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Harry Potter, a young man of fifteen years, was once again fighting for his life… as well as that of his fat arse cousin Dudley. Well, technically, it was their souls that he was trying to save, but details. You may be wondering what type of soul-eating demon would go after two fifteen year old teenagers. Well, the truth is, the things after the boys aren't Demons, but Dementors – soul sucking creatures of darkness that guard the wizarding prison, Azkaban.

Now, the Dementors would usually stay at the prison to keep all the people there, and the only times that Harry knows of where the Dementors left the prison is when Harry's Godfather, one Sirius Black, did what was thought to be impossible and broke out. The other time was when Harry found out that one of the two best Defence Against the Dark Arts teachers had turned out to be a minion of Voldemort and was using the tournament to get Harry to the end and use him in a ritual to get Voldemort a human...ish body back.

Getting back on track, Harry, who just had to find and pick up his wand again because his cousin is an arse, was having a bit of difficulty summoning the Patronus charm; each happy memory (which is needed to fuel the Patronus) he came up with, was either not happy enough or reminded him of the fact that neither of his friends were writing to him properly with any information on what's happening in the Wizarding world.

Harry, who could hear the raspy, rattling breath of the Dementor, saw the scabbed, rotting hole like mouth nearing his face and felt the hands with the exact same texture of the mouth gripping tightly at his neck, felt something shatter inside his mind and soul – like a glass window after being hit by a stone in a certain spot, making the glass shatter into millions of tiny pieces. Seconds after this shattering feeling happened, an image of three people came to mind – a tall auburn-haired man, a slightly shorter brunet man and a young man who looked to be the aforementioned brunet man's brother. The instant this image appeared, Harry felt a sense of happiness wash over him. It was with this image and feeling that Harry found the strength to raise his wand and cry out, "EXPECTO PATRONUM," in their defence.

The first time Harry used the Patronus charm properly and produced an image with it, it was a stag, now though it seemed to have changed into what seemed to be an enormous dragon-like creature with only one wing. Staring at it for a few seconds, Harry belatedly remembered the fact that there was a second Dementor and immediately had the new Patronus fly towards it, barely making in time to save his cousin. Quickly stuffing his wand into the waistband of his pants, Harry leant over to help his cousin up. Once that was done, he headed towards the nearest exit to the underpass to quickly get out of there. Because he had done this, he missed Mrs Figg when she came through the underpass looking for him, and subsequently missed out on being told that he was being watched.

Harry was sitting on the wimpiest excuse of a bed anyone has ever seen, going over in his mind, the last hour since he got back to the house with his cousin. After he had been yelled at to fix whatever 'freakishness' that he had done to their precious Duddy, a whole shit ton of owls had turned up at the house telling him that he had been Expelled and that he was getting a trial, so, no, he was not expelled yet. But, he had to stay in the house and not leave under any circumstances.

Harry, at this point, had gone upstairs after saying offhandedly over his shoulder to feed Dudley some chocolate and he would be back to normal in no time. Looking back over it, Harry got the feeling he could have handled it much easier if he could just stab them… wait, what...? No, bad, no stabbing people, Harry had to tell himself.

Deciding that it was time to get some sleep, as he was obviously tired if he wanted to stab his only living relatives, Harry laid down and quickly fell into a light sleep. It was during this sleep that, what seemed like a memory, and not one of the graveyard where he saw a fellow school mate die, came to the forefront of his dream.


It was a bright day, the sun was shining and the sounds of fighting were clear throughout the building. A tall auburn-haired man and a slightly shorter brunet man stood at the window of what seemed to be a giant office. Harry was wondering who these men were – if they were two of the three people he saw earlier – and why he was seeing them. The auburn-haired one turned and spoke to him with a voice that reminded Harry of smooth dark chocolate.

"****irtoth, do you think there are any good candidates for the program this year?"

"Honestly ***esis, the best one I can see is the little blond who has obviously lied about his age," ****iroth said, as Harry got the feeling that he was in one of the memories of this Iroth guy and was wondering what was happening and why it was, once again, happening to him.

"And how do you know this one has lied about his age, ****iroth?" the dark haired one queried.

"I know because of his physique – he is obviously shorter than the other cadets, and from what his file says, he comes from a mountain town where there would be no shortage of meat due to the animals and monsters there," ****iroth replied as a strand of long silver hair came into Harry's vision.

The tall one, ***esis, hummed as he turned back to the window and commented, "***geal, it seems your puppy is out terrorising the cadets again…"

Dream end

It was with this last comment and a low chuckle that Harry woke from his dream, feeling more confused than rested – really hoping that this dream won't lead to some end of the world plot.