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This is not my first fanfiction but is my first Pretty Little Liars fanfiction and my first girl-on-girl fanfiction. The story has mature themes and has been rated accordingly.


Just a little background for reference:

This story takes place just before Thanksgiving of Emily's freshman year at college. She attends UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles) and is studying pre-med, having decided to go into sports medicine. She got a partial scholarship, for swimming, after having surgery for her shoulder the previous spring.

In my world, the "A" drama was settled just after Christmas of the girls' senior year. It doesn't matter how it was solved, that's not part of this story, but the real "A" was caught and killed and the girls were finally safe and able to finish out their senior year "A" free.

Just before Christmas of their senior year, Alison and Emily finally got real and talked about their intimate encounter in Ali's bed. While they didn't actually have sex that night, things went beyond just kissing. On Christmas Eve, Alison cornered Emily and demanded they talk about it, finally admitting to Emily she was in love with her. Things were not smooth for the girls by any means, but after putting a final rest to her relationship with Paige, Emily agreed to give Alison a chance. They have been together ever since, but long distance relationships are tricky.

Here is my thought on Alison. Once she admitted and acknowledged her feelings for Emily and came out to their friends, Alison is the kind of girl who would go all in. She has embraced her sexuality in a very positive and forthcoming way. Alison doesn't care what anyone thinks of her. She loves Emily and she doesn't care who knows. Alison is bi-sexual though, not strictly gay like Emily.

Alison was not able to graduate with the liars – she was still a few credits short so she had to finish over the summer – too late for her to be able to get into college for the fall semester. She spent the fall taking some non-credit courses at Hollis to pass the time while she applied to several universities for the spring semester. She has received acceptance letters from all of them, except the one she really wants – UCLA.

So without further adieu…



Chapter 1

Emily zipped her sweatshirt before she slipped her bag off her shoulder and rooted around inside for her cell phone. She and Heather, one of her teammates on the JV swim team, approached the dorm, on their way back from practice.

"How psyched are you about Monday?" Heather asked as Emily slid her finger over the screen, hoping to see a text or call from Alison.

There was nothing. Disappointment weighed heavily in Emily's chest, overshadowing the excitement that should be pulsing through her. Since she'd arrived at UCLA, the swim coach had not let her compete in any meets. She was officially a member of the team, but because of her shoulder, the coach kept her on the sidelines. If she didn't compete soon, her partial scholarship would be in jeopardy, and it was the only thing keeping her in school, because without it she wouldn't be able to afford the tuition.

But finally, today, the coach told her if she did well at practice on Monday, beating her best time, she would be able to anchor the team at Tuesdays meet. What should have been a great moment was less than stellar because she was obsessing over the fact that Ali still hadn't called. She'd spoken to her girlfriend yesterday morning on her way to class, and Ali promised she would call last night, but the call never came.

That wasn't like Ali.

Emily left her a message, and then sent a text, just before she went to bed, wishing Ali sweet dreams and telling her she loved her, but Emily still got no response.

That was even less like Ali.

Ever since she and Alison started dating almost a year ago, Ali would always respond within minutes of getting anything from Emily. Emily was starting to worry that maybe Ali was more upset than she originally admitted about their argument on Wednesday. Right now Emily couldn't even remember what the stupid argument was about, but Ali clearly could and was keeping her distance.

"Yoo hoo, earth to Emily?" Heather said.

Emily shook her head as Heather pulled the side door to the building open and they started up the stairs. "Sorry, Heather. I'm just distracted. What did you say?"

"I said, how psyched are you about Monday?"

Emily felt the rush of excitement flow through her again as she was reminded of her accomplishment. One that would be that much sweeter if only she could just share it with Ali. Emily smiled despite the knot in her stomach. "Totally psyched," she admitted. "I was starting to think he'd never let me compete this year."

"Nah," Heather waved her hand as they wound their way up the stairs to the third floor. "I think he just wanted to make sure your shoulder was back to full use before he did. How's it feeling by the way?"

Emily rolled her shoulder and felt no pain. "Great, actually. I finished physical therapy last week and it's never felt stronger."

Emily pulled the door to the third floor open and stepped through, holding it for Heather to follow.

"Well, now it's time for you to kick ass then. I'll catch ya later."

