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Ghia'ta led a nervous Jane to an empty training room. She hadn't expected to train for God sake, she was a scientist! Having an alien ring choose you to make you some weird universe protector was the last thing she expected.

"Now," her new teacher began "we will start with the basics. Is there anything you already know?" Jane cleared her throat and stepped back. Raising her right hand, clenching it and pointed it to one of the practice dummies. Concentrating hard she managed to shoot a pink energy beam and hit her target.

Ghia'ta clapped her hands, "Excellent! I see you know the basics. Let's see if you can hit more." Jane hit the next four dummies before sweat formed on her brow.

"Jane you are overexerting yourself. You can't be putting so much energy in your attacks. Your power must come from your heart." The alien warrior sat in front of her urging her student to do the same. "Here is your first lesson; summon and control your love. Sit here and meditate. It will replenish your energy and while you do so try and channel your love. That is how you'll become stronger."

Jane obeyed, closing her eyes concentrating to find love in the confines of her heart. It wasn't extremely hard but it was easier said than done. She sighed having trouble "channeling her love". She didn't know how to harness her emotions. Wasn't love just a mixture of chemicals such as oxytocin and serotonin? Sure that didn't sound romantic but she was a scientist.

Ghia'ta knew that Jane was having some trouble. Training was never easy "To summon your love try to think of the people you love. It could be friends, family anyone. Just as long as there's love. Then think of the feeling of love. How does it feel to be loved and to love someone. When you have that feeling try to expand that feeling all over your body, like a flowing river."

With those words Jane restarted again. She began with the people she loved and was happy with. Her father and her uncle Leon to start with. She smiled of the warm memories she had with them. She could faintly feel the love coursing through her body. It was nice and beautiful. Jane could feel her ring glow brighter and continued on with her list. Erik and Darcy made it on there and she kept thinking. She could faintly feel the love coursing through her body. And Thor, maybe? Did she love him? She didn't know but why did he appear to her? She felt the stream of love falter a bit and stopped thinking about Thor. It steadied into an easy pace quickly afterwards. Then she stood up, the ring glowing bright as ever and her eyes turned to a light magenta color. She raised her fist to the dummies obliterating them with one blast each.

"You have now passed your first lesson." Ghia'ta congratulated her. "Now here is you next lesson." More dummies appeared, some stood up and others on the ground. "Lesson two: Ring abilities. Now that you've learned to harness your love you must now use it to power your ring. Let's start with something really simple. Try to move one of those dummies over there." Jane took a deep breath and pointed the ring to her target. A beam of violet light struck one of the dummies and she slowly lifted it up. After a minute of it floating in the air she let it down. Ghi'ta nodded, seemingly pleased.

"My aunt explained to you a few of the things we can do such as the energy blasts you know how to do. But there is also a force field generation." Without warning Ghia'ta blasted an energy beam towards her. Instinctively, Jane held up her arm and the ring created a pink energy force field, similar to the one when she first put on the ring. It broke away after it was blasted but reappeared again and again as Ghia'ta attacked.

"That is a weak shield Jane. You must strengthen your love more to ensure your shield won't break!" She jumped and was lifted into the air. She was hovering above Jane as her eyes glowed magenta. "You can also make light constructs. Your love turns thought into reality. To master the ring you must learn to focus your will and create what you see in your mind. That means the ring can manipulate light into whatever the user wishes." The light from her ring materialized into a big fist coming down to crush Jane. Luckily the said woman was able to summon a shield strong enough to withstand Ghia'tas strength. But she was stronger than Jane due to years of practice and training. She retracted the fist and replaced it with a rock. It was about to crush Jane as she was bending down, her feet stomping holes on the ground. The rock disappeared and she used that time to turn and blast her attacker.

Ghia'ta was caught off guard and got hit. Jane used that time again to make a giant hammer and hit her until she crashed into the wall. She came out unharmed and laughing, "Jane you are quite the fast learner. It seems like we should move on to more of the basic ring skills."


Tony arrived at the scene within half an hour. It was 3 in the morning so it was very dark but the makeshift base was ever busy. Scientists and soldiers scurried around taking data and collecting samples. It looked like they were ready to leave. He walked in and was led by some agents to a room. Inside was the rest of the Avengers, including Thor and Coulson.

"Hey He-man, heard you were back!" Tony playfully punched Thor's arm. He acknowledged his friend and weakly greeted him. He looked tense, like he was worried about something. "So what happened here that made Fury call us?" He asked, taking off his helmet.

Coulson hugged a binder to his chest, "A meteorite crashed on Earth about twenty-fours hours ago. Due to it's unusual behaviour warding off males but permitting females, we had Dr. Foster investigate it. But something happened." Natasha then turned on one of the big computer monitors. Footage of what happened played. From Natasha explaining her job, to Jane climbing down to examine the wreckage, to their shouts and warnings and, finally to her being pulled into the clouds.

