Epilogue: Home Sweet Nome


The plane touched down and Balto saw the familiar place he called home out the window. The plane stopped and the door opened. A crowd had gathered to see them home. Balto was the first out of the plane.

"Balto!" Cried Jenna's voice he saw her bursting though the crowd. She ran to him and gave him a nuzzle. She felt the medal he was wearing on her chest.

"I missed you so much." The rest of the team walked off the plane and Kodi ran up to his mom.

"Kodi! My boys are back. So those are the medals you two won."

"Yep, they are heavier than they look." Kodi said. Boris and Stella flapped in and Boris crashed onto Balto.

"Balto! I am so happy you are not dead!" he checked Balto over from head to tail. "And even better you are winner!"

"Nice work Balto." Stella cut in. "Just don't do anything this crazy for at least a week, these two were a couple of nervous wrecks."

"Nervous wreck, huh?" Balto said looking at Boris.

"I was worried about Jenna. No more!" Boris said. Seconds later he caved in. "Ahh, come here you crazy pooch." He said giving Balto a hug. Team Canada followed by Duke and Jake came off next and Jenna saw Steele.

"Now before you say anything about Steele, he is the reason that we are here."

"I can't wait to hear that story, but someone has already filled me in on him."

"Really, who?" Balto was now confused. Jenna scanned the crowd.

"She said she would be here." A dark grey husky found her way out of the crowd.

"Daisy! What are you doing here?" asked a very excited Steele from behind them.

"Remember how my humans where moving? Well here I am." She looked over Balto. "So you are the infamous Balto I've heard so much about." she said, continuing to look him over.

"Yes that would be me."

"Hmm, for one of us you don't look very wolf like."


"Wolf dogs silly."

"You're a wolf dog?" Steele asked perplexed.

"I don't look it much but my father was a timber wolf and my mother a husky. Didn't I tell you?" all of team Canada shifted their eyes onto Rowdy.

"I didn't have the heart to tell him." he admitted.

"This is a nice town." she turned and began to walk. "I'm sure the pups will like the water."

"Pups!?" Steele exclaimed running after her. "Daisy, what pups?" Jenna chuckled as Steele chased after her.

"Oh dear, I think Steele really stepped in it this time."

"Ah, he'll be fine, as long as he pays attention." Balto said. "I don't think Steele's going to be the only one waiting for pups soon, look." Jenna tuned and saw Kodi and Dusty nuzzling one another in front of them.

"Let 'em go." Balto said. "Come back to the boat with me, I'll tell you all of what happened out there, and I could use some warming up." Balto said. He heard a soft howl behind him. He turned to see what looked like two dogs on a hill behind them. He looked closer and saw a white wolf and a dark brown husky. He howled back in reply and the snow around the two on the hill began to swirl into a flurry and they were replaced by a single jet black raven. Balto smiled as it took off into the air and flew in the direction of home.

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