"Bye." Emily waved. Heather headed down the hallway to her pod, as Emily pivoted right into her own. Each pod had eight rooms clustered around a central hallway, each room housing two girls.

Diana walked out of the bathroom as Emily passed.

"Hey, Em," she greeted, grinning, a little maniacally, if Emily was honest with herself.

"Hey, Di. What's up?"

"What do you mean?"

Emily reached into the pocket of her jeans and pulled out the keys to her room. "You're grinning way too much. That's not like you."

"Can't a girl be happy? Jeez, Emily, you don't have a monopoly on being happy-go-lucky."

Emily smirked, slipping her key in the door and pushing it open. She turned back to look at Diana.

"Did you get laid last night?"

"Hell, yes I did, bitch," Diana grinned back, her smile even more maniacal. "But that's not why I'm smiling."

"Then why are you?"

"Why don't you just turn around?" she suggested and Emily looked at her questioningly before doing just that.

"Hello, beautiful," Alison purred and smiled softly as she greeted the brunette.

"Ali, oh my god." Emily dropped her bag on the floor as she gaped at the blonde laying lazily across her bed. Ali was dressed in a floral print dress that came to mid thigh, her long blonde hair loose and falling over her shoulders. The sight of her literally took Emily's breath away. "Is that really you?"

"Why don't you come over here and find out for yourself?" Alison encouraged as she rose to her knees in the center of Emily's bed.

Emily strode forward and reached out to cup Ali's face in her hands. She sighed softly as she felt Ali shudder beneath her touch.

"It is you," Emily murmured as she lowered her lips to Alison's. She kissed the blond soft and deep, her tongue sweeping into Ali's mouth as she opened for her. Alison moaned into her mouth, reaching up to grip Emily's wrists, her head falling back in surrender.

Emily lifted her knee onto the bed, urging Ali to lie back again as she continued to kiss her, completely oblivious of the five other girls, including her roommate, in the room.

Ali tugged on Emily's ponytail, releasing the long brunette tresses, sliding her hands into them, and fanning them out over their faces. Emily straddled Alison, now, both hands pressed into the pillow beside Ali's head. Emily's knees pressed into the mattress on either side of Ali's hips. Alison's knee instinctively rose and pressed against Emily, causing the brunette to groan softly into Ali's mouth and deepen the kiss.

It could have been seconds, it could have been minutes, it could have been hours, Emily didn't know. Everything vanished except the feel and taste of Alison.

"Should we let her know we're here?" someone on the other side of the room said.

"No way, this is kinda hot to watch," another female voice replied and Ali laughed a soft, breathy laugh against Emily's lips.

"Em," Ali murmured her name as their kiss softened. "We have an audience, baby." Emily jerked her head back, her surroundings finally coming back to her.

"Oh, shit," Emily said as she looked over to find six pairs of eyes staring at her, Diana having joined the others inside the room. "Sorry guys, I didn't see you there," she admitted sheepishly as the blush rushed up, heating her face.

"Obviously," Kira, Emily's roommate, deadpanned, but she was smiling at Emily, clearly not offended in any way.

Emily felt Alison's fingers caress her cheek gently and she turned her head to look down, seeing her girlfriend looking up at her with mirth in her eyes.


Emily's eyes fluttered closed enjoying Alison's touch, having ached for it for months. She sat back on her heels, instantly feeling the loss when Alison's hand dropped to her stomach.

"Ali, what are you doing here?" she asked.

Alison pushed on her hands to sit up across from Emily. "You couldn't come to me, so I came to you."

Emily reached for Alison's hand, unable to keep from touching her now that she was here in front of her, real and soft and beautiful.

Alison entwined their fingers and Emily heard her breath hitch. Warmth rushed through her because just that brief touch clearly affected Ali as much as it did Emily.

"Did you know about this?" Emily looked over at Kira, who nodded.

"Yeah, she called a few weeks ago to make sure it would be okay. I told her hell ya!"

Emily smiled gratefully at her roommate, who had quickly become a very good friend.

"I told her that I couldn't take you moping around all bummed out like you were about not being able to go back there for Thanksgiving. I even offered to fly her here myself but she already had her own plans in motion." Kira flashed Alison a quick, almost conspiratorial smile, which intrigued Emily so she looked back at Alison to see the same smile drop away quickly.

"Wait a minute?" Emily tugged on Ali's hand gently to get her attention. "Weeks? You've been planning this for weeks?"

