The Great Zombie Hunt

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Rating T

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Author's note; please excuse any mistakes, my spinal problem is worse than normal so I have had to take Valium as a muscle relaxant, which makes me a little loopy

Author's note 2; this is the start of a series of stories that are an alternative to Season 6 divergent after the episode JJ. The stories will be case led but have Emily and JJ's relationship as the most important undercurrent.

Thank you to Sao 21 this story wouldn't have been possible without you

Hurt and Truths.

JJ woke with a start and queasy feeling in her stomach, she had had only two glasses of champagne the night before determined to keep her head clear. It had been easy working up Harrison, far too easy. The other stuff with Emily had been difficult, she had wrapped herself in her friend and loved every moment of it. She wondered if they would have gone any further if they weren't sharing a suite with Morgan. She was glad, they hadn't gone any further. She wanted to finish things with Will before even thinking about Emily.

Thinking abour Emily was all the blonde had done for hours in the night, about the taste of those full lips, the feel of silky soft alabaster skin beneath her fingertips and again when she knew she had to put more distance between the brunette and herself; she was going to pretend to be her girlfriend again. She checked the other bed Emily was already up, she had left her sleeping, which was unusual, it was usually Emily who was the one who had to be pried out of bed when they were on a case. They had hardly said a word since they got back. She hoped she hadn't pushed things too far with Emily the night before, the tight knot in her stomach twisted some more.

The queasy feeling seemed to be getting worse and when Morgan brought in the room service with their breakfast which, seemed to include half a ton of pig, JJ found herself diving into the bathroom vomiting copiously. Emily was there in a flash, pulling JJ's hair back rubbing her back and then handing the blonde a damp flannel to wipe her sweaty face. Why did the brunette always have to be perfect? When she was pregnant with Henry Will couldn't be near her when she had morning sickness.

"Are you okay Jen?" Emily's face full of concern,

"I must be a beer girl, champagne must be bad for me... uhm Emily, did I upset you at all. I'm sorry if I was... I don't know."

"JJ it was what was necessary to get the job done; you were brilliant last night. Are you sure you are well enough to go with us.?" Emily didn't want to talk about last night, last night could virtually kill her. The memories of JJ's hands and lips burnt into her brain, but it wasn't real. She knew the things she had had to do undercover, it was just an act for JJ. She couldn't wait until the day was over with.

"I'm fine Em, really," JJ said quickly, she hated that Emily's defences and walls were there. She hoped that they got back to DC with their friendship intact, never mind pushing for anything more. JJ wasn't stupid, she didn't love Will, she hoped to persuade Emily that she wasn't the straight girl looking for kicks... "Shit," JJ's half brain that had been waving at her over her inner monologue finally had her attention and she moved out of the bathroom and into the bedroom and grabbed her diary from her go bag. She counted back to the last time the little p's were in her diary. 6 weeks, 6 fucking weeks, fuck, her life was fucked. There would have been a time when she would have been so happy; right now the universe's idea of timing sucked.


With breakfast, had been delivered a couple of important things. Plastic bullets, JJ was going to wing one of the SWAT team, she knew who she was going to shoot, he was going to have on extra body armour and had fake blood to really sell it. There was a tiny GPS tracking advice, a little disc that would be under the insole of JJ's shoe. A note to say Harrison had been picked up predawn and was being held until the raid was over,

They met up as planned outside the diner. Conchita with Paulo and a couple of trucks turned up with the unsubs in it. The threw their cells in the Jag and waited to be patted down. They guessed these guys had come upon an idea but were rank amateurs, they didn't know what they were looking for. The five outsiders had shown they were carrying, what they were looking for, Emily was sure they had no idea. SWAT was waiting on either side of the interstate, hopefully the 'zombies' as these guys kept calling the people they had kidnapped weren't held to far off the interstate.

Emily could feel the tension in her spine. They were going to be in the middle of what could be a shoot out with no vests, the only thing in her mind was protect Jennifer. They were hoping that SWAT could stop anything happening before it began. Speed was everything.

