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"Fred... shut up,"


"Do it,"


In a small corner of the lifestream, sat a cage. In this cage were two entities: one a disgraced angel of the lord named Lucifer, and the other a greasy disgusting ex-scientist named Professor Alexander Hojo. Currently, one of the two prisoners was annoying the heck out of the other, and had been since being put in this cage.

"Oh, for Fathers' Sake, will you shut up!? If I had known that this would be my punishment for trying to destroy the Human race, I wouldn't have done it!" Lucifer exploded.

"What do you mean, Talking Feather Duster?" Hojo Exclaimed right back.

"What I mean, you simpering idiot, is that I hate you. You have spent Father only knows how long, going on about how you failed to become a god."

"What are you talking about, chicken man? I was God! If only that PlayStation would give me back that shiny doughnut, I would be ruling those puny mortals," Hojo yelled, flailing his arms.

"Sure you would have Hojo – just like Genesis would find the gift of the goddess before he went insane," a chirpy voice said from outside the cage. To the dismay of Lucifer, it was the spikey black haired annoyance that liked to come by and annoy them. 'What was his name again...? Zane? ...Eh, whatever. he annoyed him too much... In fact, the only one in this place that didn't annoy him was this kid's mentor, only because he reminded him slightly of Michael: all rules and honour. But back on point.

"So, Mr Angel, how are you liking the accommodation? Sorry they're not better, but the person who dropped you off said you couldn't have nice accommodation and the only place like that is… Hojo's cage, sorry," a sweet voice said from behind the now bouncing ravenette.

"Aerith, why're you apologising? He tried to kill the human race. You know who's partially part of the human race? Cloud is... and Vincent... but Cloud could have been seriously injured."

"Sorry Zack, but it's just who I am... Zack where did you get that popcorn...? Are those peanuts...? Sigh… Just don't throw them at anyone who isn't in the cage, we don't need Genesis going off again," Aerith relented.


And that is the tale of Hojo's cage and his partner in prison, Lucifer... The way Hojo got out is the Ancients offered for Lucifer to get out; however he just wanted peace so he just kicked Hojo out.