Here's a quick story before bed! (it's 2 am goodnight)

The young reaper coughed. Flames surrounded him. 'This sucks.' He helplessly thought. The lack of air made his throat hurt. 'I'm only 16 and I'm supposed to be the future reaper. My name is Death and I'm a shinigami in training.' He didn't obtain the immortality that came with the job and he feared that if his father came, it wouldn't be to save him. He always hated his son. And in turn, his son became wary around the elder shinigami. The answer was obvious. His dad wanted to live forever and didn't care who he killed for it.

That's why he started this fire. Slick bastard. Arson while your enemy was asleep! Death struggled under the stack of debris that he was trapped under for a good half hour before giving up. It was pointless and he was going to die anyway. It was not his usual approach but what choice did he have? His only hope was...well he couldn't think of any. He layed there in thought. Eibon had always called his actions rash and not well thought out unless he was forced to do so.

"Eibon...I'm sorry." The teen rasped to the orange flames above. On one hand,his pride and ego was glad his weapon wasn't there to witness his pathetic state. However, on the other side of the same coin, he wanted nothing more than to see his companion's face before he perished. Death smiled sadly and lowered his head. "I really screwed up this time...huh?"

"Yes you did you moron. Stop being dramatic and help me free you!"

Death willed his head up again. A boy with sandy brown hair and glasses was running towards him. Death couldn't make out the figure immediately. His lungs were filled with smoke and the weight on his chest wasn't helping his situation in the slightest.

"Hurry Death! We don't have much time!" When did Eibon get here? "Use your shadows!"

"Can't...too weak.."

"No you're not! Who are you? What happened to 'becoming the best shinigami ever'? Don't give up!"

"Heh. No..can..d.." He wanted to cough out whatever filled his lungs but he was on the verge of loosing conciseness. It only lasted a second though. Eibon removed his free hand from his friend's chest and fruitlessly continued to try and free the other. "What about now?"

"Now I can try! Thanks for the heal!"

Death strained but managed to summon two shadow claws and pull himself out from under the debris. Eibon helped him up and the two quickly made their way out of the burning house.

"How'd you...find me?" Death asked between wheezing coughs. Eibon rolled his eyes. "Your soul is HUGE. I was working on that healing spell when I picked up on it fading. I didn't know that Death could die so easily."

"Yeah me neither."

"You're coming with me so I can complete the spell. I know you heal fast but as your partner, I can't-"

"Yeah yeah Eibon we both know you have a crush on me~."

"Stop being such a child I just saved your life!"

"Oh come on! Lighten up Ei. I'm here, aren't I? Anyway, I'm tired."

"Well you were in the middle of sleeping, I suppose you can stay over for the night."