Alison just smiled again, her eyes glinting with mischief.

"Why didn't you tell me?"

"It wouldn't have been a surprise then, would it, Em," Ali said plainly as she crossed her legs, tucking her skirt down between her thighs. The movement caught Emily's attention and her eyes darkened with desire before lifting back to meet Alison's.

Ali's breath hitched again in response.

"And I think that's our cue to leave," Kira said and the other girls agreed while chuckling.

Emily looked over at her. "Wait, where are you going?"

"Gonna let you two catch up," Kira used air quotes to emphasize her meaning.

"You don't have to leave," Alison said even as she scooted closer to Emily.

"Oh yeah we do," Kira replied. "It's getting a little too hot in here. But you only have an hour before we go to dinner. Margo left her dining card and said Alison can use it this weekend while she's not here."

"Margo knew too?" Emily asked amazed that no one had spilled the beans.

"The entire pod knew. You know me I can't keep a secret to save my life, but I had to keep it from you so, naturally, I told everyone else about it."

Alison laughed. "Well thanks for helping me, Kira. It's not easy to keep something from Em; she can usually smell a lie from a mile away."

Emily met Alison's eyes and they shared a look that none of the other girls noticed, but it said volumes about the history between these two girls.

"Yeah, she is kinda like a human lie detector," Kira agreed.

"She's had a lot of practice at it, I'm afraid," Alison said and anyone who didn't know her wouldn't hear the remorse in her tone, but Emily did. Emily brushed her thumb over the back of Ali's hand, reassuring the blonde, without words, that all that was in the past.

"We'll see you in an hour. I'll knock."

The girls walked out. The door was barely closed and Alison was hiking up her dress, straddling Emily's lap, gripping the brunette's face in her hands and taking her lips in a soft, deep kiss.

"God, I've missed you." Ali murmured as her lips released Emily's and brushed over her cheek and down over her chin. Ali buried her fingers in Emily's hair again and yanked her head backward as her lips clamped onto Emily's throat.

"Ali," Emily moaned as she felt the blonde's soft lips caressing and sucking softly. Emily gripped Alison's waist, pulling her flush against her as the fingers of her other hand slid up the outside of Ali's bare thigh. Ali shuddered softly in Emily's arms and gently grazed her teeth along the length of Emily's neck.

Ali's hands started tugging on Emily's sweatshirt, lowering the zipper and shoving the sleeves down Emily's arms.

"Help me, Em," Ali pleaded softly and Emily reached behind herself, so Ali could tug her sweatshirt off her arms, leaving her in only her t-shirt. "I need to feel you," Ali panted as she tugged Emily's t-shirt out of the waistband of her jeans and slid her warm hands beneath it.

Emily shuddered with pleasure as Alison's hand slid up her abdomen, her fingertips fluttering over Emily's skin, before finally reaching her breast, cupping the soft globe gently. Emily gripped both of Alison's thighs with her hands. She swallowed Alison's whimper as their mouths met again.

Emily kicked off her tennis shoes and lifted her legs up on the bed.

Ali took the opportunity of Emily's movement to push the brunette back, sprawling her body on top of her. After several minutes of writhing and wriggling against Emily, eliciting soft moans from the girl beneath her, Alison tore her mouth away from Emily's. She rested her forehead against Emily's and they both took a moment to catch their breath.

Emily smiled as her fingers traced circles on Alison's thighs, making her tremble. "I can't believe you're here."

"Good surprise, then?" Alison opened her eyes and sat up. She wiggled her hips gently, making Emily groan.

"The best," Emily replied as she opened her eyes. She saw the relief flash in Alison's eyes before the blue depths darkened again. Alison's fingers tugged on the button of Emily's jeans as she leaned down again, unable to keep her lips off Emily's. Ali tugged her zipper down and her fingertips dipped beneath the waistband of Emily's lace panties.

Emily grasped Alison's wrist to stop her descent. "Ali," she mumbled against Alison's lips. She was dying for Ali to touch her but she wasn't exactly comfortable knowing her roommate could walk in at any moment.

"Shhh," Alison shushed as she fluttered soft kisses over Emily's jaw. "I need to feel you," Alison said again and Emily was lost. She released Alison's wrist and tilted her hips so Ali could slip her hand deeper into her panties. The first feel of Alison's fingertips against her clit almost had Emily bucking the blonde off her body accidentally.

