Disclaimers: This is a one-shot crossover between Sailor Moon and Harry Potter. I do not own these two shows. Sailor Moon is written by Naoko Takeuchi in manga form and aired as a series by Toei Animation and TV Asahi in Japan and by Kodansha Comics in North America. Harry Potter is written by British author J. K. Rowling as a book series and aired as movies by Warner Bros. Entertainment.

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In the town of Surrey, England, a young boy with ebony hair was having nightmares. These nightmares weren't your regular ones either. However, he was used to nightmares, for this boy was none other than Harry Potter. Harry was an unusual boy. For one, his relatives didn't like him. For another, his cousin bullies him. Yet, what else was there about Harry Potter? Ah… Harry is actually a young fourteen-year-old wizard that HAD a murderous spirit after him. But, anyways, Harry Potter was used to having nightmares, but these nightmares he was now having weren't that often, and it certainly, for him, was about another guy who he never even met in his life…

It all started with the new neighbors that came to Surrey, England. All of them were female and, to Harry, one male. One female had long, green hair. The male had dirty, short blonde hair while the female next to the male had turquoise hair. Lastly was a girl Harry's age that had golden blonde hair. If Harry didn't know any better, he would have thought that there was a magic spell on their heads to get those shades of color. He, however, thought the girl his age was intriguing. He also felt like he was quite familiar with this girl who had two perfect spheres of balls on her golden head while two pigtails came out of it. It wasn't until he heard his uncle call his name out. "Boy," shouted out his angry uncle, "Chores! Now!"

"Yes, Uncle," said a solemn Harry as he was led away from the new neighbors to pull weeds out of the garden.

It wasn't until Harry went to sleep for the past three days that his nightmares weren't about what happened during his fourth year. For the past three days, it was all about nightmares and shouts of SAPPHIRE ringing from within Harry's ears. Harry always woke up after the anguish shouts, and this wasn't the last night he would wake up. His eyes flew up for the nth time as he stared into nothingness. Harry threw a frustrated hand up as his other hand swept through his ebony hair. He got off of his bed and walked towards his window. He needed to get fresh air… needed to think without that white haired guy shouting out a name that wasn't his own. With this in mind, Harry quietly climbed down a tree near his used-to-be-barred window, walking into the night once his feet touched the ground. "What are those dreams about," grumbled Harry as he walked towards the nearby park.

Harry strolled down the walkway of the park till he came upon an empty bench. Harry sat down and stared up at the stars before sighing. He didn't know who to turn to. For one, he didn't want to worry about what his friends would think. For another, he has NOT once received any letters from them either. Four years of being a wizard and seeing a friend die in front of you was the worst. Another worst thing was that he didn't have anyone to vent to, and Harry was sure that he should have been dreaming about his friend Cedric's death at the graveyard. Yet, everything he was dreaming now were weird dreams that didn't even make any sense to him! Harry sure felt the familiarity of it all, but he couldn't quite place it. Sighing once more into the darkness, he looked down the path he had taken to only find a surprise. The new blond-haired girl was walking towards him and just plopped right next to him. Harry tried to ignore it, but something within him wanted answers and thought that maybe the new neighbors had them. "Hello," said Harry awkwardly.

"Hello," said the girl.

"What are you doing out this late at night," asked Harry.

"I could ask you the same thing," shot back the girl.

"I needed some fresh air," said Harry.

"Same," sighed the girl, "Just don't tell my guardians. They are WAY overprotective of me."

"Sure," said Harry, "But, do you mind if I asked you why you needed some fresh air?"

"I guess," shrugged the girl before telling Harry in a depressed tone, "It has been a couple of years, but on this day, a dear friend of mine died while protecting his older brother."

"Oh," said Harry as he felt that he should know who this friend is, "I am sorry for your loss."

"It's alright," said the girl, "He was a bit of a bully, but he loved his older brother dearly."

"Hey," said Harry without realizing why he said this, "I am NOT a bully!"

"Huh," questioned the girl as she stared at Harry, "Uh, I wasn't talking about you."

"Oh, yeah," said the now awkward Harry, "I don't even know why I said that."

"It's fine," said the girl, "So… what's your name, anyways?"

"Sorry for not introducing myself," said Harry, "But, my name is Harry. Harry Potter."

