Leslie returned to live with her mom, free of juvie, and became part of an illegal human trafficking ring. She loved it.

Aurora and Midnight returned to their authorverse full of different universes, free of the arrogant, disdainful author who had treated their characters so poorly. They lived out the rest of their lives without any snake tongues, implied incest, or Pokemon (unless they were being used for a Pokemon fic).

Michael returned to live a normal life like a normal kid, but he never forgot about the people he met. He of all people was the one to suggest a reunion party, and Sam was happy to oblige.

Peter became a renowned poet in Applause2014's headcanon and potentially fics, and kept in touch with nobody but Michael, James, and of course Jairo.

Jairo went back to his normal life that was relatively free of author influence, and rumors about him and Peter spread, never to be confirmed but never to be denied.

Leanne, being the OC of a guest, had no place to stay. With her creator's permission, she became Sam's new agent and therefore could talk to all of her friends, no matter where they had gone to.

Lauren had the same dilemma. But in a surprising show of kindness, Michael took her into his authorverse where she lived a full life where, yes, people remembered her name.

Belinda returned home to her Italian mafia father and went back to being a pink-haired, oddly-proportioned Mafia nerd. But it was a good life, and when she looked back on her adventures all she could do was smile.

Matthew gave up being a superhero and instead befriended his authorverse's version of Tyler. It grew to become a beautiful bromance.

Janet continued being awesome. It didn't matter where or when, but having Leanne as a friend ensured she could keep justice in the authorverses, and took great pleasure in doing so.

James went back to his normal life and resolved to forget everything that had ever happened.

Da Zeke continued on being Da Zeke. 'Nuff said.

And they all lived happily ever after.

Thank you all for reading this bizarre, off-the wall fic. I know that the premise has alienated some, but in the end this has been a shitload of fun. Thank you for reviewing and even just reading, and for tolerating my parodying your characters. I'm taking a break from the authorverses for now but who knows? I could return to it later. Build up a lore...man, would that be nice. Anyways, thank you all, and be sure to check out some of my other fics!



In order of appearance...

TDD Chris McLean: Himself

Morpheus Chef: Himself

Leslie: ThePessimisticRainbow

Michael: Ironwood811

LEL: Wish I Was A Pirate

Da Zeke: Ewisko

Aurora Glaciate: Nightlingale

Midnight Glaciate: Nightlingale

Matthew: The-Normal-Twit

Peter: Applause2014

Leanne: xXBlueOrchidsXx

James: mrean22

Janet: KaylaBow

Jairo: BlueIce RedFire

lauren lawson: Lauren Lawson (guest)

Belinda Vitale: TheLovelyReaper

Adrian: The Sarcasm Master

Chubby Intern: Himself

Braces Intern: Herself

The Other Intern: Himself

ScrowmegMeha: Nico Nico Nii You In The Face

Sam: Me, Myself, and I

Belinda's Father: TheLovelyReaper

FDTD Alejandro: Himself

FDTD Noah: Himself

Rocket the Raccoon: Himself

FDTD Cody: Himself

FDTD Chris McLean: Himself

FDTD Eva: Herself

WWMASD Max: Himself

WWMASD Scarlett: Herself

NQ Chef: Himself

ILTTTA Eva: Herself

ILTTTA Scott: Himself

ILTTTA Sam: Himself

ILTTTA Dakota: Herself

ILTTTA Scarlett: Herself

ILTTTA Max: Himself

ILTTTA Sky: Herself

ILTTTA Zoey: Herself

ILTTTA Noah: Himself

FDTD Sugar: Herself

FDTD Chef: Himself

ILTTTA Owen: Himself

ILTTTA Alejandro: Himself

ILTTTA Heather: Herself

ILTTTA Gwen: Herself

ILTTTA Topher: Himself

ILTTTA Sugar: Herself

ILTTTA Amy: Herself

ILTTTA Samey: Herself

The Even More Meta Me: Me

FDTD Scarlett: Herself

The Pencil God (Mal): Himself

ILTTTA Trent: Himself

ILTTTA Brick: Himself

ILTTTA Sadie: Herself

ILTTTA Chris: Himself

ILTTTA Ella: Herself

NQ Topher: Himself

FDTD Josh: Himself

George: Wish I Was A Pirate