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Karia and Yusei were brought to the facility. Karia got ayellow mark under her left eye thatlooked like a Z with a - in the middle. Yusei was taken to a different room from where Karia was going. Karia was taken to a room that had a white haired guy hugging his knees. Karia saw him and gasped when she saw that it was Kalin kessler, her boyfriend.

"KALIN!" Karia ran over to him and gave him a big hug. Kalin looked up and saw a girl that looked like his friend Yusei. "Who are you and why do you look like my friend Yusei fudo? " Karia looked suprised that kalin didnt remember her. She started crying and said, " Kalin its me karia fudo. Your girlfriend from team satisfaction. " Kalin gasped when he remebered who she was. " KARIA! What are you doing here. I know that you are a good girl but please tell me why you are here. I am so happy to see you again." Before karia could respond she heared yusei talking.

Yusei challenged the leader of the facility to a duel and he accepted. When there doors were unlocked karia ran over to the cell where yunaki and tanner sleep. When she got there, karia said," Yusei! I found kalin. He`s my roommate." Yusei was excited to know that his best friend was still up and kicking. Karia went back to her room and got Kalin and brought him to Yusei. When Yusei saw him, He ran over and gave Kalin a hug.


Karia, Yusei, Tanner, Yunaki, and Kalin were all out side of the facility and had their duel runners. Karia opened her jacket and got out kalin`s deck and handed it to him." I took your deck when you werent looking and i kept it with me the whole year you were gone." Karia got out her deck and put it in her deck holder on her belt. Karia grabbed Kalin and took him over to her duel runner and went to her place.

When yhey got there, and inside, Karia grabbed her gloves and took them, along with her jacket off. Kalin saw a mark on her arm and asked," Karia what is that on your arm?" Karia explained that she and Yusei where want is known as a signer. Before she could continue her arm started to hurt.

ambermon: well there is chapter 2 of karia and kalin. Hope you liked it bye.