"Hello Harry," said the girl, "My name is Serena Tsukino."

"So… um… do you feel better after talking about whatever it was that was bothering you," asked Harry.

"Yes," said Serena, "But, only a little bit."

Suddenly, shouts in the distance interrupted the little moment. Serena groaned while Harry looked up to see whoever was shouting. "SERENA," shouted a female's voice in the distance.

"WHERE ARE YOU, PRINCESS," shouted another female's voice.

"Oh no," groaned Serena, "I better get going before they see you and think you are a bad guy or something."

"Yeah," said Harry awkwardly, "I think I should get going, too."

"It was nice talking to you, though," said Serena, "Maybe we can talk about your problem another night?"

"I guess," said Harry with a shrug, "But, I have one more question before you go?"

"Shoot," said a smiling Serena.

"Who was your friend that passed away," asked Harry.

"His name was… Sapphire," said Serena as she smiled sadly before hugging Harry on impulse, "I'll see you around!"

With that, Harry watched Serena run off towards the voices before Serena got into more trouble with her guardians. Not once did Serena see Harry's slight widened eyes at the deceased person's name.

A couple of days later, Harry still couldn't sleep. He kept on having thoughts surrounding the name Serena gave. Could the Sapphire from his dreams be the same person that Serena lost all those years ago? But, that was impossible! According to his dreams, Sapphire was twenty-five years old when he died from that so-called energy blast that this Phantom shot at hi-uh… at Sapphire. Harry didn't know it, but a few minutes later, he fell into a dream again. This time, the dream was more vivid with hi- Sapphire's so-called older brother Diamond and a person that resembled Serena a lot. There were also a lot of shouting before the Phantom finally shot a blast. It felt as time stopped when Sapphire died in Sere- no this heroine's arms. "Will you STOP pushing me away from your subconscious," said a male voice as the dream faded away.

"Who's there," shouted Harry.

"Well, you should know," said the voice, "You've been seeing mi-no… OUR memories, my present to your past, for some time now."

"S-S-Sapphire," questioned a nervous Harry.

"In the flesh," said a smirking Sapphire who appeared before Harry, "Or in our minds."

"W-What," asked Harry, "A-And, what do you mean memories?!"

Sapphire glared slightly at Harry for being so dense. It wasn't his fault that HE got separated as spirits when that stupid green light during his rebirth came straight towards him. It wasn't his fault that a stupid old man couldn't BUTT OUT on his life. Oh no~! What really mattered was that Harry, his good side, was finally getting his memories back. It also didn't hurt that the last memory helped him realize that Sailor Moon, or Neo-Queen Serenity, actually did love him as she cried while he died. "Shut up and listen up," commanded Sapphire.

When Sapphire commanded him to listen, Harry glowered. He still glowered at his other half as Sapphire proceeded to tell him what really went down on Halloween night, the night of hi- their parents' death. Harry wasn't so sure if he should listen to him, but he gave his other side the benefit of the doubt. It was HIM after all. Sapphire, though, proceeded to tell Harry about their childhood life to the day they died in the other life. Harry, however, stared at Sapphire with a hint of awe after the story. When Sapphire told Harry that he was regaining his side due to seeing the Outer Scouts, Sailor Moon included, Harry's awe turned into shock. "Y-You mean that Serena is Sailor Moon and the person who you are in love with," questioned Harry.

"Don't play dumb about you feeling nothing for her when she moved in," said Sapphire.

"I don't know what you are talking about," said a blushing Harry.

"The way you were staring at Serena while you were doing your outside chores," smirked Sapphire, "Or the way you would look out your window for any sign of the new neighbors? Shall I go on?"

"So, what can WE do," asked Harry who glared at Sapphire.

"Well, Serena WAS supposed to be older," said Sapphire thoughtfully, "But, I guess something happened for them to be the age they are now."

"I wasn't talking about Serena," glowered Harry.

"I know," said a smirking Sapphire, "But, to answer your question, we CAN merge into one person, you gaining my powers from the Black Crystal."

"I sense a but coming," said Harry.

"But," said Sapphire, "After we merge, you need to go to the Outers and Serena to harness the power again."

"That doesn't sound so bad," said Harry.

