Chapter two

Harry decided to leave Britain and settle down at some place which was far away from the wizarding world. After searching the map for possible places he finally settled on a tiny secluded town known as Ipswitch. The name Ipswitch allured to him as it had a mystical ring to it. He visited gringotts and asked the goblins to transfer some of his money to a bank there. He had already enrolled in a muggle institution known as Spenser academy. He had always kept up with his muggle studies as he felt it important to be in sync with the muggle world. The academy was a boarding one so he did not have to go into the trouble of buying a house there. He had already completed the necessary procedures for his transfer and bade goodbye to his professors and the rest of his surviving friends. He had submitted his applications to Spenser academy under the name of Harry Evans. The academy had accepted his application and had arranged a room for him to stay.

Harry arrived a few days before the academy reopened in august and the course started. He was shown to his new room by the principal. The principal informed that his roommate will be a new student known as Chase Collins who will be arriving only in august and to feel at ease as he could not be the only new student .There was two other new students one being his roommate Chase Collins and the other Sarah Wenham. The principal also said that since he had time before the classes start he was free to roam the town and could visit the library at any time and look up the town's history or any other matter. Harry decided to roam the town the next day and maybe if he had time to also go to the library since today it was already late and the night had fallen.