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Everything a little bit different now. Since Kagura return, Sesshomaru visited Rin more often with his mate. Kagura and Sesshomaru was lived in his castle since he didn't really need to went outside anymore. He had a sword, he had killed his enemy, now he had a mate he love. He was captivated by her, he couldn't left her for long time. If he went outside, patrolling protected his territory, he would come home right after he finished patrol to met his beloved mate. Sometimes he left his mate in the village so she wouldn't be bored as long as he gone.

Kagura was really close to Rin, Kaede, Kagome and Sango now since she spent more time with them. Her life was only about fighting, obeying, and trying to escaped when she was Naraku's minion, now she learned so much about living from them.

One day Kagome talked about her childhood and Kagura asked innocently "What is childhood?".

They looked at her. Since Kagura been created, she already became a woman. She never have a childhood memories, she never have a real family. In fact, actually she was younger than Rin because she was "born" when Rin already eight years old. Kagome asked for her forgiveness.

Sesshomaru, who was just came and heard their chat hugged his mate from behind "You are created, but it doesn't mean you're different, you are special".

Kagura smiled, touched her mate's cheek. Rin smiled looked at them.

Kohaku gone for months as usual and home for a while, when he was home he met Rin, talked for a while and excused because he was so tired and she was so busy. Kagome was about to given birth and Kagura was pregnant, she rarely visited her anymore. Sango's children kept her busy, so Rin and Kaede was looking for Kagome and sometimes helping for Sango while InuYasha and Miroku gone.

One day when InuYasha's child about to born, it was thunderstorms at night. Kaede and Rin had helped Kagome. It took hours for her but the baby born healthy. After helped Kagome Kaede exhausted but she need to stay strong because Kagome still weak, she need to stay alert.

In the morning InuYasha wasn't home yet while Rin fall slept. Kaede cook for Kagome and helped her take care of her baby. Sango come at noon with her children, Kaede went home, Rin followed her.

"You don't seems well, Kaede-sama" Rin hold her hand.

"I'm exhausted, Rin. I need to sleep".

But unfortunately Kaede getting worse. She was ill.

Rin run to Kagome's house, asked for help, but she still weak. She asked for help to the villagers, most of villagers came to Kaede's hut but no one could help her. Rin saw how much Kaede meant to this village. Everyone was counting on her, everyone was love her "I couldn't replace her ever, but I'll take care of this village, the village she was protected and really care about" Rin's thought.

One of the villagers suggested to search for a physician from the nearest village. They're sent men to look after but Kaede couldn't wait. Just a moment Kagome felt better and want to helped Kaede, she was gone forever join her sister, Kikyo.

InuYasha and Miroku came as fast as they could to saw if InuYasha's child has born, but they saw villagers mourn for the old miko. They saw Kagome holding a baby, cried along with Sango and her children. Rin wasn't there, she was gone to bone eater well, crying alone.

Sesshomaru and Kagura took Rin in to their palace, she insisted to stayed at the village but Sesshomaru don't want to leave her alone in Kaede's hut while she was still crying about her granny every night. He said he will let her go back to the village to learn more about medical from Kagome when Kagura has given birth to his child. He wanted Rin to stay with Kagura, take care of her, giving her accompany. Rin agreed.

When Kagura and Sesshomaru's son has born, Rin stayed in the palace every three days a week and she stayed in the village every four days a week and she slept in Kagome's house. Rin do her routines in the villages and the palace for three years. She didn't have chanced to met Kohaku. Every times Kohaku's home she was busy for learning about medical or take care of Kagome's child or sometimes she wasn't around the village because she was in the palace.

She was fifteen years old at that time and she begged to her lord to let her have a journey to have more knowledge about medical. She really wanted to be like Kaede but she thought she need learn some more. Sesshomaru agreed, he let her go but he order two guards to keep her save and to give her accompany in her journey.

Rin spent two years in her journey. She saw many things, she met many people, she learned more about medical, living and other things.

"My decision to go outside was right. I've learn so many things from every where and every one" she said to her guards as they were walked toward Sesshomaru's palace, she was done with her journey. Her guards, dog demonesses, didn't talked much, just like their lord. They just looked at her, smiling little bit.

"I wonder this is what Kohaku felt all this years" She continued, took a deep breath and looked at the sky "Kohaku is my best friend, you know. The first friend I ever have. I used to wait for him no matter how long it tooks I will always wait til he was home from his journey" she looked to her guards "He wants to be a strong demon slayer, I believed he wasn't just go to the random places and defeat bad demons, he must be have a master somewhere who taught him to be more strong. InuYasha-sama was told me, Kohaku wasn't only more strong but also more faster and have so many techniques of martial arts. He was developed much. I want to developed as much as him, in medical".

She looked around, hoping may be a cat demon will flied over them.