Sapphire looked at his good side and smiled. Serena will have a good future with him once more, but Harry would still retain himself. Serena will have the best of BOTH sides; that Sapphire was sure of. Sapphire then told Harry that they were spirits within one mind and to combine, they had to be touching palm-to-palm while Sapphire chanted in Lunarian. Harry was ready for that step as he placed his palm against Sapphire's. Once the two sides started to merge, Sapphire said one more thing that made Harry's heart lurch. "Harry, Cedric's death is NOT your fault," said Sapphire as he started to disappear, "It will always be that manipulative old fool and that stupid non-dead spirit's fault."

Outside, Harrys' eyes finally flew back up as power surged within him. He knew that Sapphire was technically him, but a part of him wouldn't forget what had transpired. Harry then got off of his bed, went out of his room, and into the bathroom to see what changes he had. There, in his mirror self, was a black crescent moon on his forehead, his hair turning slightly blue in the light, and his eyes now holding a darkish blue color, the color of sapphires. Nodding to himself once, Harry then ran down the stairs and out of his house to the new neighbors' house while his relatives tried to stop him to make him do his chores. He knocked on the door and waited, but finally, Serena answered the door. "Ha-," started Serena but was silenced by Harry's lips.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE," shouted a female voice.

"Hello, Uranus," said Harry, "You always know how to ruin my fun."

"What are you talking about," questioned the female as Serena stared at the black crescent mark on his forehead before looking into his eyes.

"S-S-Sapphire," trembled Serena.

"Hello, Luv," said Harry as he waltzed right into the house, "I remember everything."

"SAPPHIRE," shouted Serena as Harry got an arm full of the Moon Princess, Uranus being held back by another female.

It had taken a while, but Harry told them of the Silver Millennium where Princess Serenity and he would sneak out. Pluto, or Trista, smiled and confirmed that Queen Serenity didn't like her daughter being seen by the enemy, in a sense. Uranus, or Amara, fumed as Neptune, or Michelle, calmed Amara down. Serena, however, had a blank face while memories of her time with Sapphire came into fruition. She then blinked as the memories settled down and leaned into Harry's arms. They weren't going anywhere now that they had found each other once more. "I believe we are off topic," said Trista.

"Indeed," said Michelle, "It's not every day that a reincarnated prince comes back into our lives again."

"I… uh… need help controlling my powers again," said an embarrassed Harry, his face flushing a bit.

"You GO to a wizard school, and you CAN'T control your powers," barked out Amara.

"It's not that easy," grumbled Harry.

"Amara, you know that the Black Crystal isn't that steady," said Michelle.

"Ugh," groaned Amara, "Fine. But, you can't see Serena until your training ends."

"Amara," shouted Serena.

"I agree with Amara, Serena," said Michelle, "Sap-"

"Harry," supplied Harry.

"Harry," said Michelle, "Needs to control those powers before he hurts you or anyone else."

"Fine," pouts Serena.

"Now, let the tor- I mean… training begin," said a grinning Amara.

A couple of days passed by quickly as Harry was trained to the ground by Amara and Michelle. Trista would educate Harry sometimes, but she still had to guard the Time Gates. Harry, on his part, had to prove to the Outers, besides Saturn, or baby Hotaru, that he was ready to possess the kind of power the Black Crystal has. Harry was just relieved that during those days, his relatives didn't question where he was going as long as their house was free from the freak as they often would like to call him. Yet, finally, the day had come that Amara and Michelle deemed Harry ready to control his powers over Nemesis. "You're training is done," said Trista.

"Great," groaned Harry as he fell fast asleep.

The next day, Harry and Serena were at the same park where they first met for a date. They had a nice picnic with all of their favorite foods packed, especially Treacle Tart. Harry would moan in estasy whenever he bit into those desserts while Serena would be eating any kind of cake. They also caught up with each other's lives, Harry finally learning about the evil being called Chaos. He did jokingly commented that Voldemort wasn't that scary compared to a being who almost wiped out everything. Serena and Harry were just happy that they could finally relax after training and more training by the Outers. Yet, the weather started to turn cold on their date as Serena moved towards Harry. "Harry," asked Serena worriedly, "What's going on?"

"Dementors," said Harry as he got his hand out to perform some magic.

"You mean, those vile things your side of the moon once controlled," asked Serena.

"Wait," started Harry, "What?"