The entire time Thor felt guilty. If only he had come sooner. Then perhaps he could have stopped this from happening. Steve saw him and put a hand on his shoulder for comfort.

"Unfortunately, we have no idea where she is." Bruce sighed wiping his glasses with the ends of his purple shirt. "Thor have you got an idea where she might be? Or seen anything like this? Could this be Loki's doing?" Everyone tensed at the sound of the mischief makers name.

Thor shook his head, "No, Loki is in Asgard, locked away in the dungeons. He is heavily guarded so it is not him. And I don't believe I've seen anything like this before. Although it does seem a bit familiar but I don't remember why." There was a sigh of relief. No one wanted an incident like New York to happen again.

"Well that still doesn't answer our question, does it? Where is Dr. Foster then?" Clint piped up "Is it possible to move the meteorite to the helicarrier to examine it further. I mean since we're all so close to it that means we can all near it."

Coulson thought about it and nodded. He ordered a few agents to prepare the quinjets and ready the meteorite for transport.

"And judging from the video, something came out of the crystal in the meteorite and attached itself to Jane. Maybe we can slow down the video to see what it was on the helicarrier " Steve suggested

Stark and Banner agreed to that and everyone started moving into the quinjets. Once everything was packed and ready they flew to the helicarrier.

An hour later they landed on the huge craft on the Atlantic ocean. Maria who had gone earlier than them to inform Fury of the situation at hand was there to greet them. When they were all inside the "ship" flew off the water. She led them the main control room where Fury was there waiting for them.

"Well any news of how we can get Dr. Foster back?" A chorus of "no" was his answer. "Well do we have anything at all? Any good news?" "We have the video footage and the meteorite. We were planning on examining it further here until Dr. Foster comes back." Clint replied

"Good that's a start. Agent Hill bring the meteorite to the lab, Stark and Banner will come with you later." Maria left to go to the lab as Natasha replayed the video so Fury could see. "Stop there" he said at the part where an object flew out of the crystal and attached itself to Jane. The video was paused at the scene where the object was on her finger. "Zoom in and enhance the image." The picture zoomed in on Jane's finger. It was purple in color and small. It looked like a ring.

"It's a ring. Is there a way to see if it has any symbols on it?" Steve asked. Natasha clicked on the ring using a pad that was connected to the monitor the video played on. They had a full view of the ring and there was one distinct symbol on it. He reclicked again and a picture of the symbol popped up. It looked like a small twinkling star.

"What is that? Some kind of weird ancient alien rune or something?" Tony exclaimed

"I am not, son of Stark. Although I do not recognize this symbol. Yes I remember now. I believe I have an idea of what it may be." Thor said in realization

"Wait a second, does that mean you know what this is?" Banner voiced hopefully

The thunder god shook his head. "No not entirely. It was many years ago when I was younger and I roamed the realms, seeking glory and battle. I was with my friends and Loki, back when he wasn't so well, bitter." He paused for a second, choosing his words carefully. "We were in a tavern enjoying ourselves while a man sat next to us. No not a man, more of a creature really. A behemoth of a creature. I introduced myself though he wasn't very friendly. He only started talking after a few drinks. He said he was of a group called the Lantern corps I believe and he wore the same ring. But the color of it was green not purple. And the ring symbol was different"

"You got a name for this guy?" Fury interrupted. Thor thought for a second, "Hmmm, it was long ago. If I could recall correctly it was Kilowog. Strange name and even stranger creature."

"So did this Kilowog guy talk about or explain to you what the lantern corps are? They sound like a military group." Natasha asked blowing up the image

"I'm sorry but no. We did not talk much and he did not say anything much." Thor sighed disappointed

"Is there any way of contacting him. Did he give you a location?" Tony leaned back on his seat. He had taken off his armor as soon as they got on the helicarrier

"Unfortunately that was the last I saw of him." He raked his hands through his hair. This was getting difficult.

Steve tilted his head in slight confusion, "But how is this related to what happened to Jane?"

"Later on that night a fight arose in the tavern. Being reckless at that age we joined in on the fight and so did Kilowog. He turned out to be very powerful, using his ring he made objects out of green light. I thought he was some kind of magician or sorcerer. The light was similar to the one that took Jane."

"So we got practically no leads to Dr. Foster whatsoever is what you're saying." Fury sighed "Other than this Kilowog you met and had similar abilities to what happened to her."

"I guess so, what do we do then?" Clint said "Nothing, for now." Fury answered

"What! Jane may be in danger and you choose to sit here and do nothing!" Thor roared. There was a crack thunder outside. Not really good for a craft made of metal to be in the air.

"Thor nothing is what we can do. You know we don't have any leads and you can't find this Kilowog dude. All that's left is examine the meteorite. Maybe we can find something there." Tony stood up trying to calm him down. He was right, Thor didn't know where to start looking for her.

