That was our show!

the voice rang out in the air like a death sentence. Little sally looked around frantically. Everyone was dying!

"Officer Lockstock! what do we do!" she yelled out, starting to cry. "The show's over little Sally. There is nothing to do.." said Officer Lockstock, calmly. "B-but..." started little Sally with her lip quivering. "They are dying so others can know not to follow they're path. I hate it as much as you do but life has consequences."

Little Sally just looked up at Lockstock in horror. "You did this." she whispered, before turning around and running off. "Wait! Little Sally! I don't want you to see this!" yelled Officer Lockstock. "Come back here this instant!". Little Sally was to far away to listen, not that she would. She kept running until she was away from the UGC building and at her old neighborhood. There she stopped short

'Guys? Everyone?" said Little Sally. There were bodies everywhere. Her friends didn't seem to see her. Little Sally crept through the old Amenity, clutching her stuffed bunny tighter and tighter. Tiny Tom was dry heaving over Soupy Sues' body. Blind Betty was sitting propped up against the brick. Her sunglasses were still on but she wasn't breathing. The worst was Little Becky Two shoes. She was curled up in the corner clutching her baby's lifeless hull while Hot Blades Harry tried to put his arms around his girlfriend.

Little Sally clutched her head. The world was spinning. Every single person she knew were dying in front of her. The girl who mouthed off to rich folk was sitting still with a dry heaving sound coming out as she held the hand of her dead friend. The dumb boy that would grab behinds was laying sideways, crust pouring out the side of his eye. The cops were no where to be found.

suddenly there was shouting and scuffling. Little Becky two shoes had picked up a sharp object and was pointing it at herself while Hot Blades Harry desperately tried to wrestle it away from her

"Officer Lockstock? Officer Lockstock! Daddy!" whimpered Little Sally before starting to cry. "Little Sally i'm coming!" said a voice from behind her. Little Sally ran up and wrapped her arms around Officer Lockstocks waist. "Its ok Little Sally, its ok." he whispered, stroking her hair. "You just need to learn. Everything has consequences.. Even in a musical."

"Are there consequences for playing god Officer Lockstock?" sniffled Little Sally. Officer Lockstock sighed as the powers that be sent them to the place where all narrators go after the show.

"Yes I believe they do."