The Great Zombie Hunt

Magrat 70

Rating; T

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Author's note; the idea for the case was from a documentary I watched called Kids with Guns. Not being American I don't get some peoples obsession with guns. For someone who's British my family owned guns because we have lived in dangerous parts of the world and the guns were always locked away. Anyway back to the crazies I saw one gave a 4 year old girl a .40 calibre rifle and wondered why the kick back and the noise scared her! The next girl was zombie hunting in the woods shooting posters with a glock. Yep running and shooting in the woods without really taking note what she was shooting and she was 9; maybe I am too British but this felt not only stupid and bloody dangerous but to the wrong child psychologically damaging; this is about the wrong child

Nightmares and the nightmarish

"JJ it's just a dream, wake up sweetheart," Will said, rousing his wife from her fourth nightmare in less than two weeks.

She was slick with sweat and her heart felt like it had jumped in her throat. "Emily?"

"Emily's fine," he said through gritted teeth.

Ever since the stupid bastard had tried to stab Emily JJ couldn't get a much different scenario out of her head. Emily had caught the glint of the knife in the bar's light just as he was swinging at her. She disarmed him with ease and Morgan slapped his cuffs on him. The guy had no rap sheet because daddy, who was a rich lawyer had either bought off or intimidated the women he had been violent towards. The kid had never used a knife before and daddy was wondering as he got dragged out of his bed again whether he should have let the kid get charged a few years ago before the violence had escalated.

When he pushed his way into the police station he wondered how much this little debacle was going to cost him? That was before he found out that not only had he swung a knife at a F.B.I agent in full view of five federal employees but the agent was the daughter of an US Ambassador, there was really nothing he had that could stop his son being charged. The BAU could have pointed out to him that he was to blame and that his son was another serial killer in the making and maybe just maybe if he had got his anger management problems treated instead of covering for him it would be a different story.

JJ dragged herself into the shower, she was sick of the replays, seeing Emily covered in blood. She wasn't sure why this incident was getting to her so much, maybe because it had come out of nowhere and it was her celebration that added to the guilt of what happened.


"Guys conference room in 10," called Hotch. "Rossi, Prentiss can I speak to you both first."

"What's all that about?" Morgan asked JJ.

"Don't know, the case must have gone straight to Hotch," JJ answered, fixing herself her fifth coffee of the morning, which even for her was pretty much a record.

Morgan was about to make a sleazy comment about Will keeping her awake when he saw the black rings under her eyes." You okay JJ?"

"I've had a few nightmares since Em almost got stabbed...I know it's stupid..."

"No it isn't Jay, I keep thinking how close that blade was to her kidney or if he had stabbed her more than once..."

"I've had nightmares about it too," Reid admitted.

"What are we all having nightmares about," Garcia asked as she arrived for the meeting.

"The princess being stabbed baby girl, " Morgan explained.

A little shiver went through the analyst's body. "Tell me about it guys. I keep seeing it over and over again and every time he got her and there's blood everywhere."

The three agents all nodded in agreement.

"Does anyone know how Emily is with it all?" Reid asked.

"I keep asking, but you all know Prentiss, all she says is she's fine. Maybe we should tell her how we feel." Morgan pondered. He wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not, but with everything that happened before the incident he didn't want his best friend to pull even further away from them, when it was all pretty clear how much everyone cared about her. "We better get in the conference room before Hotch kicks our ass."

JJ looked in surprise at a young blonde woman who was sat by Emily.

"Okay everyone I would like to introduce you to Ashley Seaver, she is about to graduate from the Academy. Strauss has decided that she would benefit from field training and has made Prentiss her training supervisor."

"Ashley Seaver you are the daughter of Charles Beauchamp, otherwise known as the Redmond Ripper, who killed 25 women before he was caught by Hotch and Rossi," Reid announced to the room.

"My friends usually just call me Ashley, " said the young agent, her face burning with embarrassment.

"Donn't worry about it Ashley," Prentiss said gently, patting the young woman on the arm. The last thing the brunette wanted to do was to babysit a young agent in the field, but she knew how it felt to be judged by who your parents where before anyone got a chance to know you.

"Okay thanks to our resident genius we all know who Agent Seaver's father is, I hope this makes little difference to how she is treated by anyone in the room..."

Hotch's speech was broken by a pounding on the conference room door.

Morgan who was closest to it opened it and was surprised to see JJ's boyfriend standing there. "Will..."

"I need to talk to JJ now," the young man bellowed.

"Will we're about to get briefed on a case, wait in my office and I'll talk to you when we're' finished." JJ was blushing as deeply as Seaver's, she couldn't believe Will would do this in front of the team.

"We either do it now or we do it in front of everyone. You can tell them how you got your little dyke friend there to get her mother to stop your promotion to the State department while your husband thinks you're going for the promotion for the good of your family. Or that you keep waking every night screaming her name, jeez she almost go stabbed JJ. She hasn't got a scratch on her, you're pathetic JJ." Will wound down realising he was staring in to a bank of very unfriendly eyes.

