Tmnt The garbage man, missing scene.

Hey, Roxy Goth here. So I was watching the 2003 series episode 9 'the garbageman' and came up with a missing scene. It takes place after don has realised all the homeless people are missing and before his brothers are looking for them.

I do not own TMNT in any way shape or form.

"Mikey I swear if ya don't move yer fat shell, outta da way, I'll move it for ya!" Raph growled.

"But duuuuude! I wanna play one of my video games!"

"Ya've been playin' all day, it's my turn – tell 'im Leo."

Leo sighed, was two minutes silence too much to ask? He was beginning to regret not saying yes when Don asked if anyone wanted to go down the junkyard.

"Mikey, Raph's right, you've been playing all day. Let him watch."

"Thank ya very much." Raph grinned and positioned himself more comfortably while Mikey sighed and sat down next to him.

It was at that point Don came crashing through the door.

Leo frowned, that was strange, the resident genius had only been out about 10 minutes, usually he took at least an hour to scan the junkyard.

"GUYS! GUYS! We gotta get down to the junk yard!"

Noting the panic in his voice, Leo got up and calmly put a hand on Don's shoulder. Behind him both Raph and Mike peered over the sofa.

"Donnie, calm down. That's it, deep breaths. Right, now, why have we got to go down the junk yard?"

"The professors gone!"

"Da professors gone!? Whaddya mean, gone?!" Raph narrowed his eyes.

"He's just disappeared! All of them have! And…and there's tyre tracks, big ones all over the place, and the wire that secures the area is broken! Something's happened down there, I don't like it, and the professors gone, now come on!" and with that Don frantically pulled Leo out the door.

Raph and Mikey looked at each other, and then Raph sprang into action. "No one messes with my buds! Hey guys, wait up will ya?"

As Raph bolted out the door, Mikey leapt over the sofa yelling. "We're going to the junkyard!" in the vague direction of Master Splinter.

He found the rest of his bro's inside the battle-shell. "Yo, dudes, why are we in this?"

"Because we don't know what's happened and we may need transportation." Was Leo's answer.

Mikey nodded, that made sense. Looking around he saw Raph sitting in the control chair, tapping his foot, impatiently waiting for Leo to say they could go. He noted Don running some sort of test on his computer.

"Yo dudes, if this is gonna be a long trip, should I bring some pizza?"

"Shuddup, Mikey." Raph growled, still staring at Leo, who finally got himself sorted.

"All right, let's go."

The battle shell roared into action and Mikey was thrown backwards.

"Not cool, Raph!"