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It was a day before the reunion now. Everybody was helping clean the little house and the pool in the back. Scott was helping out in the garden while Courtney was cleaning out the pool. She stuck the stick in the water and cleaned out the bugs and leafs. She then put chemicals in them and walked over at where Scott is.

"What are you planting?" She asked and bent down next to him slowly, looking at the dirt disgusted.

"Green beans. I know what you want Courtney and you're not going to get it. Your phone will just have to be battery-less." He said and smirked. She through dirt in his face and he coughed. She stormed into the house and decided to clean the rooms with her aunt. After she was done doing that she went into the kitchen to bake with her.

"Okay. I need four pies and a cake if it's someones birthday. I need a huge meal in less than a day." She said and looked around. Courtney's brows raised and she looked around. "Pie's first." She said and started to get the blue berries, cherries, pumpkin and one more." She then started to get out stuff and make them.

"What can I do?" Courtney asked and pulled her sleeves up.

"Chicken and dumplings. Everybody likes them, even in the summer." She said and pulled out the stuff for her. Courtney pulled her hair back and started to put the flower down and rolling out the dough. Scott came in and smelt the chicken boiling. He saw her and the aunt went into another room to get something. Scott put an arm around her waist and she jumped.

"Get your dirt hand off my shirt. It costed $50!" She said and slapped his hand away. He slowly put it back, she sighed and allowed him this time. He then reached in the back of flower and put it on her cheek. Her mouth dropped and he began to laugh, leaning on the sink.

"Who's the clown now?!" He said and she threw flower at him, his ginger hair turned a light orange. She giggled and he grabbed some putting it on her jeans. She then grabbed him by his belt and poured some down his pants. He gasped and then it was a war.

White clouds we're everywhere and laughter filled the room. Powder was on the floor and walls. The aunt walked back in and gasped in horror. The two teens stopped, covered head to toe in flower.

"What did you guys do?! Look at you two! Look at my kitchen!" She said in horror, the two tees put their head down in shame.

"I'll allow it only if." She walked over to them, grabbed a handful and threw it at them. They all laughed. "There, pay back." She said and went back to her pies.

After a while they we're all done, it took forever but everyone managed to make it. Ariana handing them things and every body cooking and cleaning. "Hey guys, I got to go. It's been almost been five hours since I saw my family." He said and started to walk away. Courtney sat and looked at him a part of her didn't want him to leave but then again a part of her did.

"Well okay, see you tomorrow!" The uncle said and everybody waved and said goodbye. He nodded but there was one voice he wanted to hear.

"See you tomorrow." Courtney said and gave a light wave. He turned at looked at her, he nodded his head at her and winked. She gave a light smile and he left. Sundown came and everybody ate and a few hours later everybody was in bed, thinking about what is coming tomorrow.

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