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Naruto took a moment to catch his breath. He wouldn't let Orochimaru get away no matter what.

Naruto closed his eyes and stretched his senses outward. He could feel all of the fighting that was happening, like little lights in the darkness behind his eyelids. While there were many clusters of candle-like presences, Naruto could feel four presences that stood out from the rest. Two of them were raging bonfires in comparison to the others though one of them was significantly more murderous. The third was the unnatural energy of the reanimated corpse. The fourth one was almost able to blend in with the masses, but it's intensity burned brighter than the rest as if someone was trying to compress their presence. It was moving quickly, weaving between the battles that raged all across the village.

Beneath the protective chakra that covered his body, Ryuto bared his teeth, "Got'cha."

"You aren't getting anyone else. Isn't that right, Kakashi?"

A couple of jonin stood in Naruto's way. One had gravity defying grey hair, and the other was sporting a bowl cut and huge eyebrows. They staired at the blood splattered sapphire visage with hard eyes, and they were obviously tensed. The grey haired one reached up to his slanted headband, "I agree. Looks like we can't hold back against this opponent, Guy."

"I don't have time for this." Naruto was behind them and already darting off before their unconscious bodies even hit the ground.

Naruto followed the chakra signature at top speed, and completly disrupted more than a few ninja battles. It led him out of the village and into the forest.

"Orochimaru!" Naruto plunged his hand into the soil and ripped the snake sannin out of the ground by the back of his neck, "Tell me the rest of what you know!"

"I don't think you can handle that information, Naruto."

Naruto tightened his grip just a tad, "Spill it, or die." Red embers illuminated Naruto's eyes from underneath the chakra armor.

Orochimaru coughed, "You're just not ready."

"...Fine." Naruto squeezed, and Orochimaru's head popped clean off with a shower of blood. A shadow fell over the area. Naruto let the body fall from his hand and turned toward the newest arrival, "Are we gonna do this or are you just gonna stand there?"

"You." A giant sand monster stood before Naruto, and it's glowing yellow eyes stared down at him in place of the sun. "Mother says to kill you."

Naruto spread his arms, "I'm right here, though I'll give you fair warning." Like a miasma, a thick killing intent emanated from Naruto and washed over the forest. The sounds of battle that had filled the air moments before wilted and died in an instant, and left the world without sound. Through the silence, Naruto's words cut strait to the heart, "I'm not gonna hold back."

"..." The sound of shifting sand echoed as the sand monster adjusted it's stance and leaned down until it's head was directly in front of Naruto, "..."

Naruto was not in the mood, "What?"

"...Mother, has changed her mind?" The sand monster stared at Naruto, "Are you sure, Mother?" A brief silence, "Forgive me, Mother. Right away, Mother." Naruto watched as the upper body of a kid emerged from the crown of the sand monster's head. The boy made a hand sign and said, "Playing possum jutsu." Then the body fell limp.

The sand monster's eye color darkened slightly, and it's previously blank expression shifted. When the beast spoke, it's mouth moved, and it's voice was deeper, more carnal than before, "I am the first of the nine, Shukaku. You've caught my attention with that display of yours. The feel of your power, it's familiar, but I've never seen anything like you. What are you?"

"The nine?" Naruto pointed at Shukaku, "You mean there are eight more giant monsters wandering around destroying stuff, and I'm only hearing about it now?"

The monster seemed taken aback, "The nine are legendary, even among humans. How could you not know of us?"

Naruto shrugged, "Beats me." Then he did a quick stretch, "Hey, so are we gonna fight or what? You're stronger like that, right? Think you can go a few rounds with me?"

Shukaku laughed, then he stood to his full height, "Your power might smell familiar, but do you really think that means you can take me?"

Naruto shook his armored head, "You call yourself a legend." He pointed to Orochimaru's headless body, "He was a legend too."

Shukaku growled, "I was going to spare you, but now I think I'll just eat you."

"Perfect, I need a distraction right now."

"A distraction, huh?" Sand leapt from underground and encased Naruto entirely, "How was that?! Did you think that I'd let you live because you smell like that twice damned nine tailed prick?!"

While Shukaku listened to himself cackle, Naruto calmly pulled himself out of the compressed sand. He looked up at the giant sand monster, "Hey! You got anything better? That was kinda boring."

Shukaku's eye twitched, You- you really wanna die, don't you?"

Naruto shrugged, "If that's what you need to tell yourself to sleep at night? Sure."

Something blurred behind Shukaku, "I'll crush you like the bug you are!" His giant plated tail whipped around and it's movements made the surrounding trees creak as they strained against the wind it caused. Shukaku's tail smashed the clearing where Naruto was standing.

As Shukaku stared down at the huge cloud of dust his tail had kicked up, a voice spoke into his ear, "Wow, you packed a decent amount of power into that. I can't wait to see what else you've got in store."

"Eh?" There was a shining blue figure lounging on Shukaku's shoulder. Shukaku's eyes widened, "Die!"

Naruto shrugged, "Naw, I don't think so." The sand that made up the shoulder that Naruto was standing on welled up and tried to swallow him, but it fell away when it so much as touched the surface of Naruto's solid chakra armor. Naruto rubbed his hands together, "You've been around pretty long, right? How do you deal with someone who can nullify your greatest asset?"

Through the raining sand, Shukaku caught a glimpse of glowing symbols on the armor, "You smug bastard! You think that I can't kill you just because you can absorb a little chakra?" Shukaku snarled, "Every battery has it's limit, and it'll take nothing to burn out a simple human!"