"For once Stark's right" Fury began as the billionaire smirked, "Go to the lab and check out the meteorite. Meeting adjourned." He walked away

Everyone stood up and left. Natasha and Clint went to some guest rooms for some rest. It had been hours since they'd slept. Steve went to the training room. While the rest headed to the lab.

When they got there the meteorite was waiting for them. It was medium sized, about three feet in height and was very heavy. Only the outer part was gray and bumpy, there was a cracked hole that must've come off in impact to the earth's surface, big enough so it was showing the inside of it. It was a pink shining crystal and another tinier hole that used to contain the purple ring that caused the whole problem.

Stark and Banner got to work. "Yo Dr. Jekyll got anything?" Tony munched on snacks while he was going over the data from the base.

"Well I took a piece of the rock and analyzed it. It's made up your typical stony meteorite, silicate minerals and such. But it formed around the mineral. Meaning, the crystal must've been through space long enough for the rock to form around it. And judging by the density, it's been up there for a while now. Speaking of the crystal I took another sample of it to see what it was made of. It's practically unidentifiable. Look at the data." He pointed to the computer.

Stark went to see, "Huh, you're right. This thing has natural organic elements from where it came from and other basic minerals."

Meanwhile as the Stark and Banner talked of science the two men sat in the background conversing. Thor overheard what the scientists were saying and sighed. "Jane is taken away and I was not here to at least prevent it. It is my fault, I know I should've returned to her earlier." "Hey don't beat yourself over it big guy, it isn't your fault, If its anyones fault, blame me. I was the one who asked her to come down and examine it." Coulson said trying to comfort his friend. He'd been in this situation before last time Thor visited. He never thought he'd have to relive it.

Thor shook his head, "It is not your fault Son of Coul. I do not mean to distress you with my worries." The SHIELD agent chuckled, "Hey, I care about her too y'know. I told her what you said and why you couldn't stay. She was really disappointed but you've met her. She's a strong woman who can take care of herself."

Well he had to agree with that. She was a feisty woman and had alot of spirit. All he could hope for now was to pray to the Allfather she was safe and would come home soon.

He leaned back and stretched, trying to contain a yawn. It was getting late in Midgard and Thor was exhausted from fighting the marauders and traveling between different worlds. But it was useless as Coulson saw it. "Come on, you must be tired from everything that happened today. We have rooms in the helicarrier where you can sleep. Don't worry we'll wake you up if there's any updates of Dr. Foster's whereabouts." Thor thanked him and left the room leaving the men at work.

Tony eyed the meteorite, walking around it and taking in it's size. "Wow this is big. You said that the rock formed around the crystal right?"

Bruce was looking down on his notes sipping his coffee, "Yeah."

Tony leaned over it and gently knocked on the rock, "Do you think it'd be cool with Fury if we could bust it open?"

He coughed up the hot liquid, "What!? Of course not, no!"

"Oh come on, Bruce! Have some fun! Im pretty sure Patchy the Pirate won't mind. I mean he gave it to us so what's the harm?" The billionaire leaned on the table trying not to dirty up his AC/DC shirt. He changed out of his suit earlier and stored it in a safe place.

"No Tony. I don't think we're allowed to and Fury will care and I'm not getting in trouble!" The scientist exclaimed putting his mug down.

"Bruce," he started to reason "look at the size of that thing. I think it's a little too big for just one tiny ring. Who knows what could be in there. And even if there's nothing we can't not see. You're a scientist, aren't you suppose to chase down all the answers or something. Or that's what Jane says. Anyway aren't you a little bit curious?"

Bruce pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. "Curiosity killed the cat, y'know."

"But satisfaction brought it back," Tony scoffed "what's your point?"

It was hard arguing with Tony Stark, the living man-child. At that point he realized there was no use fighting it.

"What the hell" he threw his arms up "go ahead. But you're taking the blame when Fury hears about this."

Tony ignored the last comment and cheered. He went out and asked an agent for the tools. Not five minutes later a disc cutter big enough for the meteorite was wheeled in. He looked on it with delight giddy as a child.

They both put on protective goggles and Tony pulled on his gloves turning on the tool. It wirred loudly making Bruce step back more to avoid any flying debris. Tony pressed the disc blade slowly to the meteorites surface, making a clean deep line. He created a few more deep lines across the top to make sure it would open. He turned it off and set it down, grabbing a chisel in the process.

"Bruce, if you would do the honors?" He handed it to him. Bruce took it and inserted the tool in between the cracked surface. With a few twists and turns, a small part of the rock fell off revealing a gleaming crystal. He continued to do his work until most of the rock came off and only the crystal remained. They cleared the rock debris off the table and stared in marvel at the sight before them.

Tony had been unknowingly right. There was another thing trapped in the pink crystal other than the ring. It was purple, the same color of the ring. But this thing was bigger, it was about a foot tall. It looked familiar, like something they both have seen before at one point in their lives Bruce and Tony both realized why their finding was so oddly familiar and ran out of the room, looking for Fury.

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