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Chapter 2:

New world, new powers and new job

(Ichigo's inner world):

"So, what happened?" asked Ichigo. "How are the two of you here old man?"

"Heheh, brace yourself King," said his inner hollow. He craned his neck to face the older looking being atop the flagpole. "You want to do it, or should I do it, old man?"

Zangetsu nodded to let the hollow know that he'd do the explaining. "Ichigo," began Zangetsu. "We are no longer in your world."

One second went by. Then another.

"Haha, you're joking, right old man?" asked Ichigo, his voice strained. Zangetsu merely closed his eyes and shook his head at Ichigo.

"What?!" he exclaimed when he saw that his zanpakto was being completely serious. "What do you mean, 'no longer in my world'?" Even stranger was that, within his being, Ichigo felt like he knew that it was true.

"You were brought to this reality by a powerful being Ichigo. That being also restored your soul reaper and hollow powers, thus allowing us to return," explained Zangetsu. He then told Ichigo the basics of the new reality. About how there were various supernatural beings and factions that existed, like the angels, fallen angels and devils and their current standing with one another.

Ichigo listened to the spirit's words, his face a neutral mask. "How do you know all this old man?"

"It was the light, King," replied his hollow with a serious expression and his arms folded. A rare change from his standard, unrestrained and almost insane attitude. "The light that you touched before coming here."

"The light?" repeated a puzzled Ichigo. "How?"

"I suppose you could say that the light was kind of a gift package from the being that brought you here," his hollow clarified for him. "It fixed you up and more or less ingrained the basic information of this world into you, letting me and the old man gain that knowledge."

Ichigo took a second to let it sink in, nodding in acceptance of the response. "Where's this being now?"

"The being used up all of his strength to tear through the boundaries of reality to bring you here and restore your powers Ichigo. After that, he faded from existence," answered Zangetsu.

Ichigo's eyes widened in surprise at the answer. He then regained his composure and put his signature scowl back on his face "Why did it bring me here? I seriously doubt that it was just to give my powers back."

"It seems as though the being wished for you to finish what it had started. It made you its successor, so to speak." Zangetsu's tone wasn't analytical, as though he was guessing. It was sure and firm, as though he was stating a fact, which he was.

The young soul reaper felt some intrigue at that. "What was the being doing?"

"Similar to what you've already done. It was stopping a monstrous being from unleashing indiscriminate chaos and destruction. In the end, it sealed the chaotic being and fragmented its power into two hundred pieces. Now, it seems that the fragments have gained life of their own due to the creature's surprisingly strong will."

"So let me guess," said Ichigo after Zangetsu's explanation. "I have to now defeat these fragments and the original thing as well, right?"

"Right on the money, King. Somebody should give you a prize!" commented his hollow.

Ichigo huffed and decided to ignore his annoying white doppleganger.

"You are correct Ichigo. But there is one more thing," said Zangetsu.

"Oh he's gonna love this," said his hollow with a smirk.

"What is it?" inquired Ichigo.

"The being has also gifted you with new powers Ichigo," responded Zangetsu.

"New powers?" the yeen inquired, his interest piqued.

"Focus your mind Ichigo, feel for a new factor in your strength and will it forward," Zangetsu instructed. "Draw upon it and make it surface. This should make it materialise."

Despite not fully understanding what his zanpakto spirit was getting at, Ichigo decided to go along with it and follow his instructions. Zangetsu had aided him many times before and he trusted him, so why should now be any different?

Closing his eyes, Ichigo drew in a deep breath. He tried feeling around his power. His soul reaper powers were there, his hollow powers… and a new irregularity that had never been there before.

Though Ichigo couldn't see him, Zangetsu nodded in approval. His hollow also gave a satisfied smirk.

Ichigo deduced that the irregularity must have been what Zangetsu had been talking about. He began to draw it out, willing it to come forth and obey him. The new power seemed to happily oblige and easily flowed with no resistance. He felt a change.

"It is done Ichigo, open your eyes," instructed Zangetsu.

Ichigo did as he was told and opened his eyelids. He looked at his body to see if anything was different. He soon found his answer. His hands were now covered in identical black, vaguely skeletal armour with small and slight red highlights. The armour covered the space from the back of his hand up to just below his elbow on each arm.

"So, what does this thing do?" he asked.

"Alright King. Try not to get too surprised, alright?" began his hollow. "That nifty little thing there's called a sacred gear. They're supposed to be special powers given as a gift to some humans by God. Now, what's special about this is that it wasn't created by God. It was created by the being that brought you here, so it's a bit of an anomaly in the general system. Still with me?" Ichigo nodded affirmatively. "Good. Now, the powers of your sacred gear are lightning and fire generation and manipulation, which you can perform when you summon it. Apparently, it's called 'Shock Burner'. Don't ask me why, it just is," finished his hollow. He looked sideways and scratched his chin, a thoughtful look on his pale face. "Oh yeah, sacred gears have special modes too, called balance breaker. You get it after going through intense training with it, or when you experience a dramatic change with great emotion."

Ichigo scowled at his twin gauntlets. He then looked to his hollow.

"You know that's really great and all, but I don't see how that was supposed to be something so shocking that you'd warn me."

His inner hollow immediately gained a predatory smile. Ichigo found it rather unsettling.

"Oops, did I forget to mention it? No, your sacred gear itself isn't the 'shocking' thing, nope."

Zangetsu seemed to tense as the hollow was about to continue.

"No, what's really shocking, is that the god of the bible in this reality is DEAD."

Ichigo's eyes went so wide, a plate would have been jealous.

