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Wonderful Wonder World

~ Chapter One: Freak Incident ~

Shadows covered the ground at a straight up and down angle, meaning that it was noon. Some of those shadows blended quickly and some slowly as the marshmallow clouds overhead passed over the yellowish-orange ball of sunshine. A breeze as delicate as the lovely flowers surrounding the castle grounds blew, playfully pawing at Yuuri's sweat soaked strands of black hair, hair that stuck to the back and sides of his neck, his forehead and every single inch of his head.

Yuuri Shibuya, the newly appointed King of the Demon Tribe, stood at an invisible plate he and Conrart, his God father, had made inside their minds. Sweat dripped from his soaked hair all the way down his forehead and he quickly wiped it away just before it had been about to fall into his right eye and burn it with all its salted glory. "Okay, I'm ready," he told Conrart as he repositioned himself.

Conrart Weller stood ready to pitch the baseball to Yuuri. "Right." He nodded and unleashed a powerful underhand.

The two had been at it since midmorning. Gunter von Christ, Yuuri's dear scholar, was commanded by the lovely scientist, Anissina von Karbelnikoff, to be the test subject since Gwendal von Voltaire was nowhere to be seen.

Meanwhile, back inside the castle, Wolfram von Bielefelt wandered about the castle halls in search of his accidental fiancé, whom he hadn't seen all morning, grumbling and anyone could have sworn his head was on fire at that very moment as steam rushed out of every single opening in his face. "Yuuri, where the heck are you?!" I swear, if you got yourself into some stupid situation, you cursed wimp, I'm gonna… He thought that as he stomped about.

A very real looking scene appeared in front of him and he jumped back as if he had been slapped. He stared wide-eyed at what looked to be a fire out of nowhere. C-Could this even be real?! It took him a moment to notice that he was surrounded by the beautiful, powerful flames and when he finally did notice, it was too late and he found himself to be snuffed out as if he were a candle. Eyes closed, down he went, landing with a sickening thud.

Pitch black darkness plowed itself all around him. Funny thing, though, fire was supposed to be unbearably hot, yet that fire was unsettling comfortable. Laughter echoed amongst the walls of his mind as he floated there amid the pitch black darkness. His brain gradually woke itself. HUH?!

Unbeknownst to Wolfram, he spiraled down from the heavens at neck-breaking speed, into a world entirely unfamiliar to him or any of those he knew. He had been transported via a powerful portal randomly created by his fire wielding magical powers, a feat that one wouldn't know whether it was good or bad.

It was at that point when a young woman just so happened to have been out on her daily run through town. Even though she was only four feet and eleven inches tall and weighed one-hundred-twenty pounds at the most, she still continued to show that awesome resilient spirit of hers. It never mattered how small she was, her heart was triple her size. She was always very compassionate and never hesitated to help out a person or an animal in need.

That very woman noticed a flash of a mass in the sky above her, just within her eyesight. Huh? Her first instinct was to think that it was an air craft of some sort. It wasn't so uncommon to witness an airplane or a helicopter soaring over the land. She changed her mind within a split second when she realized that it looked way too weird to be an aircraft. "EEEK, what the heck?!"

Suddenly, with startling revelation, she noticed that the shadow closed in on her and quickly grew into some color. She didn't know what to do and so she just held her arms out towards the sky. Blonde hair, thick eyelashes, pale skin, a royal blue military suit with a little trinket or two attached to it, brown military boots and a sword in its sheath flashed before her.

The person, Wolfram, unknown to the world he had just emerged, tumbled into the young woman's arms at such a speed that it knocked her off her feet. Her stomach did a swoop upward and her heart did a swoop downward. It wasn't fear because she felt perfectly content and she had way too many encounters with death. It was thrill because she felt as if she were on a nice rollercoaster ride.

Her back smacked the black topped road, her teeth rattling as a painful shock made its way through her body. When she heard the racket of a muffler not bent or had been home made and music that blared, she didn't give herself time to lie there in pain.

She moved the person slightly further down her body to her lower stomach so that she could free herself just enough to sit up using her elbows. As soon as she sat up, she slipped her arms through the person's arms, stood and dragged him off into the grass on the side of the road.

The truck sped pass as she helped the person into a standing position with his weight supported with her body. "Oh boy, daddy's gonna wonder about this," she mumbled to herself with a sigh and an eye roll. How on earth am I going to explain this to him?! She recited inside her mind, Oh, hi, well, you see, this person…he just…kinda…ya know…came…from…the…sky…? As if she had already spoken those very same words aloud to her father, she made a face and rapidly shook her head from side to side. Bleh, nice try! He won't buy it.

Wolfram groaned as he slowly opened his eyes. His stomach flipped and he paled. What is this? He couldn't figure out why he felt like he could throw up any second. Sweat drenched his body and it was difficult to breathe, as if the heat itself was pushing down on him.

The young woman felt a rush of relief, for she had no idea how she would get the person up the yard long driveway all on her own. He wasn't chubby, but he was too heavy for her to actually even half way carry him along. "Oh, you're awake? I'm sorry, but you're too heavy for me to even half way carry you along. Are you able to stand and walk on your own?" For a moment, she stared at nothing in particular in the distance in front of her, her face stricken with worry that she wouldn't be of any use to the person beside her, leaning on her left.

