So I decided to post a crossover fic that I have been working on, on and off. I believe it will be a jasper/harry pairing but haven't decided quite yet. It's my first attempt at a crossover so let me know what you think!

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Prologue: Shake hands with the Devil

We're all Hitler inside. We're all Christ inside. I'm not keen on the idea, but it's true, isn't it? We've all got a little bit of the devil in us."
Jason Jack Miller, The Devil and Preston Black

London, Britain

December 23, 1975

The streets of London were uncharacteristically sullen and bleak. Last minute holiday shoppers scurried warily from place to place, none willing to prolong their stay on the no longer safe streets. The store fronts were somehow duller, the stone streets colder, the skies bleaker.

It had been this way for months now, and although the muggles didn't understand their feelings of fear and worry it kept them close to their homes. Many feet below the unimposing red telephone box and dingy law offices, (their walls covered in unsightly graffiti), sat a room full of equally bleak and somber men and women. Or more precisely desolate witches and wizards, along with several gleeful vampires.

Albus Dumbledore, the aged war hero and veteran could not help but feel that they were making a deal with the devil himself as he regretfully signed his own flourished signature to the contract.

He feared the consequences of making such a deal…but they were desperate, they were running out of options. Well, out of options that would help ensure the survival of the wizarding world, that is.

Millicent Bagnold, the current Ministeress of Magic, looked just as unhappy with the deal but like Albus she signed the contract.

The contract that stated that in exchange for the help of the Volturi and vampire race in the war against Voldemort, the Volturi leaders (Aro, Caius, and Marcus) would be allowed two magical beings of their choosing; regardless of status in the wizarding world, race, or sex.

The beings that they chose would have no say in the matter and would be forced to surrender to the vampire race under the newest wizarding edict "for the greater good,"- a law passed that stated: that if the Minster/Ministeress and majority of high office agreed that the agreed upon law or action would be carried out.

This was the first of such laws passed, five years into Voldemort's reign of terror (as everyone was now calling it). The ministry had been fighting as hard as it could against the mass murder for the past three years, ever since 1972, but they had only now resorted to Martial law at the start of this year…1975.

Every witch and wizard that signed the contract could not help but fear the purpose of the vampire's request. They did not want to think too hard on what exactly the vampires would choose to do with their sacrifices; they only prayed that when the leaders made their choices, it would not be one of them or one of their loved ones.

Caius smirked viciously as he rolled up the magically binding agreement, while Aro smiled full of childish delight and Marcus simply looked bored….which was useful for the ancient being, apparently.

"Good, good…so happy we could reach a peaceable agreement" Aro tittered, beaming at the morose men and women around him.

Ministeress Bagnold nodded succinctly before shaking the vampire's hand, her unease increasing as Aro's smile increased as he grasped the proffered hand.

After a brief handshake, that the Ministeress was quick to end, shooting a wary glance at the still smiling vampire, the parties departed ways.

The three ancient vampires, along with their group of chosen guard, made their way leisurely from the hidden Minstery.

"And pray tell me brother, what exactly was the purpose of this pathetic deal?" Caius asked acerbically, "if we were going to lower ourselves to dealing with these filthy blood-bags why did we turn down their 'Dark Lord'" he paused his tone making it known just how highly he thought of the pale, conceited wizard that had sent his minions to make a deal with them weeks ago. "At least he offered us unlimited feeding off of his enemies"

Aro took no note of his brother's angry tone and disgruntled look, smiling happily back at him as they continued their stroll down the mostly deserted streets…pity, they would now have to wait until they were out of Britain to find a meal…

"Oh, brothers have faith. I touched one of his minion's hands, Voldemort would not have kept his deal with us after he won the war….he despises what he sees as impurities. We would have just become another enemy to hunt and kill. The deal we have just struck will pay off….they put no time frame on our choice. We will choose two that will give us undeniable power over the rest of their pitiful species….do not fear" Aro answered confidently.

While not completely soothed, Caius relaxed. If he could trust Aro for anything it was the acquisition of power.

No doubt the mortal's they chose would be powerful, how powerful remained to be seen.


Godric's Hollow

October 31, 1981

The night was both full of relieved joy and heart wrenching sorrow for Albus Dumbledore. He looked down at the beautiful child in his arms feeling a deep sadness for the sleeping toddler. The boy had lost everything tonight, and yet had given the wizarding world so much.

