Another chapter, yay! Not a lot of people have seen this or liked this but, oh well. Theres always the future, right? Right.

A few days passed and the weekend was coming which meant the family get together. Scott was helping Courtney's aunt outside with the chickens. Scott then saw Courtney staring at him out of the corner of his eye. He smirked and finished what he was doing. "These chickens do love to repopulate." The aunt said and picked the last egg. Scott patted a chicken's head and found a bucket, he walked over to Courtney and shoved it against her.

"Here, you can feed them instead of standing around." Scott patted the bucket and the girl felt something against her. She moved the bucket and there was some bird poop on it. She gasped and looked down at her shirt, seeing a white spot. She wanted to scream but didn't, she then walked over to the chickens and started to throw food at them. Scott watched her from behind.

"Eat you stupid things!" Courtney then picked up a chicken and started tried to shove food down it's beak. The thing clucked at her and pecked her arm.

"Hey!" Scott ran after her, grabbing the chicken from her hands and put it on the ground. The girl started throwing the food at the chicken. "Courtney, stop!" He said and grabbed the bucket from her.

"That thing tried to hurt me!"

"Because you tried to hurt it!" Scott then gently put down the food and chickens ran to him. "See it's easy, you don't feed them like a child, just lay it on the ground." He then gave her the bucket and she did the same thing. "I was going to have you do something else but you would hate me." Scott smiled and folded his arms.

"What was that?"

"Scoop up the cow-"

"Okay I get it!" The girl said grossed out. The ginger laughed and she smiled. He noticed the freckles on her face and he smiled and looked at his pale arm, seeing the freckles on his. She then put the bucket down and smiled at Scott. She started to walk towards him and he walked back. He focussed on her eyes and she looked at his lips. His face turned sweaty and she smiled wider, then he tumbled down in a huge tub of water. Courtney laughed and Scott looked at her shocked. The water was freezing cold and he was shaking. He glared at her and she laughed harder.

"That's for shoving the bucket with poop on me!" She said and sat down on a log, Scott stood up and shook himself off like a dog, getting her wet. She gasped and begged him to stop.

"Payback, princess." He said and she looked at him shocked and he knew he did something wrong. "What's wrong?!" He said and sat down next to her, ringing out his shirt.

"Just, my ex boyfriend used to call me that." She said and he understood.

"I'm sorry, if I would have known I wouldn't have said that." He said and put a hand on her shoulder. She smiled and sighed.

"Anyways, my aunts making dinner I guess your eating right?" She said and stood up, he stood up to.

"I don't know, sundown is coming and my pappy ain't going to be happy about it." He said and scratched the back of his head.

"First off, it's father or dad. Pappy is something a child says. Aint's IS NOT a word." Courtney said and crossed her arms annoyed.

"Well excuse me for growing up with different words!" Scott said and held up his arms, he stepped over the log but Courtney tripped him, she laughed and walked inside. He sighed and got up, he sure didn't like her hardly at all. But she felt the same to. But also in away they both enjoyed getting back at each other.

At dinner they we're talking about the reunion and family members they hoped to see. Courtney looked at the stuff on her plate. Her uncle did the old style and if there was kids in the house he would fill their plate. Courtney was still young to him so he filled her plate. Chicken, stuffing, bacon, mashed potatoes and green beans. It was piled high. The only one who had very little was Ariana with only stuffing, some chicken and mashed potatoes. She loved mashed potatoes. Scott was half way done with his plate and Courtney has barely touched it. The two teens sat next to each other and she was texting.

"Courtney, it's rude to do other things at the dinner table. Please put your phone down." Her aunt said and Courtney ignored her, putting her head sets in. Scott ripped them out and she looked like she was going to hurt him. He then took her phone and ripped out the battery. She gasped and he put it in his pocket.

"Give it back dirt boy!" She said and held out her hand.

"If you want it so bad, get it." He said and patted his front jean pocket. It would look so wrong to get it in front of her family, mostly her little sister. She gave him a dirty look while he smiled at her. "You can get it after the reunion. Not during, right after!" Scott said and every body looked at him. He was raised well. To him it's a blessing to go without internet, to Courtney it's a night mare. She looked at him in horror. "Hey, I have to go without it almost every day." He smiled and she turned her head back to her food and began to eat.

Her dad winked at Scott and he winked back. Everybody tried to hold back there laughs and Courtney faced turned red with embarrassment and anger.