"Yeah." The person spoke in a cocky manner. Nothing personal, he was like that with everyone.

The young woman loosened her grip on him and he leaned off of her and stood beside her. Blue eyes met green eyes and remained that way for a moment as they searched for answers to so many questions. "So, mind telling me who you are and what you're doing here," the young woman finally asked.

He hesitated for a moment or two, wondering if he should trust this woman. She's a stranger and I'm in a very strange world. He wondered if she could be one of those humans who absolutely despised the demon tribe. "You go first," he finally decided.

The young woman sighed. "Okay, well, my name is Fleur Couer." She loved her name. It was pretty and she had a thing for flowers, butterflies and dragonflies.

He realized he really had no choice in the matter and for the moment, he saw no evil in the young woman. "My name is Wolfram von Bielefelt." His words hung in the air around him and Fleur in a pregnant pause.

Fleur's small pink lips parted in an o and she pointed her right index finger in Wolfram's direction. Waving that very same arm, she squalled in excitement, awe and maybe even a little bit of jealousy, "Hey, wait just a cod pickin' second! A-Aren't you…like…a prince or something?!" Oh my, I absolutely must be dreaming!

Wolfram grinned, flipped his blonde hair out of his eyes and released a chuckle. "Well, I guess you could say that. I mean, I am a part of royalty lineage." What a weird creature.

Fleur pinched herself hard. "Huh? I can feel pain in this dream?" She smacked herself with the palms of her hands, one on each cheek, and then she pulled at her cheeks, squeezing them between the tips of her fingers. She even turned around and began to walk away.

"Ahem! I'm still here," Wolfram called out to her.

She stopped, turned around and walked the few steps back to him. "Oh, forgive my rude behavior!"

"What are you up to," a voice called out. Her father stood there at the edge of the highest portion of the driveway just before it flattened out where the vehicles were parked. The tall, thin man stared down at her. I could have sworn I told her this morning to unload and reload the dishwasher!

Fleur glanced at him out of the corners of her eyes. Her father just absolutely made her squirm. He had no mercy at all when it came to his daughter. If she thought she was sweating a lot before, she was really sweating under the pressure created by her very own father. She ever so slightly nudged the person who fell from the sky in the side with her elbow.

Wolfram looked at her for a moment. I should say something. I mean, she helped me after all. He approached the man with confidence. "Sir. I must apologize for the intrusion. I'm Wolfram von Bielefelt…f-from…England! Yeah, that's right, from England! I'm a…a…" He couldn't come up with anything. Heat rose up his neck and into his face. "I'm her husband."

Fleur about fell flat on her face right then and there and she had the impulse to run off for a bit just simply to think about her current situation. Could he have come up with anything better?!

Her father glared at them. "When was this decided?" I've never even seen this boy before, let alone spoke to him. How did Fleur get to know him? How long has she even known him?

The young woman gulped and she stood there frozen on the spot. It was such a wonder her parents had such influence on her. People her own age, both genders, told their parents exactly what they thought and why. "U-Um, dad," she squeaked.

Wolfram still buzzed with the shock of what had tumbled out of his mouth without warning. I don't even know where I am! Mentally, he kicked himself in the rear and scolded himself.

Fleur's father continued to glare at them, no sign of stopping anytime soon. "Just what on earth were you thinking, Fleur?!"

Fleur could only stand there and tremble while making weird sounds. She may as well have been a robot that had lost control and was broken from the inside out. She sure behaved like one.

Wolfram quickly grew tired of a daughter who just couldn't stand there and confidently fabricate a story to satisfy her father and a father who wouldn't let off his daughter. With a frustrated sigh, he walked over towards Fleur, stopped and stood beside her and took her hand in his. "I apologize for the short notice, sir!"

Fleur leaned close to the ear nearest her and shielded her lips with her free hand. "Hey. What about the wedding band? Won't he notice," she whispered. With that, her arm fell and her hand bounced against her side.

"Just follow my lead," he mumbled, barely opening his mouth. He had no idea why he was doing what he was doing and he thought about his fiancé. Wouldn't I be the one flirting this time? Wouldn't Yuuri get upset with me?

"Oh. Okay." She nodded, her blonde bob bouncing about on her head. Her small, pink lips turned heavenward into a smile as she closed her eyes against the soothing wind.

Wolfram leaned closer to her and lightly placed his lips upon hers. All the while, he considered the good he was doing by doing what he was doing. Maybe she's not so innocent. Even so, I really don't think she's evil. I mean, there is always a very slight chance, but I can't just leave things as they are. She will get into trouble and possibly because of me.

Fleur gasped and her eyelids shot up. Heat rushed from her neck and into her face. She struggled not to bite his soft lips as her own lips formed an awkward position and she fought off the urge to ask him just what on earth was he doing.

Wolfram noticed and nudged her toes with the tip of his boot. Just as she was about to question why he did that, he grunted and shook his head ever so slightly.