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Day after day Kohaku get better but he still need more rest. Rin spent more times and slept in Sango's home ever since to take care of him while Sango take care of her children. She came home to Kaede's hut everyday and do her chores and saw Kaede, make sure she was okay, talked to her before back to Sango's house. Kohaku always asked Rin to told him about what happened to her while she was in the village, she told him about every interesting experiences she get. She want to know about him too but she didn't want to forced him to talk about something he didn't wanted to talk. Sango was asked him what happened when she was helping Sango's children to dress. He said he wasn't concentrate because something happened reminded him about his past, he was still felt guilty. Sango told him it was not his fault, it was Naraku. But for Kohaku, although he was possessed at that time, still they died in his hands. Rin couldn't really understand the way Kohaku explained to Sango, but she know whatever it was, it was really really bad and still gave Kohaku a nightmare and feeling of guilt til now.

It was noon, Rin talked to Kohaku while making a herb for him, Kaede's recipe. He was leaned himself against the wall, listen to her, suddenly his room's door opened and InuYasha and Miroku walked in. Rin and Kohaku welcome them.

"Oi, Kohaku" InuYasha stood up on Rin right side "I smelt your blood when we're near village, what happened to you?".

"Just a scratch. How are you?".

"We are fine. Well, since you okay, I better looking for my wife" InuYasha move out, going into Kaede's hut because he smelt her scent from there.

"How long you gonna stay this time?" Rin asked to Miroku who sit on her left side, near Kohaku.

"Perhaps for two weeks. Me and InuYasha was hired in a palace, we got paid with many bundles of rice and expensive goodies. I'll give you a few, Rin. For now we are gonna spent our times with family, have a quality time" he smiled, touch Rin's shoulder and Kohaku's arm "I'm glad you're home, Kohaku. Now, where is my wife and my children?" he stood up, get out from Kohaku's room looking for Sango. When he knew Sango was not home he walked toward front door.

As Miroku opened the front door, three of Kohaku's fans asked his permission to see Kohaku. Miroku let them in and then went outside searching for his wife.

Those three girls gave him fruits and veggies and being noisy. When Rin was about to changed Kohaku bandages, they insisted to do it, actually they didn't know how but they want to do it to have a reason to touch Kohaku. They were scream saw Kohaku's wound which was not bleeding anymore, one of them who hold a bowl of herb for his wound drop the bowl. Rin was mad, really mad. She snapped at them, pushed them to the front door asked them to leave and slammed the door right in front of their face.

She was mumbled while she treating him and mopping the floor. When she was about to feeding him, she realized he was shocked and a bit scared of her attitude. Oh no, he was scared of her. She even surprised of what she did to those girls, this is the first time she felt angry.

"I think you better get some rest, Rin. I can feed myself" he took the plate from Rin.

"Okay" She went outside, but not to Kaede's hut. She went to bone eater well, leaned herself to the well and looked up to the sky. She felt pain in her heart, because of the fear in Kohaku's eyes when he looked at her had hurt her. It was not his fault, it was her alhough she didn't do it on purpose, but still she scared him, her first human friend "I'm sorry, Kohaku" she whispered.


For next two days Rin slept in Kaede's hut. Kaede asked why, she just answered that since he get much better, she didn't need to spent more time in there now. Besides, Miroku was home, he could help Sango with their children and the chores while Sango take care of her little brother. Rin still went to Sango's house to bring her herbs for Kohaku.

That morning Kohaku went outside, breath for the fresh air. Rin walked toward Sango's house bring herbs but when she saw him she was hiding. She still wasn't ready to met him. What if he was still afraid? She came back to Kaede's hut at begged her to bring that herbs to Kohaku. Kaede asked why but she didn't answered. Kaede went without more questions.

Rin embroider when she heard the voice of Kaede. She went outside and saw Kaede followed Kohaku who already dressed in his slayer uniform, walked with Kirara.

"You're wound just about to heal, you still need more rest" said Kaede "You are not strong enough. Please come back home and rest".

Kohaku smiled "But I can't keep lying in my bed" he rode Kirara "Please tell my sister, there is nothing to worry about. I'll take care of myself" he asked Kirara to took off.

"Don't!" Rin chased after him.

Kohaku looked down at her but kept going. His lips move but she couldn't hear it.


The rest of the day, Rin spent her time in bone eater well, crying. Shippo gave her a company and protect her if any demons would came, but he didn't say anything. He just sit not far away from her, looked another direction while his ears heard her sob.

She wiped her tears and told Shippo what happened three days ago "Did he hate me? That's why he leave?" she asked after finished her story.

"Why he would hate you just because he saw you snapped at those girls? It was a normal reaction. I will snap at them too if I were you" he said.

"But I never did that before. He was scared".

"I'm sure he doesn't hate you. May be he was afraid, but it doesn't mean he will hate you. It was the first time he saw you felt anger, if I was there I will shocked and afraid as well, but I will not hate you".


Shippo took a breath and came closer to her "Do you remembered how Miroku and InuYasha's reactions when they saw Sango and Kagome were angry?".

"Ah! They're scared!" she smiled little bit.

"Do they hate their wives?".

"No, they are really love them" she laughed and lying in the ground, felt relieved. Now she believe Kohaku didn't hate her. Kohaku said something this morning, she recall how his lips moved, he seemed said 'I will home'. She closed her eyes "Thank you, Shippo".

"You're welcome" he said "By the way, I advance!" he showed her his rank of kitsune youjutsu.

"Nice, good job! Tell me what happened" she get up and listened to his story.


The nexy day in the morning her lord came to visited, brought her a new kimono and hair pin and left his loyal servant with her (This part is in 'A Piece of My Heart' fanfic)