He sighed in regret as he looked down at the thin, sallow grieving man in front of him, clutching desperately to the lifeless body of Lily Potter.

"Severus" he said his voice hard and cold, for it was the man in front of him who was partially to blame for the young parents' deaths.

The man let out a heart wrenching sob of grief that helped crack the cold anger Albus felt towards him. "You swore to protect her…you swore.." he trailed off rocking back and forth, not yet relinquishing his grip on the dead woman.

"Enough Severus! You knew that this was unforeseeable. Do not forget what part you played in her death…" Dumbledore stated coldly. Seeing the crushing amount of guilt in those onyx colored eyes he softened his tone, "What is done cannot be undone Severus…what do you plan to do now? What will you do to protect Lily's son?"

"…her son? Why should I care what happens to the brat. Lily is dead because of him" Severus spat staring hatefully at the sleeping child in Albus's arms.

"Do you really believe that Severus? Are you willing to ignore Lily's love for the boy all because of your petty rivalry with the child's father?" Albus asked softly.

Severus looked torn as he stared down at the black haired boy. He closed his eyes, the pain obvious in the lines etched on his prematurely aged face, "…no" he whispered softly a tear sliding down his cheek. "What do you need me to do Albus?" he asked.

"Swear an oath to protect him…for Lily" Albus answered waiting for the man in front of him to refuse out of anger and grief.

Severus did neither, he nodded slowly and held out his wand, "I Severus Tobias Snape, do swear to protect the child known as Harrison James Potter, from harm or ill intent with my life should need be. So mote it be." The silvery black of Severus's magic swirled around him at his words.

Albus raised his wand in response, "I, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, witness and recognize Severus Tobias Snape's vows. May magic carry them out. So mote it be" his own sky-blue magic swirled to seal the deal.

Both men gave a start when they heard a smooth, ancient voice, "How precious….truly"

Albus spun to see the vampire he had signed a contract with five six years earlier, standing calmly behind him with a knowing smirk on his lips. He could not help the dread he felt at the sight of Aro and two other vampires' presence.

"What do you want?" he asked his voice slightly choked. He knew what they wanted he just prayed it wasn't so.

"What do you think I want, dear Albus…I have come to claim my end of the bargain of course" Aro stated smiling benignly at the two wizards in front of him, one horrified and the other rather confused.

Aro continued on as if they were meeting for tea, rather than to claim a the lives of two people, "Oh…how rude of me, introductions are in order….Albus please meet two of my guard: Felix" he stated gesturing to the broad, powerful looking vampire standing to his left, "and Jane" he looked toward a pale, beautiful child-like girl standing on his left. "And tell me Albus who is this young man who is so willing to forfeit his own life to protect that of a child?"

Albus swallowed, getting the feeling that Aro was asking for more than mere curiosity or social propriety, "Aro meet Severus Snape."

"Hmmm….indeed, come here child" Aro directed to a wary looking Severus, holding out his hand. Severus looked to Dumbledore in confusion but receiving a reluctant nod from the old wizard he did as instructed.

Aro grasp onto his forearm and closed his eyes, a delighted smile growing as he became perfectly still. After a long moment he released Severus's arm and took a step back.

"Excellent, the choice is made. I, Aro, King and ruler of the Volturi, claim the wizards, Harry James Potter and Severus Tobias Snape as per agreement of amendment 64" Aro stated the words clearly.

Severus looked to Albus in confusion, fear taking its place when the Leader of the light's face fell in despair. "I am so sorry Severus, there is nothing I can do…should I refuse, not only will I, but all of Britain's wizards and witches will lose their magics. Forgive me child….and protect him"

Albus handed Severus the sleeping toddler before stepping back, he turned to Aro and the others grief evident in his tired features, "Our side of the agreement has been fulfilled. Please do not hurt them" he added the last in a desperate plea.

With those words spoken, he turned and apparated away, tears falling from his once twinkling blue eyes.

Aro looked over his newest acquisitions greedily; the toddler was still sleeping, blissfully unaware of how his life once again was being given for the greater good, the man who held him unfortunately was more than aware.

Jane and Felix moved to stand on either side of the two wizards, placing cold hands on Severus's forearms.

Aro smiled, "Come…do not fear pet, you will come to no harm" he stated to Severus before turning to his fellow vampires, "Let us go back to Volterra….we mustn't keep the others waiting