"You sound pretty sure about that." Naruto hopped off of Shukaku's shoulder and crossed his arms, "I designed this armor to be able to take a direct blast from my multiple explosion time bomb. If you can do better than that, then by all means hit me with your best shot." He turned and spread his arms, "Fire away."

As Konan flew over the expansive forests that made up so much of fire country, she thought about her beloved student. Naruto had been a miserable shivering mess when they'd first met. Before she met Naruto, the thought of teaching anyone her secrets had never crossed her mind. There had just been something in those otherworldly ruby eyes, the embers of a smoldering determination.

Her curiosity had been peaked by the hardened will of a random five year-old she'd found collapsed in the middle of the woods. His story had been sad, but it very well could have been a lie to garner sympathy. As far as she had known him, Naruto had a knack of becoming unusually eloquent when it suited him, an admiral trait for a ninja.

Konan's eyelids fluttered against the wind, 'That's right. Naruto had lost his innocence before I even had the chance to protect him.' Konan frowned, 'That's right. I took him under my wing because-'

Konan blinked, her previous thoughts forgotten, 'Since when did Konoha have a mountain there?'

She had a clear view of the one tailed biju as it summoned a black ball of super concentrated chakra in front of it's mouth.

Shukaku let the biju bomb grow as big as he could. He didn't like to use the biju bomb; it made his jaw sore whenever he used it, and his were the weakest among his siblings, and he was a more tactical fighter anyway; but it was still the most potent attack in his repository. Shukaku leaned over the form of the shining blue human. His smug attitude really rubbed Shukaku the wrong way. Sand stretched around Gaara's unconscious form at the top of Shukaku's forehead. It wouldn't do to have his host die yet.

Shukaku smirked, If that little punk survives this, I'll stop making the kid murder people.'

A voice called from below the biju bomb, "Are you done yet?"

Shukaku widened his mouth, "Don't worry." And swallowed the ball of chakra whole, "It was worth the wait."

Shukaku's entire body flexed, and he opened his mouth.

Jiraiya had taken it as a good sign when the snake summons attacking the wall suddenly disappeared in the telltale poofs of chakra smoke. That had to mean that his sensei had finally dealt with Orochimaru after so many years of pain and regret. He couldn't bring himself to feel happy at the death of his wayward teammate, but the world would undoubtedly be a better place without him in it.

Jiraiya rushed over to where he'd been told Sarutobi had been fighting. The place was a mess, trees that had torn through the infrastructure, and there were plenty of craters from explosions, "I only know two people who could've done this, and one of them has been dead for years." As Jiraiya touched the shattered bark of one of the trees that had seemingly been summoned from the ground, he caught sight of a spot of grey hair not unlike his own through the foliage, "Hm? Kakashi got here ahead of me?"

It took a bit for Jiraiya to make his way through the trees in the direction he'd spotted Kakashi's hair. At the edge of a fifty foot bald spot amidst the trees, Kakashi's body had been laid next to his equally unconscious self proclaimed rival, and a form that was both familiar and unsettling for Jiraiya was bent over them. Somehow, the first hokage was right there performing medical ninjutsu on Kakashi and guy.

"Wha-?" Before Jiraiya could finish, his blood ran cold. He'd spotted his teacher's dead body with a single hole through the chest.

Hashirama looked at Jiraiya's face, "You're another one of Saru-chan's, aren't you?" He closed his undead eyes, "He was already dead when I regained control of myself, there was nothing I could do for him."

Jiraiya nodded slowly and opened his mouth to say something. At that moment a blinding light engulfed everything, and then the world shook.

Pain looked toward the horizon. Konan had disappeared from his vision in moments, but Pain wanted to be there when she arrived with the future of the Akatsuki.

"So. Pain."

Pain blinked, but didn't look at Madara, "You're still here?"

"For now. It's about time to start collecting the biju."

Pain turned his rinnegan eyes toward the masked Uchiha, "We still don't know the whereabouts of the Kyuubi."

Madara crossed his arms, "That's the point. If the other jinchuriki disappear without explanation, Konoha would not be able to resist the tactical advantage of showing that they are in possession of the last of the jinchuriki. Once they reveal the secret existence of the kyuubi jinchuriki to the world, that will be when we swipe the last piece from under their nose."

Pain nodded, "I see." Then he turned back toward the horizon, and put his hands on the railing. Then he let his hands drop to his sides, "You know, Naruto also likes to wear a mask."

"Is that an invitation to stay and see 'The Future of the Akatsuki' as you like to refer to him?"

"It was merely an observation of a quirk that you both share." The wind rustled through Pain's orange hair, "He refuses to bare his face when he kills."

"Whenever you speak of the boy you burst with pride, but I can't help getting the sense that you are unhappy with this little habit of his. Interested as I am in meeting the shining star of the Akatsuki, if there isn't a reason behind your words then I'll be on my way."

Pain's cloak flapped as the wind picked up, "Our goal is world peace."

"...That is true."

Pain closed his eyes, "Stay. When Konan returns, I will introduce you to Naruto."

Madara stared at Pain's silhouetted form against the light on the horizon. He blinked and moved next to Pain. Madara couldn't help the impressed lilt that crept into his voice, "That is one huge explosion."

Pain nodded, "Deidara would be proud."

Madara eyed Pain, "You think Naruto made that?"

Pain shrugged, "Either that, or the Ichibi has been completely unleashed."

Madara stared at the lit horizon with Pain, "You don't say."

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