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Wonderful Wonder World

~ Chapter Eleven: Split Personality ~

To make sure Ken, Wolfram and Yuuri remained asleep even through the water portal transportation to the demon world to figure out what was going on, Fleur and Conrart made sure to give them sleeping pills of the right dosage.

As they got ready to leave, Fleur's younger sister, who had been woken by the commotion, finally spoke up. "I would like to go with Fleur." I want to protect my sister from herself. She knew full well that her older sister was clumsy and gullible. She didn't trust for something bad to not happen.

Fleur glared at her. "Ha! No way!" I'm old enough to take care of myself! She didn't like it when her little sister behaved all big sisterly towards her. It made her feel insecure. Besides that, she was old enough that she shouldn't have to have her younger sister look after her.

It irritated her that she was rejected. "Knowing you, you'd get yourself into nothing but trouble and it would be bothersome to make Conrart baby-sit you!" In a way, she was right, but that didn't matter for the moment. The time was a frantic one and it was just her awful luck that she actually wanted to do something more than just sports for once and was rejected.

She just wanted her younger sister off her back. "Shut up, you little brat!" You really don't know anything about this world and I can't have you behaving like a punk and getting yourself beheaded! It was hard to explain in such a way as to where she wouldn't be told that she was being absolutely ridiculous, but she really had no time to ponder it. Something wasn't right with Ken, Wolfram and Yuuri.

Their mom spoke up. "Girls! That is enough!" She glared at her daughters. Her youngest daughter had school the very next day and her oldest daughter was off work the very next day. She knew full well that her youngest daughter was planning on skipping, but she wouldn't let that happen.

"Okay, well, whatever." Fleur lifted a knocked out Wolfram onto her back and began to make her way towards the door. She aimed a firm look at her younger sister, warning her not to do anything fishy. "Sis, you grab Ken." Now, I'm trusting you with this task. Don't blow it.

Conrart lifted a snoring Yuuri onto his back. "We have to find out what's wrong with them as fast as we possibly can." This can't be good. He wondered if the three had finally driven each other insane.

Fleur stood at the door. "Mom, please, get the door."

The older woman stepped around her daughters and her older daughter's boyfriend and reached for the gold colored doorknob, turned it and opened the door. She then stood on the wooden stoop in the garage and watched as three people carried one knocked out person each towards the creek at the end of the driveway.

Fleur stopped and stood at the edge of a deep ravine with a creek running at the bottom. She stared down hesitantly into the waters below. It still didn't register in her mind how she could jump and not die. She bent her knees and before she knew it, her feet left the ground and she was falling through air just before her big splash into the water.

Conrart was right behind her.

Fleur's younger sister tossed the last member of the group overboard. For a moment, she seriously considered diving in as well, but then thought better of it.

In the middle of the night, Fleur and Conrart appeared inside a fountain with a very wasted looking Ken, Wolfram and Yuuri. The very first person to witness their return was Ulkrie. It wasn't but moments later when the group appeared before Gwendal in the castle's main office, where all the top secret document signing and law passing took place.

Gisela, who had been called, quickly administered her special healing powers, waking Ken, Wolfram and Yuuri.

Gwendal glared at the three. "What on earth have you three been getting into?!" He was absolutely livid. Jeez, what a headache! The one he least suspected trouble out of greatly disappointed him. Ken, to him, should have known better.

Anissina von Karbelnikoff heard the harsh yelling and entered the office. She rushed up to Gwendal and bowed her head. "Please, don't blame them. This is all my fault." I didn't know this would happen.

Gwendal face palmed himself with a frustrated sigh. "What did you do this time?!" Could he have been any more furious?! If so, well then, his head would have exploded.

She grinned sheepishly. "Well, um, I, uh, thought it would be good to just, you know, invent a perfume and a cologne that had a split personality effect on people." She knew a harsh reprimand was coming and so therefore she prepared herself for it.

Fleur stared at the woman with disbelief, thinking back to the perfume she had bought from her a day ago. Ever since she had sprayed herself with it, she had been feeling more moody than normal. "Wait. You? Is that why I've been so moody lately?" Instantly after the question, she mentally kicked herself in the rear at just how dumb she sounded. Stupid question!