Strauss had called him this morning at home, not only had she mentioned that ambassador Prentiss had interfered with JJ not going to the pentagon, but she had used the fact it had been noted on Prentiss's personal file that whilst she was in the Chicago field office she was involved in a same sex relationship. He had gone off like a rocket and not really thought of the repercussions.

"My office now!" The look on JJ's face told him he was in a lot of trouble.

After they left a mortified Prentiss bolted from the room. Morgan went to follow and was surprised when Seaver stopped him. "I've got this."

Garcia looked at the four men shuffling in their seats as they could hear the sound of an enraged JJ. "Do you think she'll shoot him?"

"We could always hope," Rossi said, only semi joking.


Ashley followed Prentiss to the ladies restroom on the BAU floor. She was pleased that there was no one in there but themselves. "You okay agent Prentiss?" No response came from the older woman and she guessed she was trying to fight back tears and compose herself. "Emily please, I know you don't know me but I know what this feels like." In more ways than one, whether it is outed as the daughter of a serial killer or outed as a lesbian, she thought to herself.

"Sorry Ashley, our briefings aren't normally like this and Reid didn't mean to upset you. He can't help it, he has billions of facts in his brain and they just come out as word vomit."

"I know about deflecting too Emily, I can't make you talk about it, I know you're embarrassed though," said the young agent, determined to get something from her mentor, in more ways than one it would seem.

"It's not everyday you're outed by one of your bestfriend's boyfriends. I don't even know how he found out. The last real relationship I had was a detective in Chicago when I was attached there. It ended badly and I moved here and I really didn't want to talk about it and then time slipped away. It wasn't even that I didn't want to tell felt like I couldn't because I had avoided saying anything in the begining and to be honest things are so crazy at the BAU you don't have time for a private life. Thanks Ashley, if you think this is crazy wait until we go out in the field." Emily smiled at the younger woman feeling like a weight had come off her shoulders.

"Is that when you almost got stabbed?"

"Oh no that was on a night out, there is never a dull moment at the BAU," Emily laughed at the tense look from her protégé. "You said earlier you knew how I felt."

"I was outed by an ex at the Academy, so I was no longer the serial killer's daughter. I was the queer serial killer's daughter." Ashley tried to play down the hurt, but there was little point when you're talking to a profiler.

Emily lifted the young blonde's chin up with her finger. "You've got the last laugh kid, you're the one that's with the BAU. Let's get back to the briefing, hopefully JJ will have killed Will by now."

Ashley wished the profiler hadn't called her kid. The older woman was dressed in tight black pants and a red tank top, that showed off the woman's lean muscles, she was hot, without pushing her sensuality, the mixture of the feminine with the chunky male watch and off centred belt buckle was distracting. There was something dark and mysterious in her chocolate eyes that the young blonde was sure she could get lost in. The profiler also had a take charge swagger that was damn sexy. Ashley knew she shouldn't be crushing on her supervisor but it was pretty hard not to after finding out she was gay too. Ashley trailed behind the profiler discreetly checking out her ass.

JJ and Will were waiting for them outside the conference room. "Emily, Will has something to say to you."

"I'm sorry for calling you dyke Emily," Will said, after getting a not so polite dig in the back from JJ.

The raven haired profiler gave him a tight nod of the head before walking past into the conference room followed by Ashley.

"Looks like you've been replaced by younger model," taunted Will.

"Really Will after everything we've talked about, does that seem a good idea to say?" JJ was near the end of her tether with ex detective and she had about made the decision that he would be looking for alternative accommodation when she returned from the case.

"Sorry JJ, this whole situation is driving me crazy, if I could get a job things would be much better and you could stay at home with Henry and I..."

"You don't understand me at all; do you?" JJ shook her head with disbelief. "Well I've got to do my job right now...go home Will." She walked away from him without turning around to see the stunned look on his face.

JJ entered the room and sat next to Prentiss who leant over and gently squeezed the blonde's hand.

Ashley caught the little movement and wondered if there was something going on between the two, she noticed that JJ seemed to let go of the brunette's hand with a great deal of reluctance.

"Now that we've finally got everyone here we can carry on with the briefing," JJ wished she could hide under the table away from Hotch's words, she was one hundred percent sure; she was done with Will. There was no way he was going to wreck the career she had worked so hard for.

"A group of hikers in the Mammoth Cave national park in Kentucky, came across the site of a mass shooting spread across 2:square miles..."

"Was that in the cave system?" Reid asked about to bombard them with facts about the national park.

"No it was in one of the wooded areas," Hotch answered.

"Yey woods, this day gets better and better,"JJ said, under her breathe but loud enough for Emily to hear and she gave her friend's hand another supportive squeeze.

"The park rangers aren't sure what they've got. They have already found over twenty bodies, all shot in the last week and they think at the same time. The locals are swamped and need all the help they can get. Garcia you will be coming with us, some parts are very remote and we may need your help with communications. Wheels up in twenty."