"Dementors were creates born on the DARK side of the Moon," said Serena.

"Gah~," bemoaned Harry, "Why do I not remember these things?"

"You'll get those memories back soon, my dear Prince," giggled Serena.

"Easy for you to say, Princess," mocked Harry.

Their little laughter fest was quickly dissolved as black hooded creatures came out of nowhere. Harry knew that the Ministry of Magic was behind this, but he didn't dare do anything with his wand. In fact, he simply didn't wave his wand at the creatures. No. He just waved his hand as a dark shield from the black crystal erupted around his Serena and him. Dementors quickly backed away as they felt the familiar energy from the shield. Not once did they hear a loud gunshot sound ringing around the neighborhood. Not once did the couple seem to care that they would have to answer some questions to some people. All they saw was the dementors bowing deeply… well, what looked like them bowing… to Harry and flying back to the wizarding prison to resume their duty.

It was the following night that Harry left Serena and the Outers towards his relatives house. However, the door was open, and the car was gone. Harry, as a precaution, took out his wand and pointed at the door while he carefully walked in, only to blink in surprise to see strangers, with the exception of two people, in the house. "Who are you," asked Harry.

"Harry," said one of the strangers, "Is that you?!"

"Yes, Remus," said Harry without lowering his wand, "If you really are Remus."

"The lad has spunk," said another.

"Professor Moody," stated Harry.

"I never have gotten to teaching you, as you well know," said Moody.

"Oye~," said a female, "What are we? Chop liver? Wotchers! Names Tonks."

"Harry," said Remus to gain Harry's attention once more, "I am a Marauder whose nickname is Moony due to a furry little problem I have."

While Remus had proved it was him and introduced Harry to the strangers, Harry made a mental note to himself to talk to Serena about lifting the furry little problem that Remus has. He knew his girlfriend would be able to take care of it. Harry nodded his head to each introduced stranger until Remus asked why his eyes and hair looked different. Harry immediately told Remus that he didn't want to be reminded of his mother's death, which was true, and changed his eyes along with his hair so no one would recognize him. Moody commented that Harry has good skills, good instincts. Then, once everything was done, all of them were off to the sky, Harry sending Hedwig, his owl, to Serena to give her a short letter of a goodbye.

Finally, fifth year came and gone as Voldemort was finally ousted by the Ministry. He fled, though, before Harry could USE any of his powers against Voldemort, but the Outers said that it was a good thing. Another good thing was that Sirius, his godfather, was alive after being pushed into the Veil. It was mostly due to Hotaru's powers over life and death that Sirius was alive and in the fold of Harry being Sapphire's reincarnate, Serena being his girlfriend, who the Sailor Scouts were, etc. Sirius DID tell Harry that Amara was insane after Sirius was subjugated to her training and when Harry came back from Hogwarts. All of them could see that he also collapsed onto the couch so that he could rest. Amara, though, told Sirius to suck it up, but Trista and Michelle gave Amara a look. Serena, though, giggled and kissed Harry as a welcome back. "You know," said Serena, "We really didn't finish our date."

"Stupid Dementors," grumbled Harry, "Stupid Voldemort."

"At least, you know the so-called prophecy now," said Serena while she ran a hand over Harry's hair, his head on her lap.

"And the power that Voldemort doesn't know about," said Sirius as he smiled at the couple.

"If Voldemort ever shows up here, can we tag team him," asked Harry.

"We can give Tom Riddle a new life while Voldemort dies and stays dead," said a thoughtful Serena.

"Just wait until next year, Harry," said a mysterious Trista, "You'll know more along the way."

"Oh goody," said a sarcastic Harry as he sleepily blinked.

There will be a day that Voldemort will be defeated once and for all. But, until then, Harry would be living a good summer that is FAR away from manipulative old fools, from money stealing people, and from his relatives. He also thought that Voldemort could wait as he finally dreamt a good dream… marrying the girl of his dreams, a certain Moon Princess.

AN: 6 years ago, I wrote this one shot. 6 years now, I re-edit it. ㅋㅋ If you are old viewers who fave this one-shot, sorry for not informing you about me re-editing this. If you are new to this story, I hope you like it. Anyways, I wanted to re-edit this since I found so many errors here. (*ノ_*) Happy reading… I guess. ┃(・ω┃