Okay, this is where I take suggestions of cats and kill them very violently. It can be anyone, from Nightwhisper to Mosskit to Halftail. It doesn't matter if they have already died. You can also suggest who will kill them. This can be an OC with any weapon. First up is Tigerstar.

Tigerstar was wandering around The Dark Forest, minding his own business. A cat crept along behind him, keeping to the shadows. Tigerstar reached the murky brown lake that stood out in a clearing under the starless sky.

The cat followed, resting In a shadowed hollow under a large, leafless pine tree. The shecat knew why she was hear, to get revenge on the mate that had cheated on her, then tried to turn her precious kits evil.

It all happened instantly. The soft golden shecat lept at the tom, and they rolled over in a squirming ball. They eventually stopped rolling, with the shecat crouching on top of Tigerstar.

She looked down with triumph at Tigerstar. Very slowly and carefully, she clawed at the base of his tail, moving her claw across it like a knife.

The tail came off quickly, a long wormlike tube that was covered in blood. Tigerstar was screaming, a long, high-pitched scream that echoed through The Place Of No Stars. But no one heard him, no one came to rescue him.

The shecat then started on his left back paw. By the time the lifeless, blood red mass of muscle relaxed and fell with a soft thud on the forest floor, the sound had changed to a whimpering sob.

The shecat realised it was time to finish him. She rolled him into the murky waters of the sluggish river, ignoring his protests as his head went under. He disappeared under the water, and all that was left of him were bubbles, which stopped not long after he entered.

The triumphant shecat walked back into Starclan, where no one know of the murder that she had just committed. In the forest, she was feared. In Starclan (in case you have not already guessed), she was Goldenflower.

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