The small holding was only 5 miles outside Cave city and a mile off the interstate; total rank amateurs thought Emily, The trucks pulled up outside the barn. There were 5 unsubs all armed with MAC 10s. Emily had caught the conversations about Harrison's no show. She had made a point of saying she had a bad feeling about this to Conchita and the Mexican had agreed.

They entered the barn where there was a pen without about 20 people. They were filthy and emaciated. They looked dull eyed and showed little interest in what was around them.

"What the fuck is wrong with them?" Conchita asked, not wanting to get to close to the putrid smell and filth.

"We keep them out of it in on heroin, it keeps them..."

Hotch's voice boomed over a loud speaker. "This is the F.B.I you are surrounded, throw your weapons on the ground, get on your knees with your hands behind your back."

"What the fuck, you sold us out you bastards. Where the fuck is the that fucker Harrison?" Emily shouted, Conchita's voice was in agreement, the bastards had sold her and Lauren out.

"What about you fuckers?" Screamed one of the men pointing his MAC at Emily.

"We didn't even know where the fuck we were going, you stupid bastard," Morgan answered, his glock in hand.

A stun grenade was thrown, as JJ got her shot off and took down 'her guy'.

Stone was furious, furious that the claim that the F.B.I had made to him was bullshit that their little meeting had nothing to do with the case. Then the little blonde bitch has left a member of SWAT bleeding and he had been rushed away by the EMTs where unbeknown to him he was now back in the vehicle enjoying a nice cold bottle of water. The were now all kneeling in front of the barn while the so called zombies were being treated by EMTs before being taken to a specially set up treatment facility that was set up last night. He didn't know why he did it, he just saw red, he picked up his weapon and aimed it at the blonde's head, firing his weapon and destroying his life and career.

Emily had caught sight of Stone levelling his gun at JJ and guessed what was going to happen before he squeezed the trigger. She knocked JJ out of the way, saving the blonde's life without a doubt, but taking a hit herself.

Conchita started screaming that the loco cop was a dead man walking for shooting at her chicas.

JJ was beside herself as she watched the blood fly from Prentiss's neck as the brunette turned to the side away from her.

Shocked members of Cave City PD wrestled the gun from the enraged detective, not quite believing that he had shot at an unarmed undercover F.B.I agent. Hotch was on his knees pulling Prentiss back on to her knees and, thankful the bullet had only grazed the skin of her neck, but not nicked an artery. He couldn't believe what the idiot had done.

Stone broke away from the men holding him and rushed towards where JJ and Prentiss were, screaming his head off about them being a disgrace. JJ strugled to her feet petrified that the man was going to blow their cover and boiling over with the fact he had hurt Emily. She waited for him to get right on top of her before pulling her head back and delivering a devastating head butt that spread his nose all over his face and knocked him to the ground and he was dragged away. While JJ was prodded back to her knees. An EMT cleaned Emily's wound and dressed it with gauze.

The unsubs were taken away to the Louisville field office, where most of the victims were from. The U.S marshals were already there to take Conchita to Texas where there were a number of open federal warrants for her arrest.

When the team got back to Cave City PD Hotch was furious, the operation had gone like clock work until Stone interfered and he has demanded to see the stupid idiot right now. He knew Prentiss had saved JJ's life and the bullet was a quarter inch from nicking the brunette's carotid artery. He couldn't believe that he came so close to loosing two of his family, on a perfect operation. He was so proud of his three agents who hadn't put a foot wrong in such a dangerous operation.

He watched as Garcia and Seaver fussed over Prentiss, who obviously would rather be left alone. JJ was quiet and very pale and kept stealing glances at Emily. Morgan was popping and he hoped the fiery young man would keep his cool when Stone was brought into explain his actions,

The chief of police walked into the conference room with Stone in handcuffs, sporting two black eyes from the head butt that JJ had laid on him.

"Why am I in trouble, that bitch shot a cop and she broke my nose..."

Prentiss was on her feet, blocking Morgan who looked like he was going to let fly with his fists. "If it wasn't for me you'd be on a murder charge, you almost killed an unarmed federal agent. Hope you enjoy the company of US marshals because the last thing Conchita Martinez said was you're a dead man and she meant it." Emily's hands were in her pockets to stop herself from throttling the former detective.

