Damn, a year since publishing this story.

Hi! How are you? It's been one year ago today since I published this story which is really crazy. This was actually one of my favorites for a long while and decided to do a sequel (it didn't work out the way I planned at all). For anyone who really enjoyed this story or just now found it, thank you! I'm going to do this for all the good stories I've wrote including "PALE" and "Glow in the Dark."

I always loved the country boy and city girl love (and vise versa) and at the time I thought it was adorable! I was also obsessed with Scott and Courtney who happened to fit that roll very well to me, mostly Scott. I didn't mean to have the Duncan thing in their but the story was going down hill and you know me with my plot twists surprise... things... lol. This story was very interesting to make in so many ways. One way is that when I write I try to make a playlist of songs that inspire or remind me of the story and half of that playlist was country, the other was whatever we listen to today.

I really hope you enjoyed the story and I guess I'll be back next year. :)