"Sesshomaru-sama and Miss Kagura was met him couple of times but he always refused when they invited him to the palace" she kept talking although her guards didn't give any feedback "I wonder why. I missed him, I want to talk to him listen for his story" she closed her eyes "What is he doing right now? Where is he now? Is he going well?" she paused for a moment "Have you married? I don't have a lover yet" she whispered.


Rin was walked to the village with her guard. She decided to stayed in the village, Sesshomaru and Kagura let her do whatever she wanted but they promised they will visited her. She wanted to go alone by herself but her demon parent didn't let her walked alone so they ordered guards to took her to the village

They were almost arrived when a guard sniffed the air "Human's blood" she said "and a demon's blood".

"Show me where!" Rin ordered her. It might be a battle between a demon and a human, if human was a innocent villagers, she wanted to help.

"There he is. He looks fine" her guard pointed at a man who walked in to the river. Rin and her guards were hiding behind bushes, looked at a man.

He took off his upper clothes, throw it and started to wash his blood from his wound in his left shoulder. It was not a fatal injured, he will be okay "Let me wash bloodstain off your fur, Kirara" He said to a cat demon.

Rin's eyes widened. She couldn't breath, couldn't say a word. Right in front of her was her best friend she missed so much. He changed much now. Last time she saw him was five years ago, at that time he was fifteen, he was half way to be a man. But a person right in front of her eyes was a man, he grown up. His long black hair was tied up to pony tail, his freckle has gone, he was tall with tanned skin, he has a nice body and full of battle scars. His face more manly and more handsome than before and he looks strong.

"Miss?" her guard poked her. Rin gasp.

Kohaku jumped and took his weapon "Show yourself!" Kirara turned bigger.

Slowly Rin showed herself. Her guard followed her, stay alert "It's me, Kohaku. It's Rin. Do you remember me?" she put her hands up.

Kohaku surprised and walked toward her slowly. Her guards growled but he keep walked and Rin asked them to silent. He stood closely to her, looked into her eyes. Suddenly Rin jumped and hugged him, he put his arms around her body.

"Oh my god, I'm happy to see you, you has changed!" He said.

"So do you! And I'm happy to see you too! After Kaede-sama had gone we didn't have chanced to met anymore although we were in the village. I missed you so, Kohaku".

He released her, put his hand on her shoulder "I'm sorry about Kaede-sama".

She smiled, looked to the ground, sad. He clear his throat "Where are you going?".

"Back to the village".


"Yes, I'm no longer live with Sesshomaru-sama, I'll live in the village for now on. This is my decision, my dream".

Kohaku couldn't belive for what she said, he smiled full of happiness. Rin offered him herbs for his wound and dismiss her guards "I'm okay for now, village not far away" she said. Her guards bow and then go back to the palace.

"Hey, Kohaku" she said as she put bandages around his shoulder "Are you still single?".

"Yes, why? Do you have a lover yet?".

"Not yet. Do you have a crush on someone?".

"Sort of".

Her pulse raced. She felt pain in her heart "Who?".

Kohaku hesitate "She is a beautiful woman I know for a long time ago. When she was gone I felt lonely and I realized how much I care about her. I saw her couple of times in her mentor's house but I couldn't talked to her" Kohaku looked up at her and surprised when he saw rin was about to cry.

He pulled her down into his bare chest "She is.. She is my best friend. She lived with old miko in the village, but when the miko died, she lived with her adopted parent far from village. I wanna talked to her badly when I saw her in her mentor's house, I wanna accepted her parent's invitation but I didn't know what to say to her. I wish wherever she was she will be healthy, happy and not feel lonely anymore".

Rin's eyes widened. She wanted to look to Kohaku but he hold her tightly in his arms.

"I'm sorry, Rin" He continued "I always leave you here. I was too busy to get stronger while I should be beside you when you felt sad, I should be supported you like you always done to me" Kohaku was trembled, he was angry for himself.

Rin put her arms around his waist "I never blame you. You were chasing after your dream. I know how you felt and what were you thinking. I know how much you wanted to be a demon slayer" she caress his back, try to calm him down "Kohaku, don't feel guilty. No one blames you".

Tears dropped from Kohaku eyes. He cried til he felt relieved. He released her from his arms. Rin wiped Kohaku's tears and put her lips onto his. They're kissing.


They're walked together, holding hands, Kirara in Rin's shoulder. Finally they saw the village.

Rin took a deep breath "I wonder if they still remember me. It has been two years. I told them I will be back but I never told them when I will be back".

"They were never forget about you. In fact, they were rebuilt Kaede's hut become a house for you. So you and your future husband could live in there".

"You mean, me and you could live in there?".

Kohaku blushing "Welcome home" he said.

"I'm home" She smiled and pushed him against a tree behind him and he pulled her to him, they're kissing again.

The end.

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