Au- Jane Foster becomes a Star Sapphire

Based off a tumblr prompt and an idea I can't get out of my head. I based it a bit off the comics, the 2011 Green Lantern movie and the animated Green Lantern cartoon withy own personal touches. If there's anything I got wrong please notify me so I can fix it as soon as possible.

Also this is after the Avengers and let's pretend Thor the Dark World didn't happen so I can make this story. And one more thing, Coulson is alive. I hope you enjoy!

Update 8/4/14: I revised it a bit and added a few things

It was just another normal day at the lab. After the attack on New York SHIELD had made Jane an offer to come work for them. She was hesitant at first but working for SHIELD meant she could get all the resources she needed to build an Einstein-Rosen bridge. And the pay wasn't bad either. It also meant she could work closer with Thor, whenever he was around. That was her first thought when the offer came up but recently she felt like she wouldn't see him again. Back in New Mexico he had promised to return to her and show her Asgard after he had fought Loki. That was a while ago and weeks after that Jane had worried something might've happened to Thor. Then she realized she'd always been naive. She tried her best to stop thinking about him but the kiss and his promise were stuck in her head. Jane knew that she'd experienced this type of love sickness before. But somehow it felt different. It was like maybe they could be together and make it work. It wasn't until she was suddenly moved to an observatory in Norway she rethought about him. She didn't know why she was moved until some random agent retrieved her and explained the situation. Coulson couldn't be there due to medical injuries but he was gonna be okay. Apparently Thor's brother, Loki had stolen the tesseract from SHIELD and tried to use it to take over the world. He failed though when he was defeated by the Avengers. For a split second she thought Thor was at least coming to say hi but he had to leave with Loki. At that point she knew she had to stop waiting for him and move on.

SHIELD had given her her own lab and a few new assistants after Darcy left to go back to the university. She'd missed her but it was nice to have qualified help that understood her level of science. Now she was looking through her data until a loud noise came from outside. She looked out of the window to see one of the quinjets landing. A man in a black suit and agents stepped off and entered the building.

"Doctor Foster?" a familiar voice came from the door as it opened, it was Coulson. "Agent Coulson hello" Jane said as she got up and tried to clean up her cluttered notes "Is there something that you need?" "Yes thats why I came here" he leaned on the table across from her, "A meteorite crashed on to Earth not twenty-four hours ago." Jane looked surprised "A meteorite that's unusual but I know you wouldn't have come to me if it was just some ordinary meteor." Coulson sighed "We don't know what it is but it isn't normal. We want you to come with us and check it out. More importantly Fury wants you to come check it out." He got up and walked over to her, "Please Doctor Foster, you're our top scientist in astrophysics. I'll explain if you come." Jane sighed and gave in, she didn't have much to do here anyway. They walked outside where other agents were waiting for them and got in the quinjet.

"So what does Fury want me to see?" she asked as she buckled herself in while Coulson held on by a strap from the ceiling. He handed her a file and explained as she went through it. "We have no idea what it is. It landed in the Mojave desert in southeastern California. It gives off moderate gamma radiation so Banner will be there as well. It also gives off high energy readings. Nothing harmful but we want to make sure." Jane listened until her eyes landed on one of the photos. "Is this it?" It was a very small but a bright purplish colored object lodged in a rock. "Yes it is. We've asked Dr. Selvig what it is but he didn't know anything about it." Jane looked up, "Yes he'll be there. Agent Romanoff will be there as well. I'm sure you've heard of her?" Jane nodded and continued to look through the file, "Coulson, what's so special about this meteorite, thats what I really want to know."

Coulson gripped the strap he had in his hand as the quinjet swerved, they were nearing their destination. "Well the thing is it doesn't allow people to go near it. It's like it has a mind of it's own, like the tesseract. Or maybe even Asgardian" She mentally flinched at the last word. Coulson had told her Thor worried and asked about her. Even then he thought he cared even a little but she needed to move on. That caught her attention, "What do you mean by that and what do you mean a mind of its own?" He shook his head, "What I mean is it doesn't allow males to go within a few miles from it. But it's a different story for women, they can freely go near it but not too close. And we don't know if it has the same abilities as the tesseract. That's why we want you to figure it out." She nodded and waited for the quinjet to land.