"Ali," Emily whimpered Alison's name again. It seemed like her girlfriend's name was only thing Emily was able to choke out since Alison starting kissing her. Ali buried her face in Emily's neck, kissing and nibbling up toward Emily's ear as her fingers caressed Emily's warm, wet flesh before sliding lower. Alison dipped first one and then a second finger inside Emily's body and Emily's eyes rolled back.

Ali rocked her hips over Emily as she buried her fingers deeper, pumping the digits slowly as she pressed the palm of her hand against Emily's clit. Emily whimpered louder and gripped Alison's thighs again, her fingers pressing into the soft flesh almost hard enough to bruise.

Emily rocked her hips now, needing more friction and Alison responded by pressing her thumb against Emily's clit.

"Just feel me," Ali whispered against the shell of Emily's ear and that was all Emily needed to send her over the edge. She was too wound up and the sight and scent and feel of Alison were just too much to handle right now.

Alison felt Emily tightening around her fingers and she pressed her lips to Emily's to swallow her soft cries as the brunette's orgasm slammed into her.

"That's it, baby, come for me," Ali murmured into Emily's mouth.

Emily's hips kept bucking as she rode out her orgasm on Alison's fingers. She felt Alison smile against her lips as their kisses softened.

"I needed that so bad," Alison chuckled softly as she slipped her hand out of Emily's panties and sat up again.

"You did?" Emily gasped and chuckled right along with Alison. She opened her eyes again, still amazed to see and feel Alison on top of her. She really hoped this wasn't a dream because she never wanted to wake up if it was.

Alison looked down at her with smug expression as Emily continued to pant softly. "I'm so happy you're here."

"Me too," Alison replied honestly. "I was sure you were going to figure me out. That's why I didn't call you back last night. I was so afraid I was going to crack and tell you everything."

"I was wondering," Emily admitted. "I was worried you were still upset about our fight."

"No, Em," Alison shook her head as she rubbed circles on Emily's tummy. "You were right; I was falling back into old patterns. I'm trying." Alison admitted softly.

Emily gently caressed Alison's thighs where she'd been gripping her a few minutes before. She really hoped she wasn't going to bruise. Alison bruised really easily, something they learned quickly as their intimacy had taken on increased intensity over the summer.

"Then I was in the air this morning," Alison continued her earlier thought. "I just got here about an hour ago. Kira called me once you left for swim practice to let me know the coast was clear."

"What time did you land?"

"A couple hours ago."

"What did you do all that time? You didn't have to stay away, Ali."

"I wanted to be here when you got back from practice. Don't worry, Em. I kept myself busy. I did some shopping at the Westside Pavilion while I waited." Alison motioned her head toward the Nordstrom's bags that sat on the floor next to her suitcase.

Emily laughed as she sat up, pressing her chest against Alison's. "Of course you did." She kissed Alison softly and Ali sighed into her mouth.

With the blonde sufficiently distracted by her kiss, Emily flipped them, pushing Alison back slowly until her back was pressed against the mattress. Alison's thighs fell open and Emily hiked them up over her thighs before leaning down and kissing Alison until they were both breathless.

Emily's hand cupped Alison's breast through the thin fabric of her dress, her thumb gently caressing the hard nub of her nipple. Ali arched her back, pressing herself into Emily's palm.

"Em." It was Alison's turn to whimper now as Emily pushed her dress up to her waist, revealing the red lace panties beneath. Emily's fingers skimmed along the edge, teasing Alison. Emily sucked softly at the skin beneath Alison's jaw and didn't hesitate as her fingertips dipped beneath the fabric and found Alison hot and wet.

"Yes," Alison hissed her eyes fluttering with pleasure, as she felt Emily finally touch her. She had been missing and craving Emily's touch for weeks, months, really. Alison lifted her hips to meet Emily's fingers as she gripped Emily's hair again.

Emily's touch started out gentle. She flicked her fingertips against Alison's clit until the blonde was whimpering incoherently. Emily buried her face between Alison's breasts, pressing soft kisses on the soft flesh, over the top of her dress. Emily swirled her tongue over what she'd discovered was one of Alison's most sensitive spots before her lips traveled up. Emily sucked softly at the hollow of Alison's throat.

