His dark pelt blended in to the night sky. Suddenly, he burst out of the heather and in pursuit of the rabbit, bounding across the moors in long, lengthy strides, unaware of the silver shadow following him.

He caught the rabbit, and was about to give it the killing bite, when some sixth sense alerted him. He was being watched.

He let the rabbit go and turned around, sinking his claws into the ground and arching his back. It took him completely by surprise, bowling into his back as he turned the other way.

He was caught on his back, wriggling around as he tried to free himself from her. She drew her claws out and slashed up his stomach, making lots of thin, deep lines across his stomach that immediately began welling blood.

He screeched in pain and lashed out at his attacker.

She calmly shoved him to the side mercilessly, and to his horror he realised there was no ground beneath him. He fell 100 tail lengths into the water, the force causing him to sink. Bubbles escaped his mouth as he desperately tried to breathe.

Feathertail saw the bubbles from atop the cliff, punishing Crowfeather for moving on after her. She turned her back and walked off, as the last bubbles rose to the surface.

Crowfeather was gone forever.