"Several wizards and witches who sent their child to Hogwarts believed that since to any muggle the castle looked like a run-down ruins they weren't allowed to go into. However, that was only images, even though they reached everywhere. Muggles could walk straight into the 'ruins' and not be bothered by any wards or spells. However, the image of the ruins continued everywhere to the eyes of muggles, and so they acted like there was a large gaping hole in the floor when, in reality, there wasn't. Luckily, muggles were warded off by the images of ruins. Only every 100 years or so, a muggle would pop by and the Headmaster usually let them stay so the students (pure-bloods) learning at Hogwarts could see how muggles got by without magic." Hermione finished the paragraph and stared at her two friends.

"Well? Wouldn't it be cool if a muggle could come to school? I mean, other than the parents at the end of the year to watch their muggle born graduate from here." She gushed, eyes glued back to her book.

"Yeah, I would love to see a muggle at school." Ron blandly said for Hermione's stake. Harry was silent. He was still trying to figure out who Nickolus Flammel was, after Hagrid slipped the name. Hermione poked the boy's side and began to rise, the two following her.

"What do we have now?" While Ron had memorized the timetable long ago, habit was a fickle thing.

"Transfiguration, Ron. Honestly, can't you remember that?" Hermione huffed as she shuffled her books around in her arms. They hiked their way up to the normal transfiguration room, Harry staring out the windows. He saw someone, tiny like a pea, walk calmly around the castle. Surprisingly, the student did not have the black robes every student was to wear. Harry shrugged it off. It could be a student that had frees today.

Whatever. I need to get to transfiguration.

"And I am proud to announce, as of today, we have a muggle visiting Hogwarts." Dumbledore beamed at the shocked students, gesturing to the girl that was getting way too close to the Slytherin table for the occupations to be comfortable.

She was defiantly labeled weird, not only that she was a muggle in an apparent ruins. She had bright, rainbow neon socks that were pulled high as they could go on her skinny legs, and ended shortly away from her tiny, tiny, tiny denim shorts. She had a shirt that was white has paper and had one red spiral on her tummy. Her hair was pulled back in a loose pony tail that was droopy and several strands of hair sticking out everywhere. What was noticeable the most was the massive headphones she had on, connected to something behind her that was hidden by a white science cloak that almost touched the ground. Her shoes were black with rainbow laces, and had a brand that looked like DC on top of each other . She look to be about 11 years old.

She suddenly turned and went up the steps and behind the head table. She was staring up at the coloured glass and her hand almost touched it.

"And, she does not know where are here. All she sees is ruins. I have put several spells on her to ward away almost all spells and also pushing any human and magical creatures away from her. You may watch her, but if I feel any dangerous spells aimed at her, 1000 points will betaken from your house and you will have detention for the rest of the year." the threat was mostly aimed at the Slytherins, and they took note of it... mostly. "And how, how about we have dinner?" As usual, food appeared in front of everyone. Everyone tucked in, while keeping one eye on the muggle.

There was one moment when she walked down between the table, and everyone closest to her felt themselves being pushed away. When she was about to walk out of the room, she stopped and got the thing that was connected to her headphones. The muggle pulled out a thin rectangle box and tapped it a couple of times before she put away, and bobbing her head. Surprisingly, she began to sing.

"I'm turning Japanese
I think I'm turning Japanese
I really think so
Turning Japanese
I think I'm turning Japanese
I really think so..." She laughed and skipped away.

"She's turning Japanese? I don't get it." Ron made a face as everyone else in the hall erupted into whispers.

"Ron, it's a song. She's not turning Japanese, she's just... repeating the lyrics someone else made. That's what singing is Ron. Unless you write your own songs." Hermione went off into her own land, muttering about she had heard that song before.

"I've heard it before. It's a pretty old song." Harry smiled at the memories of when he used to turn on the radio when the Dursleys were out.

"What's that box thing she had?" Ron asked, waving his hands around. "And that thing on her head? What was that?"

"That 'box' of yours is an iPhone. It's like a telephone, but it has other uses that I won't bother going into." Hermione took a deep breath. "And the things on her head were headphones. By the looks of them, they were Beats. Which means she must be rich." Hermione's eyes glazed over, and began to mutter about more things.

"Hermione, do you still have that book you have about muggles coming to Hogwarts?" Harry asked. Ron sat up straight.

"Good idea Harry!" Ron agreed and turned to Hermione who was already cracking it open.

"Um, there's nothing about it other than the names of the previous muggles that visited. Their age is also here, and it looks like she is the youngest yet..." she fell silent, her eyes flicking through the sentences.

"We better finish that homework Professor Snape set us, other wise we'll be cooked." Harry set down his fork and knife and picked up his bag. Ron quickly followed Harry, tapping Hermione, telling that they were going back to the common room.

On the way back, they were chatting about how nasty Professor Snape was and his latest horrid motives, when they noticed they where being pulled apart. They looked behind them and saw the muggle girl walking behind them. They quickly moved out of the way, watching as the girl didn't glance their way. Harry soon noticed they were following her to the Gryffindor room, which was strange; how did she know where it was? Didn't she see this in ruins?

Sure, they saw evidence that she saw the 'ruins' when she walked behind a statue only to come out again to the middle of the hallway, stepping over air, and sometimes gingerly picking where she put her foot down.

Finally they were in front of the Gryffindor room entrance. The muggle walked past the picture of the Fat Lady, but doubled back.

"Mmmm... suppose I could explore one more room again..." She muttered, and clasped air in front of the picture. When she drew back, the picture followed.

"She sees me as a door." the Fat Lady explained to the shocked Gryffindors. "So I have to act like that." She sighed and beckon them up. "But you still need to tell me the password."


"Oh wow!" Mia, or more commonly know to the students and teachers in the castle (that she had no clue that was here) the muggle, gasped at the room she just entered. One massive but frayed and faded banner barely cluched the wall it refused to let go above some staircases built into the wall and under a bridge like thing also built into the wall. Behind the bridge that split into doors was some more stained glass, however much faded it was.

Mia turned around and smiled at the turned over table, and the few cards still left here after other curious humans like her exploring this wonderful ruins. The cards were strewn around an overturned table, with four ripped, dusty and about-to-fall-apart lounges surrounded it. They were all somewhat facing the fire place, ash still in the pit. The pokers where still hanging near the fireplace, but Mia had this feeling it was just for show.

"All though this is a wonderful place, filled with the secrets of the past, I must be getting back ta bed." Mia yawned, and exited the exciting room she will come back tomorrow.

As she walked down the massive hallways, Mia hummed to the songs on her iPhone and practically skipped around any holes, debris and blocked exits.

"What a magnificent castle... can't believe no one else had gone here and researched it before... their loss!" Mia giggled, as she skipped down to her tent she had pulled up during the day. She paused her music, pulled off the headphones and cloak, setting them on the ground, and finally slipped into her sleeping bag, smiling at the rooms she had discovered.


Hello. And one thing: do you think that Mia has read Harry Potter? I'm still deciding...