"Don't leave a mark," Alison murmured against Emily's ear as she buried her face in the dark silky strands of Emily's hair. "I didn't bring any turtlenecks with me." Emily smiled against her skin but softened her mouth, knowing Ali would kill her if Emily gave her a hickey.

Alison rocked her hips as Emily slid her fingers lower and slipped then inside Alison.

"God, you're so wet, Ali," Emily murmured as she pumped her fingers slowly, then deeper and faster, the sensation making Ali feel like she was going to burst into flames. Alison was so worked up, it only took another minute or two, until her body was rearing up and she was crying out Emily's name as her orgasm rolled over her. Emily kissed her through it as Alison chanted Emily's name softly.

Alison sank back into the mattress as Emily slipped her fingers out of her body, smoothing her dress down over her thighs again as she sat back to survey her obviously sated girlfriend with a sense of satisfaction. She loved making Alison fall apart beneath her.

"Damn, I needed that too," Alison breathed, causing Emily to chuckle again as she leaned down and pressed a soft kiss over Alison's heart.

"I guess we missed each other, huh?"

"Not at all," Alison replied as her eyes fluttered open. She reached up and slid her fingers into Emily's hair again, pulling the brunette's head down to rest on her breasts. Alison lifted her head and pressed her nose into Emily's hair, inhaling deeply.

"Did you just sniff my hair?" Emily laughed and shifted slightly so she could look at Alison.

Alison looked at her sheepishly. "I can't help it. I love the way you smell." Emily raised an eyebrow. "I know. I'm a freak.

"I mean that's a given," Emily teased. "But why do you say that?"

Alison narrowed her eyes at Emily and pouted prettily. "Be nice to me. I just flew all the way across the country to see you."

Emily nuzzled Alison's breasts. "I can't believe you did that."

Alison brushed her fingers against Emily's cheek, urging the brunette to look at her again. "I'd do it again in a heartbeat, just to see you look at me like you did when you first saw me," Alison said sincerely. "And I really wanted to sniff your hair," Alison added teasingly.

Emily snorted. "Do I even want to know?"

"You're going to think I'm a total freak." Emily didn't confirm or deny Alison's words. She just looked at the blonde expectantly. "Fine," Alison huffed out a soft breath. "It really turns me on when your hair has the scent of chlorine in it."

Emily choked out a short laugh. "Okay, you're right, you are a total freak." Alison tugged on Emily's hair, not so gently. "But you're my freak," Emily added trying to pacify the blonde and it did exactly as she intended when Alison smiled and joined Emily as she chuckled.

"I swear if you ever tell anyone about-" Alison started to warn, but Emily cut her off by lifting her head and kissing her soundly.

"I can't believe we just got each other off within minutes of seeing each other," Emily said with a tone of surprise as she pulled back from Alison's lips.

"It had been way too long."

"I know, but still. Kira could have walked in here at any time."

"She said she'd give us an hour, we had plenty of time."

Emily leaned up on her elbow as Alison turned toward her, pressing closer, burying her face in Emily's neck. Emily rested her hand on Alison's hip. "How long are you here for?"

"Until next Sunday."

"Yeah?" Emily smiled happily.

Ali pulled back to look at Emily. "Is that okay?"

Emily's smile widened. "Of course it is." Then Emily's smile faded. "But I'm supposed to go home with Kira for Thanksgiving."

Alison touched Emily's face gently. "I know. When I told her I wanted to surprise you, she invited me to come too."

"Oh," Emily said happily. "Good."

"We're not going though."

Emily looked at her confused. "Huh?"

"I have another surprise for you, actually," Alison said as she fluttered her fingertips up and down Emily's forearm. "My dad got us a room at the Lowes Santa Monica Beach Hotel for a few days starting Thursday. "

Emily blinked. "What? Really? Why did he do that?"

Alison shrugged. "He said it was an early Christmas present. He said he wanted us to enjoy our time together since it had been so long since we've seen each other."

"Wow, that was generous," Emily said cautiously, sensing there was more to the story.

"I think it was more a means to get me out of the funk I've been in since you left. I've really been missing you and he knows it," Alison admitted. Emily caught her eyes and she could see the truth of her admission. "He's, unfortunately, the one who has had to deal with mega bitch Alison every day."