Conrart smiled and waved at her. "Hi there, so you admit it!" He laughed. To him, it was just too funny. He meant no harm by his teasing. However, the person he was teasing, he could see, seethed and so therefore he immediately stopped.

Her eyes were a couple of flames as she stood there glaring death his way. "Shut up right now!" Heat dared to cross her nose and cheeks and all she wanted to do right then and there was run out of the room. She wanted to get as far away from him as possible.

In fact, she spun around, her back towards him, and walked quickly away. What she was feeling was something that just seemed to come over her without warning and boy was it irksome! "You know what? I'm tired." It was an excuse, no matter how lame to her it seemed to be. She felt far from tired, actually. Still, it would help to remove herself from the source of the irksome emotions.

Dumbfounded, Conrart watched as she reached out, grabbed the handle to the door, yanked it open and stepped outside into the hallway. It was like one motion, she did it so quickly. At the last moment, he noticed that her arms were shaking ever so slightly. He stared in her direction, eyebrows raised. What's with her?

As soon as she shut the door harshly, she collapsed against it and slid downward towards the floor with a sigh. Slouching, she began to ponder everything. Bits and pieces of her memories flowed inside her mind over and over again and without realizing it she began to sing.

"This turmoil inside of me,

What should I do?

Where should I go?

I'm losing my mind.

This is my battle ground.

This is where I stand and fight."

As soon as the group inside heard the singing, all fell into silence and they all stared at the door with wide eyes as their lips parted. Each one of them wondered just how on earth such a beautiful song could sound like a mixture of happiness and sadness.

A light burst from her heart and she closed her eyes with a smile as a tear escaped from her left eye and rolled along her cheek. Happiness and sadness blossomed inside her heart. Something significant snapped into place. Her heart thudded painfully and heavily inside her chest.

"The light that shines inside of me,

Let it be forever!

I want to know me.

This heart of mine,

The life inside of me,

Let it be forever!"

Conrart took one step towards the door and, to his surprise as well as everyone else's Wolfram, his younger brother, reached out and took him by the hand, pulling him back. He looked back at the blonde, who closed his eyes and shook his head.

He shook his hand off him and began to slowly walk towards the door. When he reached the door, he lifted his right hand and turned it into a loose fist, ready to knock on the door. He had no idea why he was knocking, but it just felt like the right thing to do. Just as he was about to knock, he hesitated and let his arm drop to his side.

She clasped her hands tightly together at her chest as the tears spilled forth. The unknown tune emerged from her heart, to her lips and into the world outside her body.

"I'm searching for the roots.

I need to know.

This is for my own sake.

Please, let me know.

I really need to know!"

Conrart just stood there on the other side of the door and quietly listened. His feet were currently gorilla glued to the floor. He dared not move one bit and he suddenly realized that it had gone silent.

She took a deep breath. "Conrart?" With that, she waited as she heard the door open and then shut. "Conrart," she said again, trying to think about what to say to him in such an awkward situation. It was really difficult to some up with some explanation.

Conrart sat down next to her and wrapped his arms around her. "Sometimes you don't have to say anything at all." He figured that just simply being there was good enough. She didn't have to explain anything to him. Words were always difficult at times like those.

She let loose, crying and crying until she had finally fallen asleep. To her, her emotions were scary and not perfection. She constantly worried about messing up and everyone hating her for it. She constantly worried that Conrart would end their relationship. She finally realized that no matter what she would never ever have to worry about any of those things ever again.

She discovered herself. It was a harsh lesson that had been taught to her, but it was a lesson worth it. She learned to accept the fact that she was a human being with all the mistakes she had made and will probably continue to make as time would pass. Instead of self loathe she learned to self love. Her past wasn't really all that great, but no one truly has the all perfect past. Through it all, stronger and stronger her heart had become. She gained confidence in herself. She no longer was ashamed of what she enjoyed or that what she enjoyed was too simple.