"Wait, WHAT?!" he shouted as his mind struggled to comprehend what he'd just heard. "Are you being freaking serious?!"

His hollow simply nodded with a smirk.

"Ichigo!" Zangetsu's tone was full of urgency, prompting said orange-haired soul reaper to immediately turn his focus to the zanpakto spirit. "That information that you just heard is highly classified. It is a closely guarded secret among the leaders of the three factions. You mustn't tell anyone, understand?"

Ichigo's face became serious. "Yeah. I won't breathe a word of it." He then gained a slight, contemplative look. "I guess it's only natural for something that big." He then looked to his gauntlets. "By the way, how do I get rid of these?" No sooner had he said that and the twin gauntlets vanished. "Oh, that's handy."

"Yeah King. You summon and dismiss your sacred gear whenever the hell you feel like it. Just by thought too, no need for any flashy call commands or motions. Hey, old man, wasn't there something else he should know?" spoke his hollow.

Zangetsu nodded at the hollow in appreciation for the reminder, not that he'd actually needed it.

"Yes. Ichigo, listen well. Your soul and your physical body have, to a certain extent, and for lack of a better term, fused in this reality." Ichigo's eyes widened yet again as Zangetsu let the revelation sink in.

"The result of this is that you can freely use your powers in your body, as well as switch between your casual clothes and your uniform whenever you want."

Ichigo's mouth formed a small smile. That sounded kind of fun!

"Well, that's actually kind of useful. Anything else I should know?"

"Yes. You've been pulled from our standard reality, but no one has noticed, due to the being's actions again." Zangetsu's face took on a sombre appearance. "I'm very sorry Ichigo, but we cannot return home. If it is any consolation, everyone's memory was altered. They believe that you sacrificed yourself in the fight against Aizen, rather than you simply being expunged from their lives."

A haunted look came over Ichigo's eyes. "What?" His shoulders trembled as he stared at Zangetsu. "Hey, there's got to be a way, right? Like, once I'm done with the task, I'll be able to return, right?" Unfortunately, neither occupant of his soul gave a reply. The spiky-haired teen's expression twisted with anger. "What the hell?! I didn't ask for this! I didn't want my powers back if it means that I have to leave everything behind!"

"The matter is no longer in our hands Ichigo," Zangetsu rebuffed with remorse. "The very existence that brought us here is irrevocably gone, destroyed by its own actions of tearing through reality."

"Why did I have to get involved in the first place?" Ichigo demanded with a shout. The sky overhead was beginning to darken, signifying the possible onset of rain.

"Quit your whining King!" his hollow suddenly countered fiercely, drawing his focus. "We know that this isn't ideal, but there's nothing that can be done!" He folded his arms and glared at the orange-haired substitute. "Now make your choice. You can either carry on snivelling like a pathetic insect, or you can walk on and make the best of what we've got."

Ichigo's eyes remained sad for a moment before he made an effort to school his features and reign in his negativity. "Well, at least I wasn't wiped out from their memories, or something," he replied with a noticeably strained, melancholic smile. "I suppose this could be used a fresh start. The lack of action was really getting to me too, I guess." Zangetsu nodded in agreement and to show his support for Ichigo. Even his hollow had given a single, resolute nod with his eyes closed.

His inner hollow then spoke to him.

"Hey, King. Once you wake up and go from here, you'll be in an apartment, more like a freakin' comfy house, that the being set up for you. He also got you registered at the local school as a transfer student. You know, if you look at it all, he's pretty much sorted out everything for you. You got enough cash to last three lifetimes."

"I guess I owe him thanks, even though he's not around anymore." Ichigo smirked. At least his forced translocation hadn't been a half-baked job that would have left him flying by the seam of his pants in a desperate scramble to secure himself a stable residence.

Suddenly, Ichigo became bathed in a blue light, signalling that he was about to leave his inner world. He looked to the two spirits residing within him. Each gave him a nod in farewell before he vanished.

"So," began the hollow. "A new world, new powers and new job, huh?"

"Yes," replied Zangetsu.

"I guess this could be kinda fun."

"What do you intend to do?"

"Ah, don't sweat it old man. I'm not gonna do anything. I'm just interested in this situation. I'll lend King my power when he needs it, after all, that's the horse's job, right?"


"Relax, I won't do anything to Ichigo. I haven't done anything to him in ages. I saved him against that Ulquiorra guy, remember?"

"Very, well. I'll take your word for it."

(Ichigo's apartment: Ichigo's room):

The orange-haired teen opened his eyes to find himself in a room identical to his original one. A smile crossed his face.

"My old room, huh? That's rather nice." He checked his clock. It was already Sunday night, 11:10pm. "I guess I'd better go to sleep. Don't want to be late on the first day of school after all."

He then changed into a set of pyjamas with the number 15 emblazoned on the back and climbed into bed. He thought over his current predicament. This place would be his home from now on. Swallowing the bitter taste from recalling the more negative aspects, he closed his eyes, then slipped into the world of dreams.

(Dimensional gap):

A black-haired girl dressed in a gothic Lolita fashion suddenly perked, ignoring the annoyingly noisy red dragon for once. Just moments ago, she'd felt around two hundred presences appear seemingly out of nowhere. Soon after, she felt another presence that seemed to just pop into existence. All were powerful existences of varying degrees. This confused the girl greatly.

"What… is going on?" she quietly asked herself.

The large red dragon who was performing stunts in the air had also noticed the numerous presences.

'So,' though Great Red. 'You split it apart and brought a successor huh?'

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