They arrived at their destination and immediately driven to their base. It was similar to the one in Puente Antiguo. She went inside with Coulson to find Erik and Banner looking at the gamma readings and energy signatures on the computer. "Jane!" Erik cried making Banner look up, "You're here!" Banner came from behind and shook her hand, "You're Dr. Foster of the Foster theory, the one with the worm holes right?" She smiled "Why yes I am and you're Dr. Banner the 'pioneer of gamma radiation'." He laughed, "Yes thats me call me Bruce please. And are you here for the strange meteorite?" She nodded, "Well call me Jane then." Coulson coughed, "Dr. Foster I'm sorry to interrupt you but we would like for you to analyze the wreckage as soon as possible. If you would please come with me." He gestured her to follow him outside to one of the many black vans parked outside. Natasha and Maria were there waiting for them. "Dr. Foster, Agent Hill and I will be escorting you to the wreckage site." Natasha explained, "Please come with us its not far from here, Dr. Selvig you can come as well." She got in the car as Jane and Erik said their goodbyes and Erik telling her once again to be careful. She assured her father figure that she would be safe and drove off.

The arrived at the site, not far from the base. It was surrounded by soldiers and gates guarding the site. The site was just like the one in Puente Antiguo as well, large plastic walls and tubes around it with a makeshift lab for her inside. What she also noticed was that everyone in the area was female just as Coulson said. It must have been some powerful object to do an odd thing like that. It was powerful nonetheless and she had to find out why.

They entered the lab to find a few lab assistants already there to help. Maria asked them of any changes in it's "behavior", Natasha turned on a laptop as Jane got ready. "Dr. Foster I'll be coming with you as you investigate the meteor." She looked up, "Just Jane please, so Coulson gave me a bodyguard?" Natasha shook her head "No, not exactly that's Agent Hills job. Since Dr. Banner and Dr. Selvig are unable to be here Coulson they have to do their own work via laptop camera." So I won't be working alone then, Jane thought disappointed. It was an honor working with a man like Dr. Banner but she wanted to work alone. She grabbed her equipment and followed Maria and Natasha to the meteor.

They had built the base around the fallen meteor due to the fact they could go only as six feet from it. They stood on the balcony so they looked down on it. Maria went off to the side so not to get in their way. The laptop had turned on to see Coulson along with Bruce and Erik. "Can you guys hear me well?" "Loud and clear," Jane answered a she turned on her scanner. Coulson went on about what her job was but she tried to ignore him as she bent over slightly on the railing, trying to get the scanner close to the meteor. The gamma rays were very moderate almost low, nothing dangerous. But she felt like there was something off. The air around it felt stronger than she first walked in. Both agents must've felt it too hearing them stiffen and Maria's hand going to her gun holster. Natasha felt it as well the air growing heavier. She told Coulson while Jane took a deep breath to calm herself, she needed to focus. "Is this the closest someone can get to it?" She asked Natasha, she nodded.

Jane looked back on her scanner to see the energy getting stronger the closer she got. Out of the corner of her eye she saw a ladder that led to the ground and headed to it. "Jane? Jane what are you doing?" Natasha asked her beginning to follow, on the computer Coulson asked the same thing. "The energy readings are growing stronger I need to see why." She ignored their protest stepped down from the ladder and step by step went near it. Natasha went after her, "Jane please come back this is as far as anyone can get." She began to go after her but an invisible wall stopped her from going anywhere. Jane however had no problem at all and both women were astonished. She took this as a sign to keep going, the readings getting more and more stronger going near the meteor. "Jane I don't know how this is happening please be careful" the agent shouted after her.

She assured her and went closer. She could see it better now, it just like the pictures. A big rock with a glowing purple crystal like object in it. She had never heard of a meteor like this before. And did it look like it was moving? It was moving, like the purple crystal inside want to break free. At this point everyone noticed and told Jane to withdraw. But she didn't, she was too fascinated to listen, curse her stubborn scientific curiosity. "Dr. Foster please step away now!" Coulson shouted from the laptop. She wasn't listening, she was too hypnotized by the crystal. Her hand went towards it, getting closer and closer, almost touching it. Erik and Natasha began shouting, Maria came down trying to stop her but the same invisible wall blocked her. At the same time Jane's hand was only inches away from it, her finger about to skim its smooth glowing surface until, "Jane! No, please stop!" Erik's voice overpowered the shouting as thunder cracked outside. Jane withdrew her hand and shook her head. She was breathing heavily. She quickly stepped back apologizing.

"It's all right Jane. Just come with us now." Natasha said calmly trying to coax her away from the meteor. Jane lifted her hand towards her face and was about to go but all of a sudden something out of the purple crystal flew out of it's rocky prison and landed on Jane's hand. It liquified itself and formed it around Jane's ring finger to make a ring. Panicking she tried to yank it off but it wouldn't budge. It then glowed purple and created a purplish pink energy around her. At this point Maria was calling for backup but none of that mattered now because Jane was being lifted up in the air. Both of the agents stared up in wonder before snapping back to their senses.

Meanwhile Jane tore through the plastic ceiling and flew towards the sky. A purple-pink field materialized around her as she flew to the sky disappearing into the clouds.

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