Emily leaned forward and kissed Alison's temple softly. It made Emily's heart clench to know how much Ali struggled with their separation. She seemed to struggle more than Emily. Not because Emily missed Alison any less. On the contrary, she missed Alison with a desperation that threatened to overwhelm her sometimes. But being a college freshman, Emily's life was much busier than Alison's. Alison had way too much free time back home, alone, obsessing over how all her friends had moved on to college and she was stick stuck there.

Aria attended Hollis but she and Ali didn't see much of each other since Aria had moved in with Ezra just after graduation. Hanna was in New York and Spencer was in Connecticut at Yale. The only person Alison saw on a regular basis was Noel, who also attended Hollis.

Noel and Alison's bizarre friendship still confused Emily sometimes but she kept quiet about it because she knew Alison needed someone.

"Kira was okay with us bailing on her?" Emily asked after a moment.

"Yeah, she was completely cool with it. When I told her about it, she uninvited both of us from Thanksgiving dinner without a second thought." Emily brushed some of Alison's hair behind her ear, making the blonde shiver softly. "I like her, Em," Ali admitted softly.

"Yeah, she's great," Emily agreed. "I lucked out with her. The gay thing didn't even faze her and we just clicked, you know. She's like the sister I never had."

Alison tilted her head and smiled softly. She reached out and fluttered her fingers over Emily's jaw. "I'm glad, baby," Ali murmured as she leaned her face closer and brushed a soft kiss against Emily's lips. "I've missed kissing you so much," Alison breathed softly into Emily's mouth.

"Me too," Emily replied as she pulled Alison closer again, deepening the kiss. Ali opened her mouth and surrendered eagerly to Emily's affections. It would never be enough.

A loud knock on the door preceded Kira's entrance. "Okay you two, you better be dressed."

Alison's lips curved seductively as she looked over her shoulder toward the door. "Good timing. A few minutes earlier you would have gotten an eyeful."

"Ali," Emily sputtered causing both Alison and Kira to laugh.

"My girl is sexy in the sheets, but shy in the streets," Alison said and Emily blushed deeper.

"Okay that's more information than I needed to know about my roommate. Come on let's go to dinner. Everyone is starving and dying to grill Alison about you." Kira grabbed her keys off her desk and headed back to the door.

"I think we might skip dinner then," Emily said as she shot her roommate a pointed look.

"Like hell you are. The entire pod just heard the two of you getting each other off. There is no way you are getting out of being grilled."

"Oh, god," Emily groaned as she buried her face in her pillow. Alison just stood and smoothed down her dress, unfazed. She didn't care what any of them heard. She'd missed Emily fiercely and to hell with anyone who had a problem with her showing Emily just how much. She was glad Kira was being so cool about it though because she intended to do much more than that later.

"Oh, by the way, Brandon stopped by and said Kappa Sigma is having a party tonight so we're all going." Kira pointed first at Emily then Alison. "That includes both of you. You can be alone after I leave on Wednesday."

"That sounds fun," Ali said as she brushed her hair in the mirror hanging on the wall beside Emily's desk.

Emily lifted her head and glared at her girlfriend. Alison knew how much Emily hated frat parties. Guys would always hit on her even after they found out she was gay. They seemed to get a kick out of it, after they moved beyond the whole shock that a "hot girl" like her was a lesbian; always cockily offering to entice her to the other side of the playground.

Alison tossed her brush on the bed beside Emily as she smirked. "You probably want to brush your hair before we go. You look like you just got fucked."

Kira snorted out a laugh. "I have a feeling I'm really going to like you, Alison."

Alison shared another conspiratorial smile with Kira in the mirror as she touched up her makeup. Emily saw it and groaned under her breath as she sat up and tossed her legs over the side. She tugged the brush through her tangled hair, looking around her bed for her hair tie. Her roommate and her girlfriend really needed to be kept away from one another.

Alison held a hand out and pulled Emily up. She stepped closer and pressed her soft body against Emily's taller, more toned one. "I'll make it worth your while," Alison murmured as she pressed a kiss on the corner of Emily's mouth. Emily sighed and nodded her head, unable to deny Alison anything, especially when she looked at Emily like that.

"You've got five minutes before we leave so hurry up, Emily. And you might want to button your pants before you come out," Kira suggested, her laughter echoing through the door as it closed behind her.