•Chapter 4•
•Exploring Hogwarts-with company•

Zyana, Mia and Rudolph

In the breathtaking light of sun rise, where the sun reflected off the dew on the grass and the castle was waking up.

"So..." Mia asked her visitors as they made breakfast in the Great Hall. "Whadda want ta do?"

"Oh," Zyana looked around and took another bite of her bacon. "look around. Yeah, that seems ok."

"I can't believe I'm being led around by a 11 year old," Rudolph shook his head. "no offence."

"None taken." Mia shrugged. "I get it all the time." Once the dishes and the equipment were cleaned and stored back in Mia's house, Zyana took off Mia's headphones and put them down.

"Play the music aloud. I wanna hear it too!" Zyana pouted. Mia rolled her eyes and pulled out a square box.

"You still have that?" Rudolph asked, eye brows raised. "Even after all the things Maja Zenga created?" The two sisters looked at each other and cracked up, to Rudolph's confusion.

"Nothing, nothing, it just this holds memories." Mia waved him away and proceeded to pull out her iPhone and began to flick through. "Classic anyone? Or maybe Que Sera?"

"Classic, then set it on random." Zyana agreed, as they turned right up the castle. Soon, music began to play, the volume only loud enough so anyone could just hear it in the background.

"Where to now?" Rudolph sighed, slowly getting used to their behaviour.

"Oh, let's do a penny hike. Anyone got a coin?" Mia announced and all three began to dig around in their pockets.

"Ah-ha!" Zyana pulled out an Australian 5 cents. "Knew I had one around somewhere."

"Cool. Heads right, and tails left, right?" Mia asked the other two. They nodded and Zyana flipped the coin.

"Heads." she announced and they turned right along some hallway. "So, how has it been here sis?"


To Hermione's shock, she found Mia, Zyana and Rudolph housed in the library music playing in the background, and silently reading books.

"Hey Mia," Zyana started, putting the book down gently. "Aren't these really old?"

"Yes. But this room was sealed when I first came here so the books are fine to touch. Just think of them new as the day they were bought. But with rips and frayed edges."

"Very convincing." Rudolph dryly said.

Hermione was confused. How did the library seemed sealed? The books had a time freeze on them so they wouldn't fall apart. She opened her mouth to correct them, but realized just in time that they didn't know magic was all around them. Rudolph closed his book and navigated around the book shelves. As Hermione was curious, she followed him and to her greatest shock, he turned around and looked her in the eye.

"Look, who the heck are you? And why can't Zyana or Mia see you and all the other million people here?" he demanded lowly. Hermione's jaw dropped and she stared at her.

"Well, uh..." she began and wordlessly took him to the librarian.


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