my girlfriend could live where there is no people trying to rape her. So I keep the duel gangs from coming together again because my ria is the most beautiful girl in the entire satilite." Karia blushed when Kalin said the last sentece and Kalin saw the blush. He kissed Karia on the check and she blushed even more.

The security saw them and the leader said," If this was all for a girl I wont hurt your friends but I am sorry you still have to go to the facility. Grab him and put him in the truck." The other officers nodded and grabbed Kalin and Karia. Karia was brought over to Yusei and Kalin was taken to the truck that will take him to the facility.

"KALIN/KARIA!" Kalin and Karia screamed at the same time when kalin was taken away. Kaira fell to the ground screaming/sobbing. The officers saw her crying but did nothing to help her. Karia looked at them and said," I WILL KILL YOU FOR TAKING MY BOYFRIEND AWAY FROM ME!" Yusei saw her arm glowing and told her to calm down. She did but was still mad at them but did not want revenge anymore.

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