"You almost came close to destroying this operation and destroying my agents' covers. I do not understand why you shot at Agent Jareau." Hotch looked at the man with utter contempt

"She shot a cop..."

"Were you even listening to the briefing we gave you?" Rossi asked, "We told you that one of the SWAT team would be shot by a dummy bullet to help maintain the covers of our three agents."

"Oh god," Stone said softly, realising he had been so pissed that he hadn't listened to the briefing properly and had almost killed a woman because of it. "Agent Jareau, I'm sorry."

JJ barely looked at him, she could feel her hormones shifting her towards rage. "I don't care, Hotch can we get out of here as soon as possible, I'm tired,"

"JJ are you okay?" Emily asked, crouching down beside her friend, looking at the dark rings around the blonde's eyes and her general palour. "Hotch, she was ill this morning, before we started the raid."

"Em..." JJ was about to admonish the brunette, but couldn't. She needed to get home and talk to Will. "She's right I'm not feeling to good."


By the time all the loose ends had been tied up it was early evening when they got on the jet. Emily had persuaded JJ to take all the clothes that she had bought for her, but had refused the jewellery, knowing that Will would flip when he saw the clothes never mind jewellery too.

Garcia had got Morgan to change into the suit Emily had bought him and had persuaded Morgan, Reid and Seaver to go for a drink when they got back. Seaver had worked on Prentiss who said she would go for one. All the time the brunette kept looking at JJ who had suddenly looked forlorn, lying on the little couch with a blanket over, not talking to anyone.

JJ had tried to call Will all day, but he was ignoring her calls. In the end she had left a message on the house answering machine saying that she was late and they had a lot to talk about.


Will was as pissed as hell. He had tried to call JJ the afterrnoon and evening before, his calls wouldn't even connect. In desperation he had called Garcia, who had explained that JJ's phone had been temporarily changed because she was going undercover. She was supposed to be a liaison; why the hell was she putting herself in danger? He hated her job and the relationship she had with the team. He had been a detective, he knew how close you had to be to your partner, this whole team thing was over the top.

He played back the message on the answering machine. Surprise, surprise JJ was on her way home but she was going to be late. No she couldn't come straight home to her child and boyfriend. He put Henry to bed and when he came downstairs, he broke the seal on the bottle of bourbon he had bought that afternoon.

The rage that had been building up for months exploded as he pulled crockery from the kitchen cupboards and started throwing it against the walls. He didn't hear JJ's car in the drive as she pulled up and he didn't hear her key in the lock as she entered the kitchen which now resembled a bomb site.

"Will what the hell are you doing?" JJ was in shock watching as he smashed the picture frame that held Rosaline's photo.

"JJ? Thought you were going to be late, did you get a built pang and remember you had a family, a real fucking family." He had necked half the bottle of bourbon in record time and was swaying on his feet.

"Are you drunk? Did you even listen to my message... never mind, where's Henry?" JJ snapped, this was not how she envisioned coming home. She had been ready for a hear to heart one last go to make it work. Instead the kitchen and living room were wrecked. She picked up Rosaline's photo and tucked it inside her jacket pocket. She couldn't believe he was drunk when anything could happen to Henry.

"You remember, you have a son, well done JJ. Do you remember where his fucking bedroom is? Remember where our bedroom is? What did Prentiss take the younger blonde home with her, instead of you?"

JJ ignored him, she went upstairs where Henry was crying in his bed, upset about the noise and the shouting downstairs. She packed bag pulled on a jumper and tracksuit bottoms bottoms over his PJs. She had had enough, she had been willing to give it another go, it wouldn't work the poison was already to deep into their relationship.

The blonde was relieved that Will had passed out on the sofa in the middle of the debris that had been their lives.

When Henry was safely strapped in the car she took a deep breath, before flicking her cell on. "Pen, I've left him. He smashed up the house... no don't tell Morgan what he's done." JJ was fighting to control the tears. "Pen, I think... I'm pregnant."


"She is sugar, curiosity and rain